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Casualty Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 2
Hide and Seek The staff must deal with a hysterical woman threatening to kill a baby, and a health inspector is unimpressed with Holby General

Season 5 Episode 12
All's Fair Feeling in a romantic mood after Max's recent matchmaking spree, lovelorn Charlie goes to a dinner party in the hope of finding that special someone, only to discover the woman he's taken a shine to is the hospital's new chief executive. Meanwhile, a feisty new Australian doctor takes Holby A&E by storm and soon finds herself faced with an emergency, and Max is distraught when Amanda's son makes his feelings toward him perfectly clear. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson, Christine Stephen-Daly and Robert Gwilym

Season 9 Episode 1
Blood's Thicker A young tearaway faces a dilemma when forced to choose between saving his brother and freedom. Charlie has a decision to make that will impact on both his future and that of the department's. The staff are shocked when they learn a stab victim has sold one of her kidneys and now faces kidney failure

Season 9 Episode 2
First Impressions While tensions run high between fans during the staging of a football match, the apprarently routine arrest of a drunk biker has tragic consequences when it becomes apparent he has a brain tumour. Meanwhile, a disabled young girl poses a challenge for new nurse Jude

Season 9 Episode 3
Keeping It in the Family A horrifying chain of events begins to unravel after Rachel finds herself at the mercy of a disturbed patient, tragedy strikes a couple who have been mugged and Mike Barratt admits to Charlie that his wife has left him and taken the children

Season 9 Episode 4
Chasing the Dragon Two homeless girls, drawn into a seedy underworld of prostitution and drugs, end up in Holby's accident and emergency department. Ash is put on the spot when Mike Barratt takes him into his confidence, while a woman has to face up to the fact that her husband has cancer

Season 9 Episode 5
Love & Affection Tragedy strikes when two sisters determine to see their idols, Mike's private life becomes common knowledge among the department's staff, while Rachel tries to calm a panic-stricken man convinced he's been impregnated by an alien lifeform

Season 9 Episode 6
Negative Equity A long-standing land feud erupts into violence and Mike is called to the scene. Eddie is forced into a difficult situation when she has to treat the hospital cleaner, while Adam makes a breakthrough in his relationship with his ex-wife. Drama, starring Clive Mantle, Joan Oliver and Steven Brand

Season 9 Episode 7
A Breed Apart Fascist demonstrators and anti-racists clash at the Accident and Emergency department. Josh witnesses an attack on a black youth and Ash's professionalism is put to the test. Meanwhile, Kate encourages Rachel to talk, and she admits she needs help. Hospital drama, starring Patrick Robinson

Season 9 Episode 8
In the Black Mike is called to rescue Josh when the paramedic finds himself trapped underground with an injured miner, while Eddie loses her patience with an hysterical shop-lifter brought in after biting a security guard's hand. Ash is uneasy as the police pay him a visit in regard to the earlier fight. Drama, starring Clive Mantle and Ian Bleasdale

Season 9 Episode 9
Crossing the Line A young woman involved in a crash begins to behave strangely, Kate discovers there is more to her problems than first imagined and Ash is placed on bail facing charges of causing actual bodily harm. Hospital drama, starring Sorcha Cusack and Patrick Robinson

Season 9 Episode 10
Only the Lonely Mike steps in to help when hostile rivalries at a village rugby match end in tragedy. Ash is informed his case has been referred to the Crown Court, and he vents his frustations on the team when Matt shows up for work in a foul mood. Elsewhere, a lapse of judgement has unfortunate consequences for a son and father at the local swimming pool

Season 9 Episode 11
The Facts of Life Ash removes a moth from an old lady's ear, before being sent home in disgrace as news about the assault case reaches the Personnel Officer, Kate disagrees with consultant Mike Barratt over the diagnosis of a patient and a man is left coming to terms with the deaths of his wife, daughter and his son-in-law in an accident

Season 9 Episode 12
Under the Weather Two young boys' adventure down the sewers results in a mishap, Matt believes a patient is concealing their true identity and Jude tries to solve the puzzle of an old soldier's recurring nightmare

Season 9 Episode 13
Talking Turkey Charlie and Ash share some seasonal goodwill, and Rachel extends a welcome invitation to Mike. However, the deaths of two young boys and a policeman dampen the festivities. Christmas 1994 episode of the hospital drama, starring Derek Thompson and Rachel Longworth

Season 9 Episode 14
End of the Road A suicidal patient is knocked down by an ambulance being driven by Liz, while a teenage prank turns a birthday party into a tragic disaster. Mike owes Rachel an explanation, but her response takes him by surprise. Ash asks Charlie if he will act as a character witness in his coming trial

Season 9 Episode 16
Stitching the Surface A young girl, injured at a railway station, confides in Kate that she is being abused by her father, leaving the medic confused as to what action she should take. Jude falls out with Matt over his refusal to testify at Ash's trial

Season 9 Episode 17
Heartbreak Hotel A riot breaks out at the local prison and a warder with a secret foolishly risks his job. Matt tells Ash why he cannot testify in court and then finds Jude refuses to talk to him, while Mike and Rachel find themselves becoming closer

Season 9 Episode 18
Trials & Tribulations Ash's case finally comes to trial and Matt has an important decision to make. Jude's personal and professional lives collide when a young man suffering from Aids is rushed into A&E

Season 9 Episode 19
Out of Time With the trial behind him, Ash returns to duty but finds he has has to confront some rather unsettling emotions. A cosmetic operation for a woman leaves her in need of emergency treatment, while Mike's plans for the future surprise Rachel

Season 9 Episode 20
Branded The arrival of an old flame makes for a memorable shift for Charlie. Meanwhile, a woman's past leads to the destruction of another's future, and a young mother's children cause Eddie and Kate to disagree over an issue. Hospital drama, featuring John Duttine and Lucy Davis

Season 9 Episode 21
Exiles A mystery illness causes concern for Baz and Eddie, while Kate discovers Charlie's secret. A violent fight at an ice-hockey match leads to family recriminations

Season 9 Episode 22
Nobody's Perfect A moral argument causes a family rift, and a body found in a nearby skip presents the staff with a few surprises. Patricia Brake and Judy Loe guest star in the hospital drama

Season 9 Episode 24
Duty of Care Baz has to defuse a potentially explosive situation when a patient with a grievance causes panic, while an horrific injury on a farm poses problems for Josh and Liz when an old woman insists she does not want to be helped. Julia Watson stars

Season 10 Episode 1
Family Values Mike and Rachel tend the wounded when a dilapidated athletics stand collapses, but he fails to ignite her interest when he reveals he is set to return to Holby on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, Baz contemplates whether to accept the post of Senior Registrar

Season 10 Episode 2
Money for Nothing Baz keeps Charlie on tenterhooks over her decision about the Senior Registrar job. Daniel is accused of stealing a diamond ring, while an injured man informs Josh that he has Aids and the staff become involved in determining the best course of action regarding his life insurance policy

Season 10 Episode 3
Sacrifice Liz is held at knifepoint by a clinically depressed man, while Kate's son is involved in a fire at an amusement arcade. Charlie struggles to make cuts in his budget, and comes face to face with Baz's husband Peter for the first time

Season 10 Episode 4
Outside Bulwayo An animal-rights activist on the verge of death refuses treatment derived from such experimentation and an ex-pat returns from Zimbabwe suffering from Weil's disease. Laura, the new PR officer, shadows the nursing shift, and asks Ash out for a drink

Season 10 Episode 5
Halfway House A halfway house for the mentally ill is rocked by a gas explosion and Daniel inadvertently brings together the mother of a victim and the resident who caused the blast. Experiencing a bad day, he also prematurely discharges a man with a fish bone in his throat. Meanwhile, Charlie and Baz arrange a social meeting after work, but he is put off when he sees her husband is also present

Season 10 Episode 6
Compensation A boy with cerebral palsy is admitted, and his distraught mother knocks down a woman on a zebra crossing. Charlie confides in Rachel about his feelings for Baz, while Ash and Laura remain unsure whether to pursue their relationship

Season 10 Episode 7
Turning Point An unstable woman, whose baby died before being christened, steals a sick infant from the hospital, while a retiring detective constable confesses his partner caused an accident in which several lives were put at risk. Elsewhere, Charlie tells Baz he wishes to end their affair

Season 10 Episode 8
Battling On A distressed Salvation Army officer crashes his car while smitten by a childhood sweetheart who has re-entered his life, while money-lenders attack the son of a woman in their debt. A cross-dresser is admitted in women's clothes after falling down a flight of stairs, requiring the staff to remain tactful when his wife pays a visit

Season 10 Episode 9
Hit and Run A youngster, scolded by his stepfather, is the subject of a hit-and-run incident. It transpires the driver was a senior doctor who should not have been at the wheel. Baz is put under pressure when a man dies after being misdiagnosed by his GP and sent 50 miles to Holby because of the new fundholding system

Season 10 Episode 10
When All Else Fails A traveller is brought in suffering from breast cancer, while grieving parents blame their son's girlfriend for his death falling from a horse. Baz faces a dilemma after active treatment is dispensed to an elderly stroke victim who has made a living will wishing to be left to die in peace

Season 10 Episode 11
Release Mike learns the hospital is being sued by the son of a woman wrongly diagnosed by Daniel, while workmen in the department upset Rachel with their constant sexist comments. A vicar is admitted after an attempted suicide and it transpires a gay liberationist was threatening to reveal his sexuality. Clive Mantle and Jane Gurnett star

Season 10 Episode 12
Bringing It All Back Home An accident on board a pleasure cruiser results in several people being hurt. Trevor installs a new system that exasperates the staff, while Laura and Ash argue about fund-raising initiatives and Baz tells Charlie the reason she is staying at a hotel

Season 10 Episode 13
All's Fair An amateur boxer is admitted for treatment after being injured in the ring, while a student falls from a second-floor window having eaten a cake spiked with marijuana. A former army nurse believes she has Gulf War syndrome and Baz's husband pays Charlie a visit

Season 10 Episode 14
Shame the Devil A salesman collapses in pain and Mike discovers he was not prescribed anticoagulants following his operation. Meanwhile, a child is admitted after a schoolboys' gang fight, Ash agrees to attend the fund-raising ball with Laura, and Baz and Charlie are wary in each other's company

Season 10 Episode 15
Lost Boys A woman sustains severe injuries after being involved in a collision with a drunk driver's vehicle, and the plot thickens when it becomes evident her relatives thought she was in Hong Kong. Tim asks Rachel to spend Christmas with him

Season 10 Episode 16
Castles in the Air On New Year's Eve, Jude finds her locker broken into and all her credit cards and money taken. It transpires the thief is Matt's father, and he implores her not to involve the police. Elsewhere, Daniel gets himself into Mike's bad books for queue-hopping one of the patients from a fund-holding GP

Season 10 Episode 17
We Shall Overcome A young boy needs his stomach pumped after swallowing his grandmother's anti-depression pills, and Kate finds herself arbitrating between his warring relatives. Protestors gather outside the hospital to stage a demonstration against Holby Healthcare Trust's investment in an armaments company

Season 10 Episode 19
For Your Own Good Henry Reeve-Jones vows to find the person who leaked the story of Holby's investment in an arms-making company to the press, putting Laura on edge. A 75-year old woman is shot in the foot after an unlikely family reunion turns sour and staff treat a Curdish azylum seeker injured while on hunger strike

Season 10 Episode 20
Asking for Miracles A construction worker is injured by a colleague who has run amok with his excavator. A woman starts vomiting blood in the middle of a sales presentation, while a blind woman learns her condition can be rectified. Elsewhere, Baz decides to confess to her husband the details of her affair with Charlie

Season 10 Episode 21
Subject to Contract A woman suffers serious pelvic injuries after being struck by a motorbike, and finds herself unable to donate bone marrow to her unwell daughter as planned. A distraught young man takes his mother and Kate hostage claiming there is a conspiracy against him. Meanwhile, Jude catches Daniel taking antidepressants, and Ash and Laura's engagement announcement leads Rachel to realise she should accompany Mike to Somalia

Season 10 Episode 22
Cheating Hearts A suspicious woman is injured while spying on her fiance. Baz is advised of a patient who suffered a cardiac death after Daniel diagnosed him with indigestion. An argument between two brothers leads to an emotional disclosure, while a youth gets into more trouble than he imagined possible after stealing a car

Season 10 Episode 23
That Way Lies Ruin A businessman in the process of running away with his mistress falls down a lift shaft, suffering severe injuries to his spine. His wife and lover later confront each other in the Holby wards. Daniel returns to work following his breakdown and confesses to colleagues his heart is no longer in the job, while Baz accepts Charlie's invitation to supper

Season 10 Episode 24
Night Moves Ash and Laura prepare to tie the knot, but the groom-to-be's father is strongly against the union since he has yet to meet Laura and thinks they are getting married too quickly. While working his last shift, Daniel manages to save a little girl's life by removing a pen top lodged in her throat. Baz acquires an ultrascan image of her baby and proudly shows it to Charlie

Season 11 Episode 1
Chain Reactions A psychotic mother ties up and gags her children in the boot of her car, admitting she has no feelings for them. Mike Barratt returns from Africa on a temporary contract, while Trevor remains in a vegetative state following his accident and Baz is told she needs an emergency caesarean

Season 11 Episode 2
Relative Values With Baz on maternity leave, Kate and Charlie offer Sam Colloby a job. A man blames a noisy neighbour for keeping him awake at night, resulting in him falling asleep at the wheel and being injured as a consequence. Two men attend a roleplay meeting, but chaos ensues during a pretend fight when one bites off the other's forefinger

Season 11 Episode 3
It Ain't Me, Babe Mike and Charlie fly by helicopter to assist the recovery of a youth falls who has falled from a tree onto a rock face while stealing bird eggs, and apart from his immediate injuries it transpires he has a chronic condition that also requires treatment. Jude's ex-boyfriend is brought in with a serious head injury

Season 11 Episode 4
Thicker Than Water A youth is beaten up in the back room of a club, while attempting to track down his gambling addict mother. An elderly woman suffers an accident involving decorating equipment after wandering from her residential home to her former flat - which is now occupied by someone else

Season 11 Episode 5
Water Wings Toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere when chemical additives accidentally spill while being delivered to a swimming pool, while a violent drug addict causes havoc inside an ambulance. Gloria's former lover and current landlord evicts her, and Richard experiences problems with blurred vision

Season 11 Episode 6
Still Waters A boy sustains serious injuries when a grenade belonging to an old man explodes in an allotment, while another youngster suffers an adverse reaction after consuming deathcap mushrooms. Meanwhile, Kate's daughter Lorna disagrees with her about keeping Trevor alive in a vegetative state

Season 11 Episode 7
Night Fall Mike has to talk Josh through an advanced procedure via the telephone, but the patient fails to respond. A baby is brought in overdosed on diazepam and a man attacks the youth who supplied the drugs his late daughter consumed

Season 11 Episode 8
Vital Signs A pilot suffering from depression reveals he has recently taken an overdose of Paracetamol, and medics confirm the drug is slowly destroying his liver. A young boy suffers third degree burns at his birthday party, while the extent of a homeless woman's injuries are not readily apparent when she is initially admitted to A&E

Season 11 Episode 9
Another Day in Paradise A young builder attempts suicide jumping off a high-rise building, two children are injured on a caravan site and an ailing Trevor contracts pneumonia. Meanwhile, on Baz's first day back, her nanny brings in baby Louis. Nadia Sawalha guest stars in an episode featuring an early screen appearance by Orlando Bloom

Season 11 Episode 10
Flesh and Blood Kate, Lorna, Andy and Nick gather at Trevor's bedside as his condition worsens. A blood-splattered elderly woman appears in A&E, with no apparent injuries to herself and an inability to discuss the events that have befallen her. A 14-year-old girl is admitted with severe stomach cramps, while Mike finalises plans to return to South Africa

Season 11 Episode 11
Made in Britain Consultant Jack Hathaway begins his first shift in talkative mood, but soon infuriates Baz by going over her head to perform a risky operation normally only undertaken by neurosurgeons. He responds by telling her he expects her support and will not tolerate anger and bitterness. Elsewhere, Matt loses his temper with an awkward man in reception and Charlie finds himself obliged to report the incident

Season 11 Episode 12
Mother's Little Helper A pregnant woman is attacked by a dog, placing the unborn child's life in danger. A groom collapses at the altar with an epileptic fit, while Gloria deals with an infected pierced belly button and later accepts an offer of a drink from Richard

Season 11 Episode 13
Trapped Jude and Matt face an awkward time at work after their one-night stand and Kate returns to the hospital following Trevor's death. Meanwhile, a single mother who is smuggling drugs in her stomach arrives for treatment after being dragged from the river bound and gagged. Lisa Coleman, Jason Merrells and Sorcha Cusack star

Season 11 Episode 14
Do You Believe in Fairies? A cleric attacks the driver whose car hit his sister and niece while he was drunk at the wheel, and a six-year-old girl is injured running into a greenhouse. Jude tries to tell Matt she is pregnant, but changes her mind after learning he has been asked to run a bar in Crete

Season 11 Episode 15
The Dying of the Light A stroke victim brought in for respite care suffers another attack and falls downstairs. At the staff Christmas party, Jude stuns Matt by revealing she is pregnant, while Kate's brave facade begins to crumble. Hospital drama, starring Lisa Coleman and Jason Merrells

Season 11 Episode 16
The Homecoming Vigilantes take on a known child sex offender, resulting in two injuries. Jack attempts to save the life and unborn child of a heart attack victim, Jude decides to have an abortion and Gloria discovers that Richard has multiple sclerosis

Season 11 Episode 17
Hidden Depths A child is airlifted to Holby after almost drowning, Baz is traumatised when she has to take a blood sample from her own baby, while a suspected meninigitis case causes concern

Season 11 Episode 18
Tall Tales A pair of twins are both taken ill, and when one dies the other seems set to respond in kind. Baby Louis is almost smothered by his nanny, who exhibits signs of Munchausen's syndrome. Charlie accidentally brushes against a woman, who makes an official complaint accusing him of sexual harassment

Season 11 Episode 19
Deja Vu Charlie's colleagues demonstrate their support for him in the sexual harassment case being brought by Mrs O'Donnell, while a local journalist claims to have injured his wrist in a bid to get to the heart of the story

Season 11 Episode 20
Treasure A man fractures his right leg in two places and cracks a rib after the walls of a well fall onto him. Tragedy strikes after Josh is asked to attend a fire at his own home, while Matt hands in his resignation and makes plans to move to Crete

Season 11 Episode 21
United By Blood Josh confides in Baz over the devastation of losing his family, while Matt tells Jude he is going to Crete in part because of the upset over the abortion. The battle between two warring families spills into the hospital wards

Season 11 Episode 22
Make Believe Liz has reservations regarding Josh being in the right frame of mind as he returns to work. A glamorous former colleague of Richard's appears on the wards, while Matt's party goes awry as be bids farewell to his colleagues and prepares to head to Crete

Season 11 Episode 23
Monday Bloody Monday Jayne prepares to unveil her mural overlooking reception, but suffers an accident on the way to the event. Josh learns the official cause of the blaze that claimed his family, while Jude is found by colleagues in a pool of blood

Season 11 Episode 24
Perfect Blue Jude undergoes an emergency operation, and on hearing the news of her injury Matt decides to fly back from Crete. Meanwhile, Ken Summer comes under suspicion as the police gather witnesses in a bid to determine who is behind the stabbing

Season 12 Episode 1
Give My Love to Esme A host of new staff members graces the wards of Holby following Jude and Matt's departure. Charlie receives a phone call advising there has been a bomb threat in the Towers shopping centre - which is where Baz is heading on her day off. Meanwhile, a middle-aged man falls from a roof and Josh and Liz are forced to deliver a baby in an ambulance

Season 12 Episode 2
Private Lives A teenage prostitute is badly beaten, an elderly woman falls down a flight of stairs, while a pair of neighbours get into a fight over a boundary fence. Brigit Forsyth guest stars

Season 12 Episode 3
Nearest and Dearest A shooting incident involving a drug importer stuns the hospital staff. A teenage boy is admitted after drinking vodka, and in determining what prompted him to drink the liquor, Kate discovers an affinity with his mother. Sorcha Cusack stars

Season 12 Episode 4
What Friends Are For Kate's anxiety over her financial woes spills over into work, Richard and George clash over treatment of patients, and Jack advises Richard to take it easy because of his multiple sclerosis. A young couple come to blows, driven to their wits' end by their baby's crying

Season 12 Episode 5
The Things We Do for Love Mark and George treat a youngster who has suffered an epileptic fit, while in something of a quandry having spent the night together. A family dispute culminates in a reckless car chase and horrific crash, while Baz misses Charlie's presence

Season 12 Episode 6
Counting the Cost A young rollerblade hockey player is coy about how he received his mysterious injuries, Liz's boyfriend leaves her for another woman, and Tina acts beyond the call of duty when she contacts Social Services about an injured boy

Season 12 Episode 7
Always on My Mind Jack has a crisis of confidence when a patient arrives in the department and leaves Charlie to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, a teenage girl samples drugs with an older man

Season 12 Episode 8
Finders Keepers A wife and her mother-in-law fall out, and one is badly burned in the ensuing fracas. A bisexual man, now living with his girlfriend, is stalked by a male former lover - who he runs over. Meanwhile, relatives of the woman wrongly declared as dead complain to Elliot, and both Jack and Charlie have to make statements

Season 12 Episode 9
Whatever It Takes Hospital drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and injured patients

Season 12 Episode 10
A Taste of Freedom Hospital drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and injured patients

Season 12 Episode 11
Bad Company Hospital drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and injured patients

Season 12 Episode 12
Moving On Hospital drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and injured patients

Season 12 Episode 13
The Power of Persuasion Hospital drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and injured patients

Season 12 Episode 14
Out of Control Mark has reservations about locum doctor Archie's competence, a groom-to-be panics when being prepared for his injections prior to his foreign honeymoon, and a boy is injured during a confrontation between his father and teacher

Season 12 Episode 15
Love's Labour Baz treats a female prisoner who slashed her arm after her lover ended their relationship, and discovers her emotional patient is also heavily pregnant. A belligerent man realises that Sam is gay and demands to be treated by another nurse

Season 12 Episode 16
Facing Up Mark and Eve try to make good impressions as Christmas nears, motivated by possible promotions in the pipeline. Baz and Charlie harbour hostile feelings towards each other, and matters come to a head at the department's party when Elliot asks the pair to lead them into a slow dance

Season 12 Episode 18
An Eye for an Eye The Accident and Emergency department is plunged into darkness by a power cut, leaving a girl terrified and Elliot struggling with his own private dilemmas. Charlie and Baz have also parted company, but out of the gloom of broken relationships Mark and George finally admit their love for each other. Popular medical drama, starring Peter Guinness, Derek Thompson and Rebecca Lacey, with a guest appearance by former Doctor Who Colin Baker

Season 12 Episode 19
Loco Parentis Baz is shocked to learn the landlady of a distressed patient is forcing her tenant to sell her body to pay the rent, while Tina goes on a blind date - with Sunny. Charlie finds out that Baz has told the entire department that their relationship is over

Season 12 Episode 20
Degrees of Separation A man is admitted after falling from his motorbike, and his friend vents his frustration by lashing out on the staff. Charlie suggests to Baz he regrets the events of the previous evening and makes plans to move out. Edmund attacks Tina

Season 12 Episode 21
Secrets Tina tells Sam she was mugged, while Charlie offers to arrange counselling for Elliot. Josh agrees to arrange a five-a-side football match to raise money for the children's home, while Charlie succumbs to the advances of personnel officer Zoe

Season 12 Episode 22
Love Me Tender Though still troubled by recent events, Tina works on - but gets little sympathy from Eve. However, in due course, the full details about her earlier ordeal emerge. Sam tells Sunny that he has found a flatmate, while Baz sees Zoe kiss Charlie and an Elvis impersonator is admitted complaining of chest pains

Season 12 Episode 23
Taking Sides A female boxer is injured in an illegal match, floored by a headbutt, and vows revenge on the person responsible. The charity football match is staged, though Josh feels obliged to £200 to its proceeds, while Elliot and Eve are advised by police their chances of successfully pressing charges are slim

Season 12 Episode 24
We Can Be Heroes The nursing staff undergo self-defence training, but Charlie needs a softly-softly approach to rescue Baz from a gun-toting kidnapper. With Holby A&E accepting emergencies only, Richard plans a career move and paramedic Josh considers adopting Liam until Penny questions his motives

Season 12 Episode 25
Everlasting Love - Part One Charlie and Baz's wedding day arrives at last, and four old faces join the friends to attend the shipboard ceremony - until an emergency call puts all hands on deck and threatens to ruin the happy couple's chances. First of a two-part story, guest starring Brenda Fricker, Clive Mantle, Cathy Shipton and Patrick Robinson

Season 12 Episode 26
Everlasting Love - Part Two Affairs of the heart dominate the lives of the staff as Duffy looks for a shoulder to cry on, while Ash admits he and Laura are splitting up and Tina receives tragic news. Meanwhile, the rest of the team attempt to get Charlie to the church on time. Conclusion of a two-part story, starring Brenda Fricker, Clive Mantle, Cathy Shipton and Patrick Robinson

Season 13 Episode 1
Internal Inferno - Part One Part one of two. The staff struggle to cope with the usual influx of major casualties, including the victims of a fire at a local school. Meanwhile, new recruit Chloe makes a big impression on her male colleagues and paramedics Josh and Penny bring in a confused and battered woman for treatment

Season 13 Episode 2
Internal Inferno - Part Two Part two of two. Mark fights for survival following his tragic accident, and Charlie does his best to distract George from the delicate rescue operation, while Max treats a boy who injected himself with alcohol

Season 13 Episode 3
Honey Bunny Mark's condition still gives cause for concern, while George suspects a patient's wife may not be telling the truth. Meanwhile, Tina considers sharing a flat with new fun-loving colleague Chloe and a robbery causes problems for Sally

Season 13 Episode 4
The Ties That Bind Lisa Duffin returns to the wards after five years away. Tina and Chloe arrange their house-warming, while Max tells George to advise Mark the board has approved the nurse practitioners scheme

Season 13 Episode 5
Toys and Boys An uneasy father-and-son relationship concerns the staff and a vicar ends up out of his depth. Meanwhile, a graffiti artist's efforts to impress his girlfriend threatens his eyesight and an injured cyclist proves his condition can't be that bad by making a pass at Tina

Season 13 Episode 6
Eye Spy Josh is shocked by revelations about Penny's past, while Mark's future is decided at long last

Season 13 Episode 7
A Place of Safety A woman facing eviction takes an overdose and George has bad news for a mother. Sean makes a severe error of judgement while treating a drunk teenager and Max's son lands himself in serious trouble

Season 13 Episode 8
She Loved the Rain Tina worries about Sean's behaviour, Max has an emotional day, and Adam contemplates overhauling the ward's sleeping arrangements. Hospital drama, featuring Martin Freeman prior to his appearance in The Office

Season 13 Episode 9
Public Service An accident in A&E persuades Adam to reveal his secret to Sam - an unlikely choice for a confidant given their recent inability to see eye-to-eye. Charlie tries to help a rape victim brought to his attention by her distraught husband - who is immediately viewed with suspicion by Tina

Season 13 Episode 10
It's Good to Talk A woman learns her father may be responsible for her son's death, while Mark takes an interest in the case of an attractive female patient

Season 13 Episode 11
Next of Kin Trouble brews for a band of environmental protestors faced with eviction, Max's son is admitted after overdosing on heroin and then causes a furore by discharging himself against George's advice. And, as if he didn't have enough to cope with, Charlie learns Eve has booked extended leave for her expedition to Romania

Season 13 Episode 12
Home Truths Sean faces an uncertain future as the day of the coroner's hearing arrives. George takes care of a youngster admitted suffering from injuries sustained in a fall from a carpark stairwell and a boy is brought in covered in cuts and bruises. On the personal front, Mark reassesses his feelings for Pam

Season 13 Episode 13
One from the Heart A pregnant woman's life hangs in the balance as staff struggle to diagnose her condition. Two sisters squabble over their father's estate and a fisherman experiences bizarre hallucinations. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson

Season 13 Episode 14
Trust A man struggles to come to terms with his wife's serious illness, while a frightened prisoner causes a stir and Penny performs a rare life-saving technique in a bid to help a baby with breathing difficulties. Lynda Bellingham guest stars

Season 13 Episode 15
No Place Like Home The staff come under suspicion as Duffy discovers drugs are missing and sets about trying to find the culprit. Meanwhile, two children have an emotional reunion with their family. Medical drama, starring Cathy Shipton

Season 13 Episode 16
Making a Difference Mark is suspected of stealing drugs from the department, pressure mounts on Penny, and Sam gets a shock while prying into Lee's private life. Meanwhile, Tina surprises herself by asking Sean for a date. Starring Paterson Joseph and Jonathan Kerrigan

Season 13 Episode 17
Miracle on Casualty A little girl with a broken arm and three professors beaten up by a jealous quiz rival have a Christmas they'd much rather forget, while the staff of A&E welcome a new arrival. Away from work, Tina and Sean get to know each other better at the party, while George and Mark clear the air. Hospital drama, starring Claire Goose and Rebecca Lacey

Season 13 Episode 19
Trapped Sean and Chloe are sent to Holby police station to treat a prisoner injured by an angry mob who suspect him of shooting a local teenager - but they are soon forced to go beyond the call of duty as events take a dramatic and dangerous turn

Season 13 Episode 20
White Lies, White Wedding Adam's father pays an unscheduled visit, and a groom's stag night goes disastrously wrong. Meanwhile, Chloe takes time out to reflect on her liaison with Sean and Josh's gambling habit starts getting the better of him

Season 13 Episode 21
Team Work A football fiasco results in a medical disaster for the local team's star player, and consultant Max receives devastating news about the A&E's future. Meanwhile, Adam faces the frightening prospect of revealing his condition to his parents. Medical drama, starring Robert Gwilym and Pal Aron

Season 13 Episode 22
Human Traffic Charlie and Max are concerned by the overwhelming number of patients' complaints against the department, while the rest of the staff cope with a tourist returning from Thailand with stomach pains. On the romantic front, Chloe worries that Sean will give the game away to Tina with his unsubtle attentions. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Jan Anderson

Season 13 Episode 23
Mother's Day Sean faces a tough time as an injured fireman and his pregnant girlfriend land him with a moral dilemma. Penny helps Josh cope with his gambling addiction and George has a bad day as increasing pressure from Max forces her to burn the midnight oil. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson, Gerald Kyd and Ian Bleasdale

Season 13 Episode 24
Face Value Josh and Penny battle to save the life of a runaway trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building. Back at Holby, a former nurse is admitted with chest pains, but refuses to believe he could be suffering from a serious condition, and things look bleak for Sean and Tina. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale and Donna Alexander

Season 13 Episode 25
Crazy Love The A&E staff have to deal with the aftermath of tear-gassing and gang violence. George contemplates applying for a job at Broadway General, while a document left in the photocopying room reveals that Gary is not backing Holby A&E after all and is happy to see it close so long as he secures the CEO post at St Thomas's

Season 13 Episode 26
The Hardest Word Sean tries to put on a brave face as the hearing into Eugene Rafferty's death begins, but can't help fearing the worst. Max also has a lot on his mind, and considers a swift vodka to alleviate the pressure, while George is tempted by an unexpected job offer. Drama, starring Gerald Kyd, Robert Gwilym and Rebecca Lacey

Season 13 Episode 27
Love Over Gold - Part One Part one of two. Josh and George are held hostage in a botched bank raid, while back at the hospital, Charlie promises the future of Holby's casualty department is safe, stressing there will be no closures while he's around. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Rebecca Lacey

Season 13 Episode 28
Love Over Gold - Part Two Part two of two. Sam finds himself in a dangerous situation, while everyone waits anxiously for news about Josh and George

Season 14 Episode 1
Calm Before the Storm - Part One Part one of two. The team fights to save the life of colleague Sam Colloby, who's been pushed from a balcony, while Tina mulls over Sean's affair with her so-called best pal Chloe. Penny ends up in more danger than she bargained for while attending a boat accident at the harbour. Derek Thompson, Jonathan Kerrigan, Claire Goose, Gerald Kyd, Jan Anderson and Donna Alexander star

Season 14 Episode 2
Calm Before the Storm - Part Two Part two of two. When the boat accident victim arrives, the department becomes contaminated with radioactive material, forcing Charlie to close A&E. Trapped inside, Chloe has to reveal she's pregnant to ensure her unborn child's safety, while a suspected murderer waits anxiously as the military police close in

Season 14 Episode 3
Truth or Dare Sam questions his future at the hospital during his recovery from the attack, while bed manager Adam wonders whether he should return to nursing, and a management training team courts disaster while competing on an assault course. Starring Derek Thompson and Jonathan Kerrigan

Season 14 Episode 4
Words and Deeds Adam reveals he is HIV-positive, placing Charlie in the unenviable position of deciding what action - if any - he should take. Sunny proves to be something of a loose cannon, allowing his temper to get the better of him, and an accident prompts a grandmother to accept a few home truths. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Ian Bleasdale

Season 14 Episode 5
Crossroads Duffy's discovery that Adam is HIV-positive threatens the possibility of his return to nursing, and Sunny and Tina visit Sam at his beach retreat in Cornwall - can they persuade him to return to Holby A&E? Starring Jonathan Kerrigan, Cathy Shipton and Vince Pellegrino

Season 14 Episode 6
Lost Souls Eve's friend Gerry is rushed into A&E, forcing her to make a drastic decision, while Holly's attempts to reunite an estranged family meet unexpected complications. Hospital drama, starring Ian Bleasdale, Cathy Shipton and Barbara Marten

Season 14 Episode 7
Everybody Hurts Josh regrets a moment of kindness toward an unprofessional colleague caught moonlighting as a taxi driver to earn some extra cash, and Sunny faces the music at his disciplinary hearing. Hospital chaplain Peter offers spiritual support to Eve, then stares tragedy in the face himself. Derek Thompson and Ian Bleasdale star

Season 14 Episode 8
Seeing the Light The staff get into the spirit of Halloween and Adam begins his first shift as a nurse in A&E. A sombre Eve, shaken after treating a drug overdose patient, makes a life-changing decision. Chloe gets into another argument with Tina - and reveals she is having an abortion the very next day. Hospital drama, starring Cathy Shipton, Barbara Marten, Claire Goose and Rebecca Wheatley

Season 14 Episode 9
Off the Wall A visiting TV documentary crew filming a day in the life of a Holby paramedic are treated to a hectic day involving a major accident on a building site and an embarrassing predicament for two countryside canoodlers. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale, Claire Goose and Rebecca Wheatley

Season 14 Episode 10
Benny and the Vets - Part One Part one of two. A child with meningitis is rushed into the department, and the new resuscitation room is tested to the limit when an animal rights bomb causes devastation. Meanwhile, Sean has a frustrating time trying to treat a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Starring Derek Thompson, Cathy Shipton and Gerald Kyd

Season 14 Episode 11
Benny and the Vets - Part Two Part two of two. Amid the chaos of a laboratory bombing, Charlie is shocked to discover a different side to Max and Duffy, an estranged couple are brought together again by their son's critical condition and the team marks Remembrance Day with the customary silence. Starring Derek Thompson

Season 14 Episode 12
Sins of the Mother The atmosphere is tense between new nurse Barney Wolfe and Adam as they fail to see eye to eye. Two serious cases of food poisoning panic one unfortunate fellow, who rushes home to check on his son, only to discover that his wife is having an affair, and Duffy begins to feel the pressures of her new responsibilities. Derek Thompson, Cathy Shipton and Ian Bleasdale star

Season 14 Episode 13
Looking After Number One Duffy confronts Max about their affair, a prostitute faces the possibility that she may be HIV-positive and agonises over whether to have a test, and a boy swallows Liquid Ecstasy made by his brother in the garden shed. Holly suspects a man of battering his wife and, on a happier note, helps a ventriloquist regain his self-confidence by working on the children's ward. Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton star

Season 14 Episode 14
To Have and to Hold Sean asks Max to put in a good word for him with Tina, but the result is totally unexpected. Holly befriends a little boy caught in the crossfire of marital breakdown, and a pensioner with a fractured neck sparks recriminations between her husband and son. Gerald Kyd and Claire Goose star

Season 14 Episode 15
Free Fall The arrival of arrogant new registrar Patrick Spiller makes a bad impression among staff, particularly Holly, who has crossed his path before. Adam receives a nasty reminder of Sam's accident, and the parachute jump proves eventful for a nervous Max. Claire Goose and Robert Gwilym star

Season 14 Episode 16
Just a Kiss Max and Tina's relationship has to take a back seat when a suspicious car accident results in a dangerous cliff-edge rescue. Back at A&E, Duffy is tested to the limit by a wedding party with food poisoning, while Sean discovers Holly has been keeping a secret. Medical drama, starring Robert Gwilym, Claire Goose and Ian Bleasdale

Season 14 Episode 17
Peace on Earth A gas explosion disrupts the Christmas cheer in Accident and Emergency, while Max and Tina don't need any mistletoe to make the most of being stuck in a lift. Barney tries his best to arrive at a diagnosis of seven dwarves who appear to have been poisoned, and a visiting choir lifts the spirits of the staff and patients. Claire Goose and Robert Gwilym star

Season 14 Episode 18
The Morning After Max's day gets off to a celebratory start as he and Amanda announce their engagement, but he soon gets into trouble with his blushing bride-to-be when she discovers he's been secretly giving methadone to a heroin-overdose victim. Charlie and Jan fail to keep their personal and professional lives separate when they fall out over security arrangements, and a circulating e-mail soon outs their closet affair to the rest of Holby A&E. Robert Gwilym and Derek Thompson star

Season 14 Episode 19
Untouchable A bogus paramedic causes chaos among the staff and patients of Holby City, and a mugging incident results in Adam having to reveal a secret. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale and Cathy Shipton

Season 14 Episode 20
Fall Out Sean is devastated to discover the truth about Max and Tina, and Adam feels pressured to reveal his secret. Meanwhile, Patrick is amazed when a blind man inexplicably regains his sight - could it be a miracle? Medical drama, starring Gerald Kyd, Pal Aron and Ian Kelsey

Season 14 Episode 21
Full On Amy plucks up the courage to audition for a band and a hungover Sean is forced to rethink his life when a friend needs his help. Tim Jenkins, an old friend of Sean's, overdoses

Season 14 Episode 22
Mirror Image Josh and Penny are called to deliver a baby in unusual circumstances, and Max faces his worst nightmare as his son is brought in for emergency treatment. Meanwhile, identical twins are reunited for the first time in 28 years by an accident. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale and Donna Alexander

Season 14 Episode 23
Burned-Out Hearts Max gets in the way of the struggle to save his son Frank's life. Meanwhile, a bizarre coincidence reunites a mother and son, and Charlie's least favourite patient causes a scene. Hospital drama, starring Derek Thompson, Robert Gwilym and Ian Bleasdale

Season 14 Episode 24
Tough Love Max learns the painful truth about his son's death - can Charlie prevent him from taking the law into his own hands? Meanwhile, Adam gets stuck in a lift with a claustrophobic man and a heavily pregnant woman, and Amy makes a tearful singing debut. Medical drama, starring Robert Gwilym and Derek Thompson

Season 14 Episode 25
Not Waving But Drowning Barney faces a life-or-death dilemma, Penny's medical skills are tested to the limit during a diving course, and Holly is mystified at the collapse of a promising teenage dancer. Medical drama, starring Donna Alexander, Ronnie McCann and Una Stubbs

Season 14 Episode 26
Seize the Night Max returns to work for the first time since son Frank's death and is determined to prove he's made a full recovery. However, his reaction to traumatic events during his shift makes it clear he has a long way to go yet. Meanwhile, a stripper's frisky snakes are proving less than charming to the A&E staff. Medical drama, starring Robert Gwilym and Ian Bleasdale

Season 14 Episode 27
Life Support A disillusioned Sean says his goodbyes, leaving Tina in emotional turmoil, while a psychic woman's eerie predictions perplex Holly, and an overworked, over-stressed man finds working in a bank can pose a serious health risk. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale, Cathy Shipton and Claire Goose

Season 14 Episode 28
Blood Brothers Tina faces the choice of a lifetime - she must decide whether to follow Sean Down Under or stay by Max's side. Meanwhile, registrar Patrick works fast to save the life of a patient who has been stabbed, and a man brought into A&E after suffering a heart attack faces double trouble from his two wives. Medical drama, starring Claire Goose, Robert Gwilym and John Henshaw

Season 14 Episode 29
Being There - Part One Part one of two. Tina visits Australia to look for Sean - but her search leads her into the scorching heat of the Outback, where she soon realises finding him will be more difficult than anticipated. Back in England, the winter flu crisis stretches Charlie and his staff to the limit. Medical drama, starring Claire Goose, Gerald Kyd and Derek Thompson

Season 14 Episode 30
Being There - Part Two Part two of two. Tina and Sean eventually find each other in Australia, while back in Holby, Holly is involved in a road accident, a predicament which places extra pressure on the already fraught staff - will Charlie be able to cope with the increasing tension? Derek Thompson, Claire Goose and Sandra Huggett star

Season 15 Episode 1
Phoenix Charlie's recuperation is cut short by a single mum who disappears, leaving him holding the baby, and Chloe moonlights to help make ends meet - but the long hours are taking their toll. Josh regrets opening his mouth to a stranger and two burglars make it a busy night in Holby A&E. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Ian Bleasdale

Season 15 Episode 2
Accidents Happen Holby A&E is at full stretch coping with victims of an explosion at the scene of a road accident, while Colette decides to teach Patrick a lesson for his lack of charm. Holly is roped into a PR initiative and Charlie returns to work with a vengeance. Derek Thompson and Ian Kelsey star

Season 15 Episode 3
Getting to Know You Barney allows personal feelings to cloud his judgement when a drunken Trevor is brought in from the scene of a road accident, romance blossoms for Adam and Reuben, and Charlie confesses to Duffy that he fears his son will forget him

Season 15 Episode 4
Too Tight to Mention Holly is feeling very subdued and guilty after her conversation with the Holby Gazette journalist the previous night

Season 15 Episode 5
Choked - Part One Part one of two. A burns victim overhears Holly discussing Adam's HIV status and sells the story to a national newspaper, plunging Holby A&E into chaos as reporters besiege the department and leaving Charlie the responsibility of informing the blissfully ignorant nurse of the situation. Meanwhile, a girl's shopping spree almost ends in tragedy, Chloe encounters an unwelcome face from the past and Josh risks his life performing a rescue on a cliff face

Season 15 Episode 6
Choked - Part Two Part two of two. As Mikey and Josh lie buried under a pile of rubble following the landslide, Mel races against time to rescue them. Back at Holby, Charlie assembles a team in readiness for the expected influx of casualties - but Adam is nowhere to be found. Drama, starring Derek Thompson and Ian Kelsey

Season 15 Episode 7
Travelling Light Max tries to win the confidence of a newly arrived Czech refugee whose daughter has been hit by an airport baggage truck, while Charlie has trouble taking care of baby Louis, and a stand-up comic takes a nasty tumble during a performance. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Robert Gwilym

Season 15 Episode 8
Sympathy for the Devil A demonstration turns violent when squatters are evicted from their homes, and Josh and Finlay are forced to enter the fray. Later, they respond to a stabbing incident which places their lives in further danger. Meanwhile, Mel and Penny play Cupid to a cantankerous old man and his worried neighbour. Hospital drama, starring Kwame Kwei-Armah and Ian Bleasdale

Season 15 Episode 9
No More Mr Nice Guy Patrick takes up Josh's challenge to spend the day in the ambulance with him and Finlay, and makes surprising discoveries about the emotional demands placed on the paramedics. Meanwhile, an obnoxious businessman hits the roof as a lucrative deal is threatened, and senior manager Dan Robinson steps into the breach as staff shortages become critical. Ian Kelsey and Robert Gwilym star

Season 15 Episode 10
States of Shock Chloe finds herself short of cash and is subsequently labelled prime suspect when a patient discovers her purse has gone missing. Meanwhile, a distraught father learns his son has been attacked by football hooligans, Duffy returns from a romantic weekend with her husband and Mel's fear of dogs is exposed. Medical drama, starring Jan Anderson, Robert Gwilym and Cathy Shipton

Season 15 Episode 11
Marking Time Remembrance Day proves eventful in Holby A&E, as Finlay deals with a patient who would prefer to forget the past, and Duffy doesn't need reminding it's her 40th birthday, an occasion complicated by her husband's imminent arrival on the ward. Charlie enjoys a final outing with his Canada-bound son, only for the day to turn into a nightmare. Medical drama, starring Cathy Shipton, Derek Thompson and Kwame Kwei-Armah

Season 15 Episode 12
Starting Over Duffy is less than impressed when her doctor husband makes a dramatic entrance on his first day at the hospital, and wonders whether their marriage can survive the stress of a professional relationship. Charlie is forced to come to terms with giving up Louis as he prepares to take the youngster to Canada, and Chloe regrets telling Spencer about Barney's alcoholic father. Medical drama, starring Cathy Shipton and Derek Thompson

Season 15 Episode 13
If You Go Down to the Wards Today Schoolchildren bring in their cuddly toys for a taste of hospital life, although Holly's enthusiasm isn't shared by her colleagues. Meanwhile, Charlie reluctantly books his flight to Toronto, and faces a difficult decision when Chloe and Barney vie for the same post. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson, Jan Anderson and Sandra Huggett

Season 15 Episode 14
Coming Clean Barney is aghast to learn health assistant Spencer knows about his alcoholic father, and wastes no time in accusing Chloe of telling tales. Meanwhile, Duffy confides in Colette that she may be pregnant again, a group of students hold a teacher hostage in a derelict house and a patient unwittingly brings a black widow spider into the department. Medical drama, starring Ben Keaton, Ronnie McCann and Catherine Shipton

Season 15 Episode 15
Chinese Whispers Andrew is surprised by Duffy's absence from work, unaware she's pregnant and has morning sickness, while a medical emergency forces two estranged sisters to reconcile their differences. Chloe helps reunite a quarrelling couple, and Barney lands himself in trouble in a nightclub. Medical drama, starring Philip Bretherton and Jan Anderson

Season 15 Episode 16
A Turn of the Scrooge An emergency prompts Duffy to tell Andrew she's pregnant, and a lonely widower clashes with his neighbour over a large wooden Santa. Meanwhile, Charlie worries about Barney's seemingly uncontrollable temper, and Patrick receives bad news

Season 15 Episode 17
Merry Christmas Dr Spiller Patrick and Holly find themselves stranded together in a barn in the depths of the countryside during a heavy snowfall, and sparks fly back at the hospital as news of Duffy's pregnancy begins to spread around the department, leaving her shocked at being given a rare cold shoulder by Charlie. Drama, starring Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton, with a guest appearance by Windsor Davies

Season 15 Episode 18
Epiphany Max risks his reputation by going too far in his treatment of a drug addict on an eventful New Year's Eve, while Barney and Spencer are forced to put aside their differences long enough to rescue a patient from a life-threatening situation. Holly receives a shock in the form of a mystery birthday card from Patrick's secret admirer. Drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department, starring Robert Gwilym, Ronnie McCann and Ben Keaton

Season 15 Episode 19
On the Edge A drug user's angry mother refuses to be pacified and directs her fury at Max. Charlie embarks on a course of action in a bid to win back his son, and Holly receives flowers from a secret admirer. Meanwhile, the paramedics rush to a remote cottage where a boy has been knocked unconscious. Medical drama, starring Robert Gwilym and Derek Thompson

Season 15 Episode 20
Girl Power Barney treats a group of Spice Girl lookalikes, and Andrew tries to calm an irate Duffy who announced she's having the baby whether he likes it or not. Meanwhile, Holly receives another gift from her secret admirer, and suspects Patrick may be behind the offering. Starring Cathy Shipton, Philip Bretherton and Ronnie McCann

Season 15 Episode 21
Heart of Gold Spencer runs into an old Navy colleague while attending a funeral - only to find he has a much younger, pregnant fiancee whose father is hot on his heels. Patrick arrives when the girl is suffering chest pains, and the pair are held hostage by the disapproving parent. Medical drama series, starring Ian Kelsey and Ben Keaton

Season 15 Episode 22
Better Safe Than Sorry Holby A&E is thrown into chaos by a sudden influx of patients, leaving Charlie and Directorate Manager Dan Robinson struggling to find enough beds to accommodate them. To make matters worse, people also start to arrive suffering from a mystery illness - and all have previously visited the hospital over the past few weeks. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Grant Masters

Season 15 Episode 23
Something from the Heart A local politician risks her career when her illicit lover is trapped inside a hotel after an explosion. As Charlie and Max attempt to rescue the injured man from the rubble, the miscreant MP deliberates whether she should take Charlie's advice to follow her heart and spend what could be his last moments with him. With a guest appearance by Star Trek: The Next Generation's Marina Sirtis

Season 15 Episode 24
Big Mistake Patrick is mortified to discover he'll be shadowed by a medical student, but his spirits are lifted once they meet, and he soon becomes the envy of the ward. Meanwhile, Charlie receives bad news regarding his chances of regaining custody of Louis, and the paramedics find themselves in a difficult situation involving a potential suicide case. Drama, starring Derek Thompson and Ian Kelsey

Season 15 Episode 25
Ambulance Chaser Josh is forced to confront painful memories while he undertakes an urgent patient transfer with Finlay - who also gets involved with two lovers. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale

Season 15 Episode 26
Scent of the Roses Charlie reluctantly agrees to drop his application in the custody battle, and takes his anger out on Dan for organising a major incident exercise on the ward. Meanwhile, Holly fears the stalker has visited her home and Duffy develops problems with her pregnancy. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton

Season 15 Episode 27
Breaking Point Charlie is furious to discover Dan has involved a recovering Duffy in the major incident training exercise, and the pregnant nurse contemplates the future of her marriage. Meanwhile, a French exchange student collapses, and a widow takes a nasty fall. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton, with a guest appearance by Margi Clarke

Season 15 Episode 28
Lost and Found Dan is furious with Charlie for closing the department without informing him, but Charlie says that it was the director of nursing who made the decision. Meanwhile, Amy is forced to rethink her career when her son and his childminder are involved in an accident and Holly receives a mysterious visitor. Derek Thompson, Grant Masters and Rebecca Wheatley star

Season 15 Episode 29
Kindness of Strangers Holly finally discovers the identity of her stalker and seeks reassurance from Patrick, while Amy's love life takes a turn for the better after she discusses her future in the department with Duffy. Medical drama, starring Sandra Huggett and Rebecca Wheatley

Season 15 Episode 30
Only You After a rough day in A&E, Holly accepts the offer of a drink at anaesthetist Tom's flat. She takes him into her confidence about the stalker - but just as she's starting to feel pleasantly reassured by his company, Dan turns up on the doorstep and promptly collapses. Sandra Huggett, Kieron Forsyth and Grant Masters star

Season 15 Episode 31
Allied Forces Holly bravely returns to work, determined to carry on as normal, but her resolve soon cracks as the police start asking questions around A&E, prompting her to retreat back to the safety of her flat. Meanwhile, Charlie keeps a watchful eye on the cocky new receptionist, and Josh finally plucks up the courage to ask Colette for a date. Sandra Huggett and Ian Kelsey star

Season 15 Episode 32
Heroes and Villains Patrick has little time for celebration when Duffy takes her maternity leave, especially once a retired doctor arrives at the hospital and starts putting him through his paces. Medical drama, guest starring Frank Thornton, with Ian Kelsey and Cathy Shipton

Season 15 Episode 33
The Long Road Home Penny heads for the country to seek reconciliation with her father, and a chance meeting with Finlay gives her much-needed moral support. Meanwhile, Chloe and Barney do stand-by duty at a wrestling match, and make themselves useful when a manager takes matters into his own hands. Medical drama, starring Donna Alexander and Jan Anderson

Season 15 Episode 34
Mix and Match Chloe's day goes from bad to worse following a misunderstanding with Barney and the death of a patient - but there could be light at the end of the tunnel when she discovers she's been included in the deceased's will. Meanwhile, Holly gives Patrick the cold shoulder while attempting to put her stalking ordeal behind her, and Colette gets a shock. Medical drama, starring Jan Anderson and Ian Bleasdale

Season 15 Episode 35
Breaking the Spell - Part One Part one of two. Holly is shocked to find her stalking nightmare is far from over when Tom confronts her in the car park, and is knocked unconscious as she tries to run away. Meanwhile, Chloe receives a surprise inheritance and sets out on a spending spree - but a disgruntled relative of the deceased questions her right to the money. Medical drama, starring Jan Anderson and Sandra Huggett

Season 15 Episode 36
Breaking the Spell - Part Two Concluding the two-part story. Holly regains consciousness, only to find she's been kidnapped by Tom, and seizes a dangerous opportunity to escape. Patrick makes a grave error once he realises she's missing, and blames rival suitor Ed, while Colette pulls out all the stops to salvage her relationship with daughter Natalie. Medical drama, starring Sandra Huggett and Ian Kelsey

Season 16 Episode 1
Holding the Baby Josh's erratic driving on his way to answer an emergency call results in a horrific crash with an oncoming vehicle, leaving new paramedic Nikki with a difficult decision over who to treat first. Back at Holby A&E, she learns that Josh could face serious repercussions after jumping a red light on the way. To make matters worse, Duffy's baby is about to put in an early appearance. Ian Bleasdale and Kelly Harrison star

Season 16 Episode 2
Dirty Laundry An already angst-ridden Josh finds himself in even hotter water when he comes face to face with the sister of the boy he killed, while history repeats itself for Colette when her teenage daughter announces she's pregnant. Patrick's childish attempts to become the favourite for the consultant's job disgust Charlie, and Jack can't believe his luck when he lands two hot dates - little suspecting one of his conquests is a transsexual. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale and Derek Thompson

Season 16 Episode 3
All's Fair New SHO Lara Stone arrives, and her abrupt approach immediately causes friction between herself and Dillon. Max goes to dinner with Amanda and her son and discovers Chloe working as a waitress in the restaurant to earn extra money. Charlie is offered a new role, but suspects strings are attached

Season 16 Episode 4
Crash Course Nikki has her work cut out following a disaster at a building site, and wonders whether she is up to the job, while Comfort questions her beliefs after hearing a startling confession from a dying priest. Later, Jack spies a chance to get lucky with Nikki in her delicate state, but only succeeds in making the situation worse. Medical drama, starring Martina Laird, Kelly Harrison and Christine Stephen-Daly

Season 16 Episode 5
Bringing Up Baby Lara ignores hospital policy and takes matters into her own hands when a pregnant woman arrives in need of emergency treatment. Meanwhile, Chloe accuses a babysitter of neglecting her responsibilities when a six-month-old baby is brought in, and Patrick attends his interview for the new consultant's position - putting his fate in Max's hands. Medical drama, starring Christine Stephen-Daly, Jan Anderson, Ian Kelsey and Robert Gwilym

Season 16 Episode 6
White Lies Fin faces a tough dilemma as he prepares to give evidence at Josh's inquest, but the distress of the accident becomes too much and his traumatised colleague makes a difficult decision about his future. Max assumes Ben has stolen money from his wallet, although Amanda soon puts him straight, and is shocked to witness an overdose victim being thrown from a car. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale and Robert Gwilym

Season 16 Episode 7
Facing the Future Lara takes extreme measures to impress Patrick, donning a PVC devil costume and arriving at his room with a bottle of tequila, only to discover he has been seeing Rachel - and the arrival of a smarmy plastic surgeon complicates matters of the heart even further. Chloe's in trouble when she arrives for her shift in no fit state to work, and Colette struggles to convince Josh not to resign. Medical drama, starring Christine Stephen-Daly, Ian Kelsey and Dan Rymer

Season 16 Episode 8
For My Next Trick A Bonfire Night firework display ends in chaos, and Jack regrets playing a practical joke on Charlie. Meanwhile, Max ponders whether to put his job in jeopardy as his personal life takes a turn for the worse. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson

Season 16 Episode 9
Distant Elephants Patrick rushes to Comfort's rescue after she's stabbed during a call-out, and emotions run high when her colleagues discover she may have picked up an infection. Maguire takes it upon himself to persuade Josh to return to work with a little emotional blackmail, and he soon feels at home when he saves a life. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale and Martina Laird

Season 16 Episode 10
It's a Family Affair Duffy makes a long-awaited return to Holby A&E, but has a tough time settling into new departmental routines, while Colette finds it equally difficult handing the responsibility back over. Patrick confronts Max about a suspicious drugs order, Chloe finds herself pressured by Anna over her second job and Charlie takes out his frustrations on his colleagues

Season 16 Episode 11
The Morning After As the A&E staff suffer the after-effects of New Year's Eve, Adam is forced to disclose his HIV status to potential partner Reuben, and Frank's efforts to help a drug addict cause problems for paramedics Josh and Penny when they realise vital supplies from their ambulance are missing. The arrival of the new year fills Chloe with a renewed assertiveness, prompting her to encourage Amy to go for a singing audition at a local club

Season 16 Episode 12
Best Intentions Spencer falls ill at work, and Jack ignores warnings not to tell his colleague's family about his condition. Meanwhile, Patrick is left to cope with a man whose injuries prove to be more complicated than they first appeared, and it's a day of reckoning for Max. Ben Keaton, Ian Kelsey and Will Mellor star

Season 16 Episode 13
Someone to Watch Over Me Chloe faces a string of awkward questions in the aftermath of the attack on Anna - and has to reassess her commitment to Jason. Dillon is forced to make a confession about his out-of-hours activities, while Josh and Colette have trouble staying away from each other. Jan Anderson and Dan Rymer star

Season 16 Episode 14
Happily Ever After Dillon becomes suspicious about a woman involved in a car accident, believing there's more to her story than meets the eye, while Colette and Josh prepare for their big day with the rowdiest of celebrations. Fate seems to turn against the couple, however, when the bride-to-be's estranged daughter puts in an appearance - and promptly goes into premature labour. Medical drama, guest starring Patsy Kensit

Season 16 Episode 15
Life and Soul As Josh and Colette wait to see if Natalie will pull through, their wedding seems farther away than ever and the kindly paramedic begins to wonder whether they are fated never to be together. What the couple don't know is that their colleagues are plotting on their behalf, and when Natalie shows signs of improvement it seems they'll finally reach the altar - but there's yet another hitch when it turns out that `Kev the Rev' isn't a real vicar at all. Unfortunately, Patrick's in no mood for celebrating when an argument with lover Rachel prompts her to storm off, and before he gets a chance to apologise he hears she has been brought into hospital after being seriously injured in an attack. While trying to console her distraught husband Greg, he learns she is carrying his child - setting the scene for a tragic climax. Ian Bleasdale, Adjoa Andoh, Ian Kelsey and Amy Robbins star, with a guest appearance by Sylvester McCoy

Season 16 Episode 16
Consequences It's a testing time for philandering doctor Patrick as he struggles to cope with his grief for Rachel - but his problems are only compounded when her vengeful husband comes looking for him. Paramedics Nikki and Comfort are also in for a Christmas shift to remember as they try to cajole a schizophrenic out of a pub toilet - but that's nothing compared to the devastation they face when a coachload of football fans crash into the pub, leaving them to pick up the pieces. Ian Kelsey, Danny McCall, Martina Laird and Kelly Harrison star

Season 16 Episode 17
Playing with Fire It looks like being a bleak new year for the Holby accident and emergency team as Lara finally finds Patrick and rushes him back into the department, where Max risks suspension for treating the heartbroken doctor. Meanwhile, Philippa feels the pressure as she struggles to cope with a staff shortage and ropes Lara in to help with a snakebite victim. Ian Kelsey, Christine Stephen-Daly and Robert Gwilym star in the long-running hospital drama

Season 16 Episode 18
Checking In, Checking Out A suspected killer with a lacerated eye and a fear of anaesthetics spells trouble for Chloe, particularly once she discovers his connection to Jason - and when her doubling-dealing boyfriend turns up she finds herself sucked deeper into a life of crime. Meanwhile, Jack has second thoughts about dating Nikki and decides to call it a day for the sake of his single life, while Tony reveals his secret to a lovelorn Anna

Season 16 Episode 19
Blowing the Whistle Patrick returns to work, and discovers he has a bedside manner after all when confronted with the victim of a botched sex-change operation who is devastated to learn he may need to have the procedure reversed. Meanwhile, Philippa continues to bully Anna, but as the rest of the staff decide they can stand it no longer, a crisis presents the ideal opportunity to exact revenge

Season 16 Episode 20
You're Going Home in the Back of an Ambulance Chloe turns to Comfort and Nikki for help as she becomes convinced Jason has deserted her and the police probe her involvement in Lewis's escape - but her plan leads to trouble when she fails to keep her mind on the job in hand. In her absence, investigating officers turn their attentions to Tony, using his criminal record as leverage in their search for evidence of Chloe's guilt. Drama, starring Jan Anderson, Martina Laird and Kelly Harrison

Season 16 Episode 21
Only the Lonely Max returns from his suspension, and wastes no time in making his presence felt. Meanwhile, Nikki is forced to confront a personal issue, putting her relationship with Jack on the line, and Lara hints about her plans to spend the weekend with a mysterious friend, leaving Patrick consumed by jealousy. Drama, starring Robert Gwilym and Ian Kelsey

Season 16 Episode 22
In the Heat of the Night Jack is forced to swallow his pride and reveal the details of his illness to Max, who immediately recommends an ultra-sound test. Meanwhile, Patrick and Lara face a long, hot night together when the heating system goes haywire, and they're soon forced to admit their mutual attraction - but the brief moment of intimacy is quickly disturbed by hospital duties. Drama, starring Ian Kelsey, Robert Gwilym and Will Mellor

Season 16 Episode 23
Acceptance Patrick plans an intimate meal for two with Lara to celebrate his good news - but will he accept a new position as a consultant at a London hospital? Things go from bad to worse for Jack after he reluctantly agrees to visit an oncologist, prompting a worried Tony to investigate his brother's activities. Drama, starring Will Mellor, Kelly Harrison and Lee Warburton

Season 16 Episode 24
Nobody's Perfect A distracted Lara makes a serious medical blunder after her night with Patrick, and the future begins to look bleak as she faces the consequences of her actions. Nikki also faces trouble when Jack tells her heartbreaking news. Drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department, starring Ian Kelsey, Will Mellor and Kelly Harrison

Season 16 Episode 25
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? After her stormy break-up with Jack, Nikki vows to turn her back on love - but an encounter with an injured psychic unexpectedly restores her faith in romance. Back at the hospital, Dillon allows his personal feelings to interfere with his professional decisions when a vulnerable woman begs for help. Drama with the staff of Holby's A&E department, starring Ian Bleasdale, Dan Rymer and Kelly Harrison

Season 16 Episode 26
Life Incognito Lara realises her relationship with Patrick could be jeopardised by his plans to move to London, and the pressure takes its toll when she confronts a gang of thieves in the department - and decides to take the law into her own hands. Meanwhile, Dillon also faces romantic difficulties when Gemma returns to the hospital, and Colette finds herself in the middle of a family feud. Drama, starring Ian Kelsey and Christine Stephen-Daly

Season 16 Episode 27
You Can't Take Them All Home with You Patrick makes a bold move in an attempt to put a stop to the constant arguments with Lara, but finds that things may already have gone too far to reach a resolution. Charlie tells Dillon to stop spending all his time trying to help Gemma, prompting him to suffer a crisis of conscience and ultimately leading to tragedy. Hospital drama, starring Derek Thompson, Ian Kelsey and Dan Rymer

Season 16 Episode 28
Past, Present, Future Lara turns down another marriage proposal from Patrick, but his involvement in a major road accident forces her to re-evaluate her views. Comfort and Fin are the first to arrive on the scene and attempt to deal with the crisis alone - leading to an act of heroism and a surprising revelation. Medical drama, starring Ian Kelsey, Christine Stephen-Daly and Ian Bleasdale

Season 16 Episode 29
Memories A distraught wife and a near-fatal mistake force Lara to face a few home truths and just as she reaches the depths of despair, her life is made even worse by a tense encounter with new locum registrar Simon Kaminski. Meanwhile, it looks as though love could be in the air for Finlay and Comfort when they share a few drinks after work and open their hearts. Drama, starring Christine Stephen-Daly

Season 16 Episode 30
Hearts and Minds Comfort is racked with guilt after kissing Finlay, but her vow to stay away from temptation is soon swept aside when they are thrown together in a dangerous situation. Gilly storms out after Spencer admits he believes Anna's claims and Jack returns to the hospital. Drama, starring Kwame Kwei-Armah and Martina Laird

Season 16 Episode 31
Dominoes Comfort attempts to ignore Finlay's charm offensive, but the temptation proves difficult to resist. Lara is given a painful reminder of lost love by a woman's act of sacrifice for her husband - but everything is put aside when a killer bug sweeps through the wards. Medical drama, starring Kwame Kwei-Armah, Martina Laird and Christine Stephen-Daly

Season 16 Episode 32
Waving Not Drowning Student nurse Roxanne endures a terrible first day as the virus shows no signs of stopping its rampage through the wards, prompting Max to propose shutting down the department - much to Jan's disgust. Dillon faces problems of his own as he develops disturbing symptoms, Simon continues his affair with Claire, and Fin deals with further romantic trauma. Medical drama, starring Robert Gwilym, Dan Rymer and Michael Praed

Season 16 Episode 33
Big Rocks and Very Hard Places The plight of a sick teenager highlights the current crisis in the hospital as the virus shows no signs of abating and forces Max to make an emotional decision. The backlog of patients and a breakdown in communications add to the turmoil, and end in tragedy. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson and Robert Gwilym, with a guest appearance by Gillian Taylforth

Season 16 Episode 34
Scapegoat Jan turns to Charlie for support after a war of words with Danny's grieving mother and a showdown with the hospital board, while Jack worries he may fail to live up to Nikki's expectations in the bedroom following his operation. Comfort steels herself to drop a bombshell on unsuspecting husband Rob during a romantic dinner. Drama, starring Derek Thompson and Will Mellor, with a guest appearance by Gillian Taylforth

Season 16 Episode 35
Too Close for Comfort Comfort is forced to decide between the two men in her life, and Fin's day off turns out to be full of unexpected events when a simple cross-country run ends in disaster. As tension mounts in the emergency department, chief executive Jan Goddard takes desperate measures to save her career - leaving Max in the firing line. Drama, starring Martina Laird and Kwame Kwei-Armah, with a guest appearance by Griff Rhys Jones

Season 16 Episode 36
The Sting Max gets dragged through the press after Jan's betrayal - but he is offered the perfect chance to redeem himself when he comes to the aid of a patient attacked in the department. A ghost from the past threatens to put a damper on Fin and Comfort's new-found happiness, and Nikki confronts Roxy about the theft. Hospital drama, starring Robert Gwilym, Judy Loe and Derek Thompson

Season 16 Episode 37
Denial The doctors vie for the registrar's job when new consultant Harry Harper holds interviews for the position - but Lara gets off to a bad start as she is forced to explain her actions after becoming emotionally attached to a patient who was raped. Charlie is shocked to see a face from the past, and asks for Dillon's help in dealing with him. Medical drama, starring Cathy Shipton, Christine Stephen-Daly and Simon MacCorkindale

Season 16 Episode 38
Taking It All Back to the Streets Lara clashes with DI David Collier when a double shooting brings him back to the hospital on official business. Deliberately obstructing his enquiries, she threatens to share her suspicions about him with the rest of the staff - leading to a tense confrontation in the car park. Simon faces domestic strife as his brother's wedding draws nearer, leading him into a heated argument with bride-to-be Claire. Drama, starring Christine Stephen-Daly, Zita Sattar and Dorian Healy

Season 16 Episode 39
Broken Hearts Lara's desperate fight for her life has devastating results for evil attacker David Collier. A surprise visitor ruins Roxy's plans to accompany Simon to his brother's wedding - should the ceremony still go ahead following the revelation of the prospective bride's infidelity. Hospital drama, starring Ian Bleasdale, Cathy Shipton and Ben Keaton

Season 16 Episode 40
Code Red A call to aid an injured man leads to a dangerous time for Nikki and Finlay as the situation turns violent. Harry is confirmed as the new consultant, and the pressure's on for Lara as wife-beater and rapist David Collier continues his fight for life after their aggressive clash. Drama, starring Christine Stephen-Daly, Kelly Harrison and Kwame Kwei-Armah

Season 17 Episode 1
Deja Vu Stabbing victim Nikki recovers and returns to work, but it soon becomes clear she remains haunted by the ordeal. Harry has to put family troubles to one side when a parachutist collides with a bungee-jumper at a local fair, leading to a full-scale emergency, and the future looks bleak for Lara, who risks being found guilty of manslaughter should David's wife fail to testify in her favour

Season 17 Episode 2
Protection Lara's day of reckoning arrives as she appears in court charged with manslaughter and Duffy is shocked when her mother is rushed into A&E suffering from what appears to be an epileptic fit - but the condition turns out to be much more sinister. Meanwhile, a new face in the department puts Simon and Dillon in a spin

Season 17 Episode 3
Judgement Day Harry and Duffy take the stand as character witnesses at Lara's trial, but the defendant begins to fear the outcome, especially when Melanie Collier claims she was not raped by her husband. Josh and Nikki are forced to use a potentially deadly procedure on a patient, Dillon takes the law into his own hands and Charlie faces a tough decision when Duffy's mother is brought into the emergency ward

Season 17 Episode 4
Thicker Than Water Dillon is shocked as Lara receives her sentence and Simon lands himself in hot water when his love life starts to interfere with his work. Nikki is saluted for her recent bravery and seizes the opportunity to publicise the dangers facing paramedics, while a distracted Josh allows his marriage to suffer. Drama with the staff of Holby A&E, starring Christine Stephen-Daly, Dan Rymer and Ian Bleasdale

Season 17 Episode 5
What Little Girls Are Made Of Heather puts her career in jeopardy by making a misdiagnosis while treating a boy. Colette steps in to assess the situation, but the patient's father threatens to take legal action. The death of a pregnant teenager forces Duffy to come to terms with losing her mother, and Ryan offers her a shoulder to cry on

Season 17 Episode 6
What's Love Got to Do with It? Roxanne struggles to cope with the pressures of being a working single mother - with potentially grave consequences. Meanwhile, Duffy and Comfort are surprised to discover they both have an admirer, and Dillon competes with Simon for Heather's attention, clouding his professional judgement in the process. Another shift with the staff of Holby A&E, starring Cathy Shipton and Loo Brealey

Season 17 Episode 7
The Ties That Bind Charlie welcomes Duffy back to Holby, and a patient with a needle phobia causes chaos in reception. Meanwhile, Tina struggles to control her temper with a drunk driver and a pedestrian injured in an accident hides a shocking secret. At the end of a long day, a house-warming party could be just the medicine the stressed staff need

Season 17 Episode 9
Innocence Friends and colleagues breathe a sigh of relief as Lara's conviction is finally overturned at her appeal, thanks to Melanie's testimony. Jan is reluctant to take her back at work, but a surprise announcement by Harry soon forces her to relent. Jack finds himself in an embarrassing situation when a semi-naked picture of girlfriend Nikki is posted on the staff notice board

Season 17 Episode 10
Return of the Native Lara's first day back at work doesn't run smoothly, as she returns to Holby A&E to find a horde of journalists waiting for her, and matters take a turn for the worse when a mother refuses to let her treat her child. Simon and Dillon resolve to take revenge on incompetent Heather as she prepares to leave the department, and Harry informs her he has written an unflattering reference

Season 17 Episode 11
Up to Your Neck in It A kidnapped boy left alone in a car by his abductor accidentally knocks the vehicle into gear, sending it rolling into a nearby river. Luckily, put-upon paramedic Josh is on hand to save the day, and dives in to rescue the drowning youngster. Later hailed a hero and in a romantic mood, he confesses to Colette that he wants to start a family - causing her to retreat rapidly. Nikki gives Jack the cold shoulder following the nightclub incident, and Eddie discovers Jay has pressed charges against his friend - which prompts him to threaten the injured party with broken legs should he take the case further

Season 17 Episode 12
Gimme Shelter Lara has a tough time at work when she encounters a man she suspects is abusive toward his wife, but soon realises her problems are just beginning as an unstable patient threatens her with a pair of scissors. Rescued from her attacker by Ryan and Tony, she bursts into tears when confronted by Harry, who is determined to talk her out of resigning. Nikki is also in for a bad day when Josh reprimands her for operating without the appropriate qualifications

Season 17 Episode 13
Blame Josh comes to the aid of a guilt-ridden man following the deaths of his wife and children, who were killed when a car crashed into a bus stop. Colette asks Simon to accompany her to the charity auction, and is delighted when he wins her a diamond necklace. Meanwhile, the ever-troubled Lara finds herself in a difficult position when the policewoman who testified against her in court is brought into Holby A&E with wounds sustained while chasing a mugger. Drama, guest-starring Joe McGann, with Ian Bleasdale, Adjoa Andoh, Christopher Colquhoun and Simon MacCorkindale

Season 17 Episode 14
Feuds and Fury Jack is forced to silence a victim of his father's empire who is brought into the department after a confrontation with Eddie's gang. Meanwhile, Roxy's extra money-making schemes don't go to plan and Lara spends an evening with Harry's kids, unaware of his wife Beth's true feelings. Drama, starring Will Mellor, Philip Martin Brown and Loo Brealey

Season 17 Episode 15
Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love It's the staff Christmas party and everyone is in high spirits, except Josh, who has been delayed saving a child's life. As a result, his wife Colette ends up dancing with Simon all night, and before long their flirtation turns into something a little more serious. Unfortunately, Josh has already seen the pair together and realised his wife looks happier than she has done in ages

Season 17 Episode 16
Living for the Moment In the aftermath of the Christmas party, Simon avoids Colette - and when she confronts him, he explains it was only a bit of fun. Rejected, she nevertheless admits that it doesn't change her feelings about Josh or the fact that their marriage is over. Meanwhile, Roxy grows extremely close to one of her patients, who turns out to be seriously ill

Season 17 Episode 17
Friend or Foe Simon's shameless flirting with a new arrival to the department infuriates Colette, whose problems increase tenfold when a well-intentioned surprise backfires, while Josh remains blissfully unaware of his wife's thoughts about their marriage. Lara is shocked to discover the reasons for a baby's mysterious symptoms and Harry resorts to blackmail to save a patient's arm. Anna has a dismal blind date, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise, while Ryan asks Duffy a big question. Drama, starring Christopher Colquhoun, Adjoa Andoh and Ian Bleasdale

Season 17 Episode 19
Sins of the Fathers Dillon helps an autistic teenager, making Roxy realise just how much she cares for him, and Simon's new partner Jane visits the department with a friend suffering from a mystery illness, causing unease for Colette. Josh and Comfort respond to a shout and find a badly hurt Jack

Season 17 Episode 20
Spiteful God Fin's daughter Emma is taken seriously ill while he is out on call, forcing him to acknowledge his loyalties are divided between family and career. Jack is horrified to be recognised by the witness to the drug heist and Duffy prepares to leave Holby for her new business venture with husband-to-be Ryan, touching Charlie deeply by asking him to give her away at the wedding

Season 17 Episode 21
Flight Harry's relaxing sailing trip with Beth takes an unexpected turn when he spots a vessel in distress and investigates to find a boatful of refugees who need urgent medical attention. Jack resolves to go on the run from the law after a positive identification, but decides he can't leave without Nikki. Simon is shocked to learn Jane's secret and Duffy bids a tearful farewell to her colleagues on her last day at Holby

Season 17 Episode 22
Love Hurts While Duffy's new life with Ryan rapidly turns from a beautiful dream into a horrifying nightmare, Dillon and Colette fight it out for her old job and clash over the treatment of a malnourished toddler. Lara deals with a troubled teenager jealous of the new love in her father's life and feisty new receptionist Bex makes waves at Holby. Simon realises he cares deeply for Jane - despite her shocking revelation - and resolves to turn a blind eye, while Tony and Ben decide their evening together was more than a one-night stand

Season 17 Episode 23
Hitting Home - Part One In the first of a two-part story, the paramedics deal with an injured woman who insists she fell downstairs, but Comfort suspects she is lying to protect someone. Meanwhile, Duffy enrols as an agency nurse, following her decision to get on with her life instead of wallowing in misery over Ryan's disappearance, and Colette is shocked to learn she's pregnant

Season 17 Episode 24
Hitting Home - Part Two In the conclusion of the two-part story, the paramedics are called out to Sheila's house but are surprised to find Jenny covered in broken glass - meaning the family abuse has gone full circle. Simon realises he can't share Jane any longer and gives her an ultimatum, while Colette admits to Comfort she's pregnant

Season 17 Episode 25
Dire Straits Events take a tragic turn when Jeff threatens a man while on a call-out with Nikki, and the arrival of an attractive neurologist causes problems between Harry and Charlie. Colette tells Simon about the baby, but he does not want to know, and the arrival of a prostitute in A&E only complicates matters. Hospital drama, starring Kelly Harrison, Christopher Colquhoun and Elizabeth Carling

Season 17 Episode 26
Fool for Love Fin is furious after senior doctors prevent him from treating a cardiac arrest patient, giving Josh second thoughts about his new role as Duty Officer. Meanwhile, Ben's plans for a romantic meal out with Tony are shattered by the arrival of a face from the past. Drama, starring Ian Bleasdale and Kwame Kwei-Armah

Season 17 Episode 27
Keep It in the Family Tally and Beth are involved in a serious car accident while Harry is out having a secret dinner with Selina. Jane turns to Simon for support when a scan reveals she has a tumour, and a patient's death prompts Merlin to search for his real mum. Hospital drama, starring Simon MacCorkindale, Ashlie Walker and N'Deaye Baa-Clements

Season 17 Episode 28
A Hard Day's Night Harry returns to work, much to the concern of the staff who feel he cannot possibly cope so soon after his wife's death, and Simon lands himself in trouble when he keeps disappearing from A&E to observe Jane's operation. An attack on Colette makes her fear she might lose the baby and prompts her to tell Josh she's pregnant

Season 17 Episode 29
Side Effects Jack is taken into custody after Bex spots him visiting Tony and maliciously reports his whereabouts to the police. Simon continues to visit Jane but her operation has left her paralysed on one side, and Harry is painfully reminded of his wife's death when he fails to resuscitate a patient, prompting some much-needed comfort from Lara. Charlie offers Duffy a place to stay and Merlin receives a letter telling him his mother has been found

Season 17 Episode 30
An Act of God A power cut in the hospital leads to pandemonium, with Bex evacuating as many patients as possible in a typically tactless manner, while Harry is forced to operate in the dark. Jack is released by the police and Merlin prepares to meet his birth mother, but he is in for a life-changing shock when her identity is finally revealed

Season 17 Episode 31
The Point of No Return Jack tries to persuade a reluctant Tony to accept Eddie's offer of a kidney and Simon is shocked when Jane leaves hospital early, especially as she refuses to let him care for her. Duffy faces a life-changing decision following Ryan's return to Holby and Anna is devastated to learn the truth about Merlin. Meanwhile, Les Dennis makes a guest appearance as a bullying boss who drives an employee to suicide and finds his life in danger from her enraged husband

Season 17 Episode 32
Stuck in the Middle with You New paramedic Luke Warren is thrown in at the deep end when he is trapped in the cellar of a house destroyed by a gas explosion and back at Holby City he also receives plenty of female attention - but his ex-wife Bex, makes it clear why they are no longer married. Jack returns to work as janitor but is understandably worried on the day of Tony's transplant operation

Season 17 Episode 33
Getting Through Lara's nerve is tested when she is confronted by a life-threatening situation, and in the ensuing commotion Harry and Tally patch up their problems. Merlin is devastated by a revelation from Anna, while Eddie develops post-operative septicaemia and a distraught Jack has to face the possibility that his father might die

Season 17 Episode 34
Hurt The One You Love Jack is horrified to learn the only thing keeping his father alive is the life-support machine - and is quick to vent his anger on Tony. Colette is also taken aback by bad news when a routine antenatal scan reveals her baby has a club foot, prompting fears her unborn infant has other abnormalities. Merlin has difficulty coping with Anna after her shocking revelation and confesses to Lyn that she has ruined his life, while an alcoholic patient gets caught up in the dispute between Jane and Simon. Gabrielle Glaister guest stars

Season 17 Episode 35
An Accident Waiting to Happen Jack and Tony put their differences aside as they say their goodbyes to Eddie, while Lara and Luke are forced to acknowledge they may have been wrong about one another. Simon's bad mood makes him less than sympathetic toward staff and patients alike, and matters come to a head when Colette breaks the news to him that her child will have learning difficulties

Season 17 Episode 36
Out on a Limb Jack tells Tony he plans to propose to Nikki, but Bex overhears and the gossip spreads like wildfire, making him fear the object of his affections may be the last to know of his intentions. Luke is called to an incident which reawakens old memories, while Colette receives her test results and is shocked when Josh attends the meeting

Season 17 Episode 37
Baby Blues Colette tells Simon he is responsible for their child's genetic abnormalities and decides to keep the baby after Comfort offers her support, but a nasty jolt in the back of the ambulance prompts her to go for an ultrasound scan. Nikki finds a compromise between work and play and Vinnay harasses Jack for the £300,000 Eddie owed him

Season 17 Episode 38
Last Man Standing Comfort convinces Josh to swallow his pride and try to make amends with Colette. Nikki and Jack witness a brawl in a travel agent's while booking their honeymoon, and later discover one of those involved has been murdered. Tony arrives home to find his house trashed and Lara agrees to go for a drink with Luke, only to end up in an alcohol-induced embrace back at his place

Season 17 Episode 39
Three in a Bed Simon is called to the scene of an emergency and soon finds his future in jeopardy when his personal feud with Josh spills over into his professional life. Lara and Luke become the latest topic of staff gossip, Bex seizes the opportunity to flirt with Dillon, and Jack has another confrontation with Vinnay as the pressure mounts for him to come up with the money

Season 17 Episode 40
A Special Day In the explosive 400th episode of the medical drama the team battle to save Dillon's life when he is rushed into the department with gunshot wounds. Nikki and Jack's big day arrives, but when the bride disappears, it seems the dastardly Vinnay has hatched a plot to get his money back

Season 18 Episode 40
Dreams and Disappointments An unexpected development rattles Fin before he even reaches the altar as best man Luke disappears, only to show up at the last minute with a big surprise in store. Simon confesses to Harry about his drug habit, and is advised to resign, while Nikki realises she can't go back to being a paramedic after her recent traumatic experiences. Coronation Street's Jane Danson guest stars

Season 18 Episode 41
And the Bride Wore Red Comfort takes little delight in eager new paramedic Nina, who makes a terrible impression on her first day at work. Josh's date with Caroline turns out to be an unmitigated disaster when he forgets to turn a tap off in the bathroom, and Lara resorts to desperate measures to prevent Harry from accepting Simon's resignation

Season 18 Episode 42
A Dangerous Initiative Nina's insistence on playing the heroine only serves to widen the gulf between herself and the rest of the team, leaving it up to Fin to put his foot down and reprimand the newcomer. Simon is summoned to see Harry, knowing his job could be on the line, Josh's dreams of romance are crushed when Caroline declines the offer of another date, while Bex is on cloud nine after her evening with Luke

Season 18 Episode 43
Inside Out Simon and Lara announce their wedding date, prompting everyone to start making plans. Nina and Comfort clash after the newcomer is reprimanded for her behaviour, while Jim takes pity on an exhausted Josh, whose noisy B&B accommodation is proving to be anything but comfortable

Season 18 Episode 44
Who Cares? Harry continues to watch Simon's every move and Abs catches the groom-to-be with a packet of pills. Meanwhile, the puppy Jim has ordered for his daughter's birthday arrives a day early, forcing him to leave it at work in an empty room all day. When Josh and Nina find the dog unconscious after choking on some tissue, they manage both to save him and put their differences behind them

Season 18 Episode 45
Love, Honour and Betray Tess treats a woman who has been severely beaten, and attempts to find out how she came by her injuries, while Simon and Lara celebrate their stag and hen nights, but end up at the same venue. It soon transpires that the bride-to-be isn't going to let Simon out of her sight. Bex tries to get back together with Luke, but he ends up kissing Claire

Season 18 Episode 46
Ring of Truth Lara's big day is put in jeopardy when Abs makes a shocking discovery, and the plane taking Simon to the wedding crashes and explodes after Jim loses control. Oblivious to what has happened, the bride instructs Harry to take her to the airport, and phones ahead to buy a one-way ticket to Australia, while a distraught Bex clashes with Claire and a fist-fight breaks out

Season 20 Episode 2
Holding On - Part Two Part two of two. Tess, fireman Lance and asylum seeker Mero fight to stay calm as the team works to free them from the mineshaft, but the trio grows increasingly sure they will not come out alive. After Bruno's secret phone call, Maggie is shocked when her husband turns up on leave from prison, but not as stunned as Jamie, who believed his father was dead

Season 20 Episode 3
Deep Water Tess reaches breaking point as Sam becomes increasingly distracted by the wayward influence of Fleur, who persuades him to sell his tablets to her friends and take the afternoon off work. Guppy begs Harry to let Jas resign quietly rather than be reported to the GMC, and Woody finds his past catching up with him when he begins a friendship with a 10-year-old patient. Medical drama, starring Luke Bailey

Season 20 Episode 4
That's Amore Woody wonders whether he could be Matt's father as the youngster continues to prey on his mind, and Ellen uses her feminine wiles to win back Will on the day Selena is discharged. Jas turns the tables on Harry by blackmailing him in an attempt to save his own skin, while Tess takes advice from Comfort and adopts a different tactic to curtail Fleur's disruptive influence on Sam. Medical drama, starring Georgina Bouzova

Season 20 Episode 5
Paper Moon Nina receives a blast from the past when a familiar face turns up, and Ellen soon realises the woman in question was more than just a friend. An angry Sam refuses to heed Fleur's advice to stay away from Comfort. Selena plots revenge on Will as she returns to work, and Harry encourages a patient to sue when Jas misdiagnoses his condition. Medical drama, starring Rebekah Gibbs

Season 20 Episode 6
Sticks and Stones Sam's 19th birthday celebrations turn into a nightmare for Tess when a volatile Fleur takes over the arrangements. Woody grows suspicious of a new paramedic who seems unable to perform a simple procedure and Nina tells Abs about her affair with Army friend Sarah. Jas warns Guppy never to contact his parents again, while Charlie announces he is taking a sabbatical. Medical drama, starring Suzanne Packer

Season 20 Episode 7
All's Fair in Love and War Fleur's devious and deranged behaviour reaches crisis point as a worried Abs turns up at Tess's house. The volatile youngster grabs a knife and barricades herself in the bedroom with Sam when Sarah and Nina arrive on the scene. Meanwhile, Woody contacts Susan, who says there is a chance Matt is not his son. Guppy tries to speak to his father and Josh is appalled by conditions at the hospital

Season 20 Episode 8
For Better or Worse A shaken Tess returns to work and Woody spends the day with Matt, but lands himself in hot water when he agrees to take the youngster for a spin in an ambulance. Ellen steps in after Harry's au pair quits, and immediately bonds with his children. Meanwhile, Bruno teases Abs about Nina's past and makes unethical money out of a patient's rare illness. Medical drama, starring Will Thorp

Season 20 Episode 12
Love and Duty The racist thugs return to the hospital after one is injured during an attack on a gay soldier, and Guppy finds himself surrounded by the gang when they spot him in the car park. Abs sees a fracas develop as he walks past, but decides not to get involved. Woody wants to report Josh for hitting an unruly child, and Jas rebuffs his son once again when he makes an effort to break the ice

Season 20 Episode 13
Big Bang Theory A gang of racists uses fireworks to attack an Asian family. One of the thugs is burned and admitted to hospital, where Guppy bravely stands up for himself when he becomes the target of racial abuse. Mr O'Brien demands to know why Josh hit his son, and Luke warns Woody not to let Susan take advantage of his generosity. Medical drama, guest starring Kika Mirylees, Shobu Kapoor and Jodi Albert

Season 20 Episode 15
Anti-social Behaviour A guilty Abs remains tight-lipped about witnessing Guppy's attack when he accompanies the badly bruised victim to a police interview. Harry is left feeling embarrassed after making a move on Ellen. Meanwhile, a man misreads the situation when his wife hides the fact she has breast cancer from him and confides in his friend instead. Guest starring Bad Girls' Victoria Alcock (Julie Saunders)

Season 20 Episode 16
Getting Involved A shocked Nina discovers that Abs did not come forward as a witness to the racist attack. She is further outraged to hear he was rushing to break up her rendezvous with Kelsey. Guppy views the video line-up but is threatened afterwards by Lee and the gang, who tell him to drop the case. Meanwhile, Woody learns the outcome of his DNA test. Bad Girls' Dannielle Brent (Natalie Buxton) guest stars

Season 20 Episode 17
Skin Deep Guppy is horrified when Abs comes clean to him about witnessing the attack. A badly beaten Jas is brought to the hospital, a victim of Lee and the gang, and Harry is urged to operate. Bruno takes a backhander from an undertaker for recommending the firm to grieving relatives, then goes on to give an impassioned speech about patient care over bureaucracy. Medical drama, starring Elyes Gabel

Season 20 Episode 18
Enough's Enough Abs tells an angry Nina he is going to testify against the racist gang, but this does little to placate her. Guppy is still reeling from the attack on his father and can't face taking the case any further. He decides to look at Jas's hospital records when he realises something is wrong, and is devastated at what he finds. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Harry returns from holiday. Drama, starring Elyes Gabel

Season 20 Episode 19
Do They Know It's Christmas Guppy is elated when he visits his father and they begin to settle their differences. However, his world soon crumbles when a shocking request from Jas leaves him in an impossible position. Rumours about Nina being promiscuous ruin her chances of a reconciliation with Abs, and Harry tries to crack the whip with the staff, whose festive spirit leaves him out in the cold

Season 20 Episode 20
Crossing the Line As Jas becomes increasingly distressed by his condition, Guppy begs Harry to help him. However, the shocking news soon breaks that the invalid has taken matters into his own hands. Bruno's conscience is troubled when he realises his underhand dealings are fuelling a woman's drug dependency. Nina and Ellen help out at the scene of an accident. Medical drama, starring Elyes Gabel

Season 20 Episode 21
The Things We Do for Love A visiting journalist watches Harry struggling to attend to Nathan's mother within the allocated time, leading to a mix-up with her treatment. Maggie warns Kelsey not to fall under Bruno's bad influence when he brags about receiving money for a course he did not attend. Resentful of her meddling, he turns the tables and makes a recording for the roving reporter of her ranting about the four-hour rule

Season 20 Episode 22
It's a Man Thing Maggie is left reeling when she is quoted verbatim in the Gazette and accused of speaking to the press. Selena asks Harry out on a date, but Bruno sees Ellen getting out of his car and wastes no time spreading the news. However, the meddler is caught out himself when observes sees him giving a woman Botox treatment. Medical drama, starring Susan Cookson and Mark Bonnar

Season 20 Episode 23
Trust in Me Ellen and Harry receive a call from a boy whose mother has gone into labour following a car crash. They try to help him deliver the baby himself - but tragedy strikes. Charlie's words of warning fall on deaf ears when he catches Bruno giving Kelsey her Botox, and an emotional Maggie hopes to save a drug addict who has contracted hepatitis B

Season 20 Episode 24
Out of the Past Bruno runs scared when a patient returns with an infection following one of his piercings and Charlie quizzes him about the illegal prescriptions. However, he wrestles with his conscience when he sees an ailing Mary being admitted for treatment. Harry refuses to believe Ellen is pregnant and accuses her of attention seeking, while Maggie's protestations of innocence fall on deaf ears

Season 20 Episode 25
The Lost Boys Sam shadows Luke and Nina in the ambulance as they head to a railway incident. He suddenly finds himself alone and taking instructions on his mobile phone as he tends a boy with a broken ankle. Nina pursues a dismissive Harry until he accepts the truth about Ellen's pregnancy, and Maggie takes advantage of Nathan's apology to ask if she can open a clinic

Season 20 Episode 26
Worlds Apart Harry wants to do the right thing by the baby and decides to propose to Ellen. On the opening day of the hepatitis B clinic, Maggie berates a woman for allowing her daughter to work as a prostitute. Sam is forced to put his dreams of becoming a paramedic on hold, prompting him to consider resigning

Season 20 Episode 27
Nobody's Perfect Selena considers resigning as police surgeon after failing to section an unstable woman who goes on to endanger the lives of those around her. Charlie distributes leaflets in the red-light district to help the failing hepatitis B clinic, but is arrested after being set up by a disapproving pimp

Season 20 Episode 28
Heroes and Villains A panic-stricken Kelsey allows a patient to discharge herself, fearing she will spill the beans about their shared past. However, Luke becomes privy to her secret when the woman's condition is discovered to be life-threatening. Sam struggles to cope with the demands of the first day in his new job

Season 20 Episode 29
Family Matters A distraught Ellen is dealt a double blow when she goes for her scan. Tess tells Sam she doesn't think he can handle his new job when he gets emotionally involved in a patient's plight. Meanwhile, Selena feels frustrated in her relationship with Nathan and contemplates calling it a day

Season 20 Episode 30
Walk Before You Run Nina uses her Army training to rescue a marathon runner trapped in a bog, prompting the frustrated technician to set her sights on becoming a paramedic. A first-aider at the race asks Comfort out on a date. Ellen receives further bad news and Selena grows uncomfortable under Nathan's watchful eye

Season 20 Episode 31
Going Under An optimistic Nina accompanies Ellen to her appointment with the specialist. Selena confides in Maggie as she becomes increasingly concerned about Nathan's preoccupation with her, and the pair sneak into his office, where they find incriminating CCTV footage. Meanwhile, Sam helps the new receptionist settle in

Season 20 Episode 32
Blind Spots Ellen defiantly throws the letter about her chemotherapy session in the bin. She breaks down in front of a sympathetic Nina after lying to everyone about her test results. Luke lends money to a drug addict and takes him under his wing, much to the chagrin of Charlie, whose son Louis has an accident

Season 20 Episode 33
First Impressions Two troublemakers fall through the roof of a hall while a charity football match takes place nearby. Referee Luke tends the boys and takes one of them under his wing when he spots his potential as a soccer player. Ellen struggles to hide her cancer, while Maggie receives a romantic e-mail from a stranger

Season 20 Episode 34
Lost and Found Charlie's son Louis plays Cupid for his father, but his efforts are thwarted when Maggie's husband turns up with surprising news. Ellen confesses to Nina that her treatment isn't working and she needs a much stronger form of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Luke's soccer protege lets him down badly

Season 20 Episode 44
Happy Hour Nathan is still angry about his injury, and accuses Sam of not properly disposing of the needle, suggesting his illness makes him unfit to work. The junior member of staff agrees to resign - until Charlie intervenes with a few home truths. Meanwhile, Nina steps in to help when Comfort is threatened by a drunken patient

Season 20 Episode 45
The Truth Game Abs grows increasingly jealous of Greg's relationship with Nina, and is upset when his girlfriend organises a house party without telling him. A patient inspires Guppy to start living his life to the full, while Tess and Sam argue about Mike's return from hospital

Season 20 Episode 46
Last Orders Tess hits the bottle after Mike delivers devastating news, while Guppy worries he has lost his virginity when he wakes up with Kelsey after the house party. Nina breaks the rules to help a fisherman fulfil his friend's last wishes, and Ellen receives the results of her HCG test

Season 20 Episode 47
Get What You Deserve An overweight patient causes problems for Nathan when Harry learns a Trust directive is to blame for her not getting treatment, so he quits his role as clinical director. Meanwhile, Nina defies her suspension to help at a dangerous call-out, and Kelsey gives Alice a makeover after learning of her crush on Guppy

Season 21 Episode 1
Different Worlds - Part One Part one of two. Charlie, Guppy, Abs and Comfort help at the clinic Duffy has set up in Cambodia. However, their skills are tested when a boy falls from a tree and is knocked unconscious, and it takes a call to Harry in England to help them through the operation. Meanwhile, Maggie is impressed by the work of an exchange doctor

Season 21 Episode 2
Different Worlds - Part Two Conclusion. The emergency department's staff treat a boy as the casualties of the bus crash are brought in, but the child's drunken mother manages to disrupt their work. Harry and Somnang put their differences behind them as they discover the cause of a girl's injury, and the visiting doctor grows close to Maggie

Season 21 Episode 3
Waste of Space Two new paramedics join the team, though it takes a call out to a boxing gym for the pair to convince Josh they have the right attitude. Selena grows closer to Nathan as she persuades him to take an HIV test, and Harry investigates a GP he suspects of malpractice. Meanwhile, Ellen tries to stop the ward staff drinking coffee in a bid to make them healthier

Season 21 Episode 4
Heads Together Nathan is persuaded to offer Harry an administrative position again, but the crafty manager has a trick up his sleeve, and offers him a role shared with Selena. Kelsey is left in a bad mood when the staff are banned from smoking at the hospital, until a chance meeting with a patient suffering with throat cancer leaves her to reconsider her habit, and Josh is angry when he finds the paramedics' rota has been changed behind his back

Season 21 Episode 5
Sons and Lovers Sean is thrown in at the deep end on his return to the hospital when a mother calls an ambulance after her baby stops breathing. Charlie gets back from Cambodia eager to speak to Maggie, but soon changes his mind about asking her out for a drink when he learns she has been seeing Somnang, while Harry catches Selena and Nathan kissing

Season 21 Episode 6
Angels and Demons A child with burns is brought to Holby and Comfort, who suspects the girl has been abused, is accused of drinking by Sean after he smells whisky on her. Meanwhile, Kelsey, Ellen and Alice get into serious trouble, Nathan is left frustrated when he hears his department may be closed down and Tess and Harry treat a boy whose symptoms have been neglected by his parents

Season 21 Episode 7
What You See Is What You Get Nathan feels the pressure as two Health Authority inspectors visit Holby and an angry Maggie catches him kissing Selena. The tense situation isn't improved when the feuding doctors treat a patient together. Meanwhile, Comfort gets dressed up for a date with Sean, not realising he is taking her on a picnic

Season 21 Episode 8
Born to Be Wild Josh prepares to receive his award for 20 years of service, but an incident involving a gang of bikers and an impatient van driver leaves him wondering whether to bother accepting it. The son of Down's syndrome parents announces he wants to go into care, and Comfort is disturbed to overhear Sean making an affectionate phone call

Season 21 Episode 11
All Through the Night Ellen enlists the help of Kelsey and Alice in a dramatic stunt to protest against the ED's closure - but the exertion of the demonstration proves too much for her. Harry considers taking up the new position at St James', and Josh makes an error while treating a patient. DJ Scott Mills guest stars

Season 21 Episode 12
No Place Like A homeless woman walks out of hospital despite being told she will lose her foot if she leaves. Following a car crash, she gets trapped in an internet cafe with a man, leaving Maggie, Charlie and Josh with the agonising dilemma of amputating her leg at the scene or risking the lives of both patients. Pauline Quirke guest stars. Part of the BBC's No Home series of programmes

Season 21 Episode 13
The Edge of Fear Selena is set to fight Holby Emergency Department's closure on TV, despite Nathan's conflicting ideas. However, she is quarantined with a radiation burns victim, leaving Harry to take her place. Meanwhile, Josh and Dixie fall out over the treatment of a patient and Kelsey's financial problems continue

Season 21 Episode 14
In Good Faith Holby's MP falls downstairs during a scuffle with a constituent and is rushed to the ED, where his condition deteriorates. Nathan hires an undercover journalist to bring about the hospital's downfall, only for his plans to be foiled by Charlie. Josh's short temper continues to cause problems

Season 21 Episode 15
Killing Me Softly In the first of a two-part Christmas special from 2006, tensions run high as staff deal with an influx of emergencies on one of the busiest days of the year, and Ellen's nightmare continues as she undergoes an MRI scan to find out whether her cancer has returned. Laura brings in her daughter Rosie, complaining of stomach pains, but when the pair's story fails to add up it becomes apparent all is not what it seems. A dejected Josh comes under fire from Dixie as he puts his life at risk to save a woman trapped in a frozen pond. However, as events spiral out of control back at the hospital, he finds himself staring death in the face for a second time

Season 21 Episode 16
Silent Night In the conclusion of the 2006 Christmas special, the team battles in earnest to save Josh after he is found lying in a pool of blood in the back of an ambulance. Despite the efforts of the staff, the prognosis looks bleak and his life is left hanging in the balance. Ellen discovers Rosie is missing from the hospital, and as the gravity of the situation hits home she tries desperately to track the girl down before it's too late. The extent of Laura's deceit soon becomes apparent, prompting staff to contact her estranged husband Matthew, who comes into Holby to help them. However, Charlie loses his cool when it transpires he was aware of his wife's illness - and the frantic search for the youngster is stepped up

Season 21 Episode 17
The Sunny Side of the Street - Part One Part one of two. A troubled Kelsey is forced to borrow money from Guppy to make ends meet, before a patient advises her to consider another method of raising cash. Harry tends a baby with breathing difficulties and a dangerously low temperature. As the staff try to come to terms with the aftermath of Josh's actions, an accident involving a vanload of prisoners and a crowd of residents protesting against a brothel ensures a chaotic day

Season 21 Episode 18
The Sunny Side of the Street - Part Two Conclusion. Prostitutes and punters make a desperate bid to escape as fire rages at the brothel. While staff at the hospital are alerted to the incident, Guppy provides back-up at the scene, treating an injured man inside the burning building by following Maggie's instructions over the phone. Meanwhile, Charlie finds Harry crying in his office - disillusioned with life and devastated by Ellen's departure - and a suicidal Nessa climbs onto the hospital roof, unable to come to terms with her baby's condition

Season 21 Episode 19
Fish Out of Water Guppy gets stung while on a surfing trip, and the excursion goes from bad to worse when Greg is reminded of a painful memory-before a boating accident forces the staff into action. Harry vows to save the ED from closure by standing for MP and receives support from an unlikely source, while Nathan asks Selena an important question

Season 21 Episode 20
Stormy Weather Kelsey is left homeless after her landlord throws her out, prompting her to consider working as a prostitute in a bid to make ends meet. Greg and Cyd try to coax an agoraphobic out of an unstable caravan, and Nathan catches Harry comforting a distraught Alice on her return to work

Season 21 Episode 21
The Personal Touch A homeless Kelsey resorts to desperate measures and agrees to work in a brothel, but is shocked to discover who her client is. Abs becomes emotionally involved with a patient suffering from cancer, while Nathan convinces Alice to lodge a formal complaint against Harry

Season 21 Episode 22
Countdown Nathan is blackmailed by Kelsey and stuns the staff by revealing he has suspended Harry for sexual harassment. Selena finally responds to her partner's proposal. Meanwhile, Dixie replaces Josh as duty officer, much to the disappointment of Greg who coveted the job himself

Season 21 Episode 23
The Silence of Friends Harry is hounded by the press while fighting to clear his name and Alice begins to regret reporting him. Dixie and Cyd help a confused burns victim and look for a man who has fallen into a grave after being frightened by a gang of youths. Meanwhile, Kelsey considers revealing Nathan's secret to Selena

Season 21 Episode 24
No Return As the election approaches, Harry abandons his campaign to tend the victims of a car crash. Tess tries to persuade Alice not to leave the hospital and Selena confirms the rumours of her split with Nathan. Meanwhile, Dixie falls asleep at the wheel on the way to an accident and Cyd lectures her on the dangers of working back-to-back shifts

Season 21 Episode 25
The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift Harry prepares to say goodbye to the hospital and move on to his new career as an MP, but his final shift is marred by the death of a pensioner and a seemingly insincere farewell speech by Nathan. Meanwhile, Dixie bickers with new arrival Jeff, and Abs encourages Greg to pursue a relationship with Cyd

Season 21 Episode 26
The Killing Floor Selena is upset when Harry fails to contact her - little realising that Nathan has deleted a message from her phone. Kelsey takes an immediate dislike to abrasive new nurse Nadia, while Dixie is left feeling awkward when Greg openly kisses Cyd in front of other members of staff

Season 21 Episode 27
Combat Indicators - Part One Part one of two. New recruit Andrea Peterson - who has a connection to a member of the team - arrives at the hospital and immediately comes into conflict with Selena. Dixie becomes jealous that Cyd is spending so much time with Greg, and Nadia continues to get her way. Elizabeth Carling and Luanne Gordon star

Season 21 Episode 28
Combat Indicators - Part Two Part two of two. Cyd is furious when she catches Greg and Andrea sharing an intimate moment in an ambulance, while Selena vents her own anger at the pair's actions. An unexploded World War Two bomb causes problems for a farmer and a local television reporter, and Derek encourages Kelsey to publicly humiliate Nadia. Joanne King stars

Season 21 Episode 29
Sweet Charity Comic Relief special, co-written by Notting Hill and Love Actually creator Richard Curtis. Nathan is unimpressed by the staff's attempts to raise money for Red Nose Day, but a visit by former team member Megan Roach provides the grumpy director with a lesson in camaraderie. Sam hatches a plan when TV star Angus Deayton comes in to be treated, while Cyd rejects Greg's attempt to apologise. Brenda Fricker guest stars

Season 21 Episode 30
A World Elsewhere Part one of two. Greg's efforts to get back with Cyd leave her unimpressed, while Dixie tries to calm the situation down. Nadia gets tickets to a Kylie Minogue concert that Kelsey is desperate to go to, but she is intent on taking Abs. Jeff's encounter with a psychic leaves him looking foolish, and a grandmother has a nasty accident. Concludes tomorrow

Season 21 Episode 31
Stitch Part two of two. Nathan meets a mysterious stranger named Stitch when a croupier is attacked, and soon comes to respect his medical abilities. However, Selena and Guppy are less impressed by the newcomer when he pressures them into following his diagnosis of the patient. Ben Price, Peter O'Brien and Elizabeth Carling star

Season 21 Episode 32
Life's Too Short Maverick new consultant Stitch causes a stir during his first shift. He makes a snap decision which causes friction between him and Maggie, but finds Selena's softer side when he comes to her defence. Meanwhile, Sam spends time with the paramedics, and a fireman with a debilitating illness contemplates suicide. Peter O'Brien, Luke Bailey and Susan Cookson star

Season 21 Episode 33
Day One Tess vents her fury at Abs when Sam fails to make it home from a night out with his colleagues. Guppy is irritated when he finds Stitch has been up all night gambling on the internet, and Dixie tries to cause friction between Cyd and Greg. Peter O'Brien, Elyes Gabel and Suzanne Packer star

Season 21 Episode 34
Lost in the Rough Nadia tries to hide how upset she is by Stitch's reaction to their intimate encounter, before a tryst between the pair leads to tragedy. Maggie pesters Selena to take a pregnancy test, and a patient's mother is forced to face an upsetting truth about her son. Peter O'Brien and Daphne Alexander star

Season 21 Episode 35
Lush An anxious Selena learns the identity of her baby's father after Maggie persuades her to have a scan, while Charlie worries Stitch is a bad influence on Guppy. The team and the fire brigade are forced to act when the negligence of two drug addicts puts their child's life at risk. A woman rushes to confront her husband who is having an affair, but gets trapped and has to be rescued by Jeff and Dixie

Season 21 Episode 36
Aliens Paramedic Josh is on a plane to Holby when he is forced back into action by an emergency involving a suspected suicide bomber. Selena informs Nathan she is pregnant and the pair make a decision, while Sam notices Tess and Abs are behaving in an unusual manner. Medical drama, starring Ian Bleasdale

Season 21 Episode 37
Close Encounters Sam fails to show up for work, and Tess becomes distressed and angry that she is the last person to know he has gone missing. Selena treats a mother with a spinal injury and argues with Nathan over whether she should keep the baby. Medical drama, starring Suzanne Packer and Elizabeth Carling

Season 21 Episode 38
A Long Way from Home An accident victim matching Sam's description is found trapped at a crash site, prompting Greg to put his position at Holby on the line by mounting a daring rescue attempt against Dixie's orders. Selena and Maggie tend to an obnoxious lorry driver, while Tess treats a Salvation Army officer who is due to get married in a week's time but has been hiding a secret from his fiancee. Suzanne Packer and Kip Gamblin star

Season 21 Episode 39
The Apostate Dixie is upset when Cyd confronts her about recommending Greg for a transfer and considers resigning herself. Nathan's attempts to talk Selena out of having an abortion are thwarted by a leaking sluice pipe and his day takes a turn for the worse when he makes a shocking discovery about Stitch. Jane Hazlegrove and Ben Price star

Season 21 Episode 40
Communion Nathan is furious to learn Stitch fabricated his employment history and redoubles his efforts to get the consultant out of Holby, but his machinations backfire. A window cleaner's life hangs in the balance after an accident. The staff plans a party to celebrate Tess's 20 years in nursing, and Josh suffers flashbacks when he treats a stabbing victim

Season 21 Episode 41
Brass in Pocket Tess and Nadia reluctantly make their way to the party together, only to be confronted by the sight of a burning man in the road. Old demons resurface when Nadia tries to comfort the victim's traumatised son, while a prank on Nathan takes a dramatic turn as the celebration gets under way. Geoffrey Hughes guest stars

Season 21 Episode 42
Entropy A binman is crushed by his lorry after rescuing a baby discarded with the rubbish, and a teenager is admitted with a post-partum haemorrhage - much to her mother's disbelief. Selena's past catches up with her and begins to affect her work as she and Nathan find themselves the subject of gossip, while Stitch plays Cupid for Guppy. Former Emmerdale star Emma Atkins guests

Season 21 Episode 43
It Never Rains A depressed Guppy is forced to make a tough decision on an emergency rescue and grows increasingly despondent when he makes a mistake that puts a patient's life in danger. Stitch calls the disillusioned medic to his office and places temptation in his path by revealing he uses cocaine to cope with the stress of work. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to persuade a bouncer to seek help after learning he is self-harming. Jodi Albert, Roy Hudd and Scott Mills guest star

Season 21 Episode 44
Lie to Me Cyd is bitten by a venomous snake inadvertently transported from Peru, prompting Dixie to finally declare her true feelings as the team fight to save their colleague's life. Stitch is furious to discover Guppy stole his drugs and performed an operation while under the influence, and an escaped prisoner is confronted by his daughter

Season 21 Episode 45
The Fires Within Nadia catches Stitch gambling on the Internet and the maverick consultant's distraction from his duties puts a patient's life at risk. Dixie's confession of love for Cyd leads to a tense atmosphere between them, while Josh grows concerned Maggie wants more than friendship. Tess tells Abs she feels too old to enter the dance contest

Season 21 Episode 46
Walking the Line Guppy takes heroin by mistake after stealing what he thought was cocaine from a patient's pocket. Kelsey tries to chat up an attractive man needing treatment, but Nadia is the one who ends up with his phone number, and Josh threatens to report Dixie for turning up late to an incident. Elyes Gabel and Jane Hazlegrove star

Season 21 Episode 47
Seize the Day Guppy's dependence on drugs deepens after an attempted suicide brings back memories of his father's death, while Stitch's callous attitude toward the patient's husband infuriates Maggie. Harry visits the department and offers assistance to a grateful Selena, who is moved to make a confession

Season 21 Episode 48
To Love You So Guppy's addiction to cocaine causes him to make a potentially fatal error, but a guilt-racked Stitch takes the blame. Maggie urges Selena to tell Harry how she feels about him as he tours the hospital with a government minister, and a gun-toting patient puts lives in danger

Season 22 Episode 18
Take a Cup of Kindness In the first of a two-part special, Harry agrees to let his daughter Kizzy see in the New Year at a local nightclub when he learns Kelsey and Abs will be there too. However, a troubled teenager heads to the same place after causing a car crash. Nadia decides to sacrifice her own career rather than let Ruth take the blame for a misdiagnosis, and new doctor Zoe impresses the staff by arriving a day early

Season 22 Episode 19
For Auld Lang Syne Part two of two. Dean's actions at the nightclub put the party-goers' lives in danger, but Abs and Kelsey appear to be safe - until the mental-health nurse decides to negotiate with the troubled teen. Back at the hospital, Tess misses Charlie as she struggles to run the department in the aftermath of the Paradice incident, while Alice and a claustrophobic Adam get trapped in a broken lift with a pregnant woman. However, there is some light relief courtesy of a bagpiper who refuses to let a chronic wind problem get in the way of performing Auld Lang Syne at midnight

Season 27 Episode 1
Kansas New series. Zoe begins work as the ED's clinical lead - but her first day gets off to a hectic start as the team has to deal with casualties injured in a disaster at a music festival. Drama, starring Sunetra Sarker and Jane Hazlegrove

Season 27 Episode 2
Cuckoo's Nest When a baby's condition suddenly deteriorates it is left to Tom to revive her, while Dylan starts to accuse the mother of inadvertently passing drugs through her breast milk. Meanwhile, Tamzin and Jeff attend to a lap dancer who has collapsed at work, and Sam attempts to unravel the mystery of a patient with amnesia

Season 27 Episode 3
Rock Paper Scissors Sam and Tom are pushed to their limits when a female cage fighter insists on competing - despite their advice - while devastating news puts a wedding in jeopardy. Medical drama, starring Charlotte Salt and Oliver Coleman

Season 27 Episode 4
An Amateur Sport Dylan and Tess advise an agitated expectant mother whose husband is pressuring her to have a caesarean section, while Fletch tries to unravel the relationship between a teenage girl and her swimming coach. Jeff and Tamzin attend to a taxi driver who crashed into a field after falling asleep at the wheel, only to find he has a pregnant passenger in the car with him. But they get even more than they bargained for when they come face to face with an angry bull

Season 27 Episode 5
I'll See You in My Dreams The team is put to the test when a freak storm hits Holby, while Big Mac feels isolated from his colleagues after an argument with Louise. But when an old friend is brought in and refuses to undergo vital surgery, the porter is the only one who can talk the man round - only to end up fighting for life himself. Jeff and Tamzin bring in a family whose father has a fractured skull. What happened behind closed doors - was it an accident, a case of self-defence or something more complicated? Tom Georgeson (Bleak House) and Jody Latham (Shameless) guest star

Season 27 Episode 6
Evolve or Be Extinct Ryan Bradshaw heads out to meet his girlfriend's daughter for the first time, and gets the shock of his life as an old acquaintance, Connor, turns up at the same restaurant. Connor makes a run for it, quickly ending up in the ED, but what spooked him and how is he linked to Ryan? Meanwhile, hung-over medical student Annie arrives at Holby having broken her arm following a night out, and Lloyd also spends the day feeling a little worse for wear after letting his hair down with Fletch

Season 27 Episode 7
Tough Love Linda is devastated when her sister announces she is leaving Holby with the children, and throws herself into work, treating a father and son injured in a warehouse accident. Can she take her mind off her own problems long enough to convince the man to let his son move on with his life? Meanwhile, a businessman with heart problems demands the staff find his phone, alerting them to a thief in the ED - and before long, the finger of suspicion is pointing at Denise

Season 27 Episode 8
The Kindness of Strangers Zoe is struggling with the administrative side of her new job as clinical lead, so when a teenage girl is rushed in following a car accident, she spots an opportunity to do what she does best - treat patients. The youngster is covered in scars clearly caused by previous injuries, but in the medic's eagerness to help, she misses a vital clue. Big Mac is back at work after his heart attack, irritated that the department has functioned perfectly well without him. But when he tries to help a patient, his good intentions are questioned by Dylan

Season 27 Episode 9
Harvest Festival Zoe struggles to deal with the fallout of a suspected E-coli outbreak and Dylan is touched by an elderly patient who has lost his beloved wife. Medical drama, starring Sunetra Sarker and William Beck

Season 27 Episode 10
Seeing in the Dark The decision to go public with the E-coli outbreak leads to an influx of panicking patients worried they have been infected, and before long the ED is struggling to cope. Zoe has no regrets about speaking to the press, however, and becomes determined to find the source. A young man's inexperience on his motorbike has devastating consequences for his girlfriend, while Tom and Sam get closer at the staff Halloween party. Medical drama, starring Sunetra Sarker, Oliver Coleman and Charlotte Salt

Season 27 Episode 11
When Love Breaks Down Teenager Angel is desperate to pay her bullies off and goes to her uncle Spike for help. But when he refuses, she takes drastic measures that force him to visit the hospital more than once. Dylan is asked out by former patient Amanda, who has arrived with her sick friend, while a woman's pregnancy isn't all it seems. West End actress Connie Fisher and Steven Arnold (Coronation Street's Ashley Peacock) guest star

Season 27 Episode 12
Out of the Blue A professional footballer is furious at losing a game so he throws his girlfriend out of his car and then drunkenly drives the wrong way up a motorway - only to crash into an oncoming vehicle. Tamzin is called to the accident, but is so shocked by his abusive manner she refuses to treat him, a decision that could have devastating consequences for her career and friendship with Jeff. Tom and Sam look after a patient with a rare genetic disorder, and as they argue over the best course of treatment, Dylan reveals he saw the doctors kissing at Halloween

Season 27 Episode 13
Sixteen Candles A teenage girl's birthday celebrations are brought to an abrupt end when her mother stumbles upon an intruder, and the ensuing scuffle leaves her badly burnt and him unconscious. When the family arrive at the hospital, they discover a secret about the mystery man that threatens to tear them all apart. Elsewhere, an heir hunter tracks down a woman who has become the recipient of her hated aunt's large fortune - but the news causes her to collapse, requiring her to be rushed to the ED

Season 27 Episode 14
My Aim Is True Zoe and Fletch treat a mother with Down's syndrome and her baby following an accident at home - but when the child has trouble breathing, the woman is accused of poor parenting. Locum consultant Dominic proves to be a real asset to the team, although Tom, who has worked with him before, is unnerved by his arrival. However, he keeps quiet about his concerns when the newcomer is warmly received by his colleagues. Dylan's suspicions about Amanda deepen, so he lets his hair down at the ED Christmas party - where the truth about her is finally revealed

Season 27 Episode 15
The Blame Game Tamzin discovers the abusive ex-footballer whose neck she failed to immobilise is bringing a legal case against the Ambulance Trust, threatening her career. Will she tell the truth about her conduct on the day or will Jeff cover for her? A teenager is brought in after an accident at a shopping centre only for old enemies Dominic and Tom to argue over the best course of treatment - a disagreement that ends with one of them lashing out. Medical drama, starring Gemma Atkinson, Matt Bardock, Oliver Coleman and Gary Cady

Season 27 Episode 16
I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus Tensions rise once again between warring medics Tom and Dominic as they argue over the treatment of a baby with severe hypothermia, while Dylan finally admits he has not moved on from Sam. Medical drama, starring Oliver Coleman, Gary Cady and William Beck

Season 27 Episode 17
Rabbits in Headlights Student nurses Ally, Aoife, Jamie and Robyn arrive for their first day at the ED, but no sooner have they walked through the door than news comes in that 30 children and their teachers have been involved in a coach crash on the Holby ring road. There is just enough time to partner them with their mentors - Charlie, Linda, Fletch and Lloyd - before they are thrown in at the deep end, helping to treat the constant influx of accident victims. Can they remember their training and keep a level head?

Season 27 Episode 18
Smoke and Mirrors Nick Jordan rushes Yvonne into the ED, but Zoe is concerned he is refusing to accept the severity of his girlfriend's condition. Tom and Sam are forced to work together to unravel the tangle of secrets between three students, and Robyn discovers Aoife's boyfriend is not as perfect as he seems. Medical drama, starring Michael French and Sunetra Sarker

Season 27 Episode 19
No Other Medicine Jordan is determined to keep Yvonne on life support, and even as her condition deteriorates he clings on to hope. But when he meets a woman in the ED and sees her father's desperation as she refuses treatment, he is struck by the similarities to his own situation. Will he realise his battle to save his girlfriend is futile? Jeff and Dixie bring in a young man who has been set upon by bullies - and while Sam and Fletch worry about his symptoms, the patient steals supplies and then disappears. Medical drama, starring Michael French, Charlotte Salt and Alex Walkinshaw

Season 27 Episode 20
Broken Heart Syndrome Jordan is overcome with grief as the day of Yvonne's funeral dawns, so the last thing he needs is a message from the young offender institution asking him to visit Nylon, the teenager awaiting trial for her attack. But can he ignore the chance to come face to face with the person he blames for her death? Meanwhile, Yvonne's real assailant Mehmet and his wife Yasmin begin to crack under the pressure of their guilty secret, while the ED team must work out the identity of a mystery man and locate his missing son. Michael French and Reece Douglas star

Season 27 Episode 21
Life Goes On Jordan is presented with the CCTV footage and discovers the truth about his girlfriend's death, but when he tracks Mehmet to his home, the killer collapses and Jordan must save his life. Elsewhere, Jamie comes out to Jeff after realising he's nothing like his father. Michael French stars

Season 27 Episode 22
If Not for You A familiar face arrives at Holby City as Charlie's former nursing deputy Ash, now qualified as a doctor, rejoins the team as a locum - and finds himself forced to hit the ground running after being tasked to treat a patient with suspected rabies. Meanwhile, Aoife is forced to take control of her private life when ex-boyfriend Craig turns up. Patrick Robinson and Derek Thompson star

Season 27 Episode 23
Ostrich Syndrome The medics are overwhelmed by the continuing flu outbreak, and with Zoe off sick, Ash and the team are pushed to the brink as they struggle to deal with the crisis. A man's attempt to track down his estranged wife leads to a car crash, but once in the ED he reveals how she might be able to save their son, the boy she abandoned as a baby 10 years ago and who is now fighting leukaemia. Fletch tries to convince Tess he didn't encourage the attention of trainee nurse Aoife. Patrick Robinson, Alex Walkinshaw and Suzanne Packer star

Season 27 Episode 24
Though Lovers Be Lost Zoe returns from sick leave and ends up in a confrontation with Ash over his decision to keep the overstretched ED open during the flu crisis. Will she see him as too reckless to offer a permanent position? Meanwhile, Jeff must persuade a man to act in his son's best interests, and Fletch is determined to help an elderly gentleman in love. Sunetra Sarker, Patrick Robinson and Alex Walkinshaw star

Season 27 Episode 25
Brave New World Big Mac thinks he may have finally found the woman of his dreams, and when she mistakes him for a doctor he fails to set her straight. Meanwhile, Ash clashes with Zoe by carrying out a risky procedure without her knowledge. Hospital drama, starring Charles Dale, Patrick Robinson and Sunetra Sarker

Season 27 Episode 26
Cross Roads A man sustains a serious brain injury in a road accident, but his son refuses to accept the severity of his condition and berates his dad's girlfriend for giving up on him. Linda helps a pregnant woman cope with her no-good boyfriend, while the student nurses are halfway through their placements, but are told there will only be two posts they can apply for at the end. Hospital drama, starring Patrick Robinson, Sunetra Sarker and Christine Tremarco

Season 27 Episode 27
With and Without You Jeff gets caught up in a marital dispute, Robyn breaches patient confidentiality and Linda tries to give a woman with a learning-disabled son some respite. Hospital drama, starring Matt Bardock, Amanda Henderson and Christine Tremarco

Season 27 Episode 28
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down A day at the fair turns out to be anything but fun when Robyn skives off work to enjoy the rides with old school friend Fran, who seems to spend most of her time putting the student nurse down. But after an accident on the ghost train involving a spaced-out drug addict in an Easter bunny suit, she has more to worry about than playing truant from work. Can she save her friend's life? Meanwhile, one of the ride owners collapses and is rushed into the ED, where Ash diagnoses a tumour, while Tom finds himself in hot water with both Sam and Zoe. One-time EastEnder Anita Dobson (Angie Watts) guest stars

Season 27 Episode 29
Punch Drunk Love A young man is found in the street, having suffered a fall and been attacked - but he soon makes it clear he doesn't want any medical help. Jamie treats a junior boxer who reminds him of his difficult past, and a woman brings in her husband after what she believes is an MS-related fall down the stairs. Meanwhile, Tom becomes jealous when another doctor asks Sam out, while Big Mac and Noel's new living arrangements cause a few domestic disagreements. Medical drama, starring Oliver Coleman, Charlotte Salt and Daniel Anthony

Season 27 Episode 30
Hidden Two schoolgirls are brought in after being injured during a science exam, but when tensions rise between the pair, Zoe has to act as peacemaker to reconcile them. Tom helps a young boy suffering from stomach pains, and while he is reluctant to be treated, his mother only makes things worse. Medical drama, starring Sunetra Sarker, Patrick Robinson and Oliver Coleman

Season 27 Episode 31
Unsilenced Zoe goes out of her way to help and protect a young girl who she believes is at risk, while Fletch deals with a man who has collapsed with chest pains as a result of his unhealthy lifestyle. Jeff is struggling to find concert tickets as a birthday surprise for Dixie, so Mike tells him he can get hold of some slightly dodgy ones - but not everyone approves. Sunetra Sarker, Alex Walkinshaw and Matt Bardock star as the emergency medics

Season 27 Episode 32
Family Matters Jeff is distressed when his father and sister are involved in a car accident. Jamie finally stands up to his overbearing father, while Linda helps a woman with post-natal depression. Matt Bardock, Daniel Anthony and Christine Tremarco star as the emergency medics

Season 27 Episode 33
Human Resources A robbery at an off-licence ends in violence when shop owner Danny is stabbed - and when one of the gang arrives at the hospital nursing an injured hand, it soon turns out the two know more about each other than they're letting on. A confused old man brings his dog in for treatment, so the medics humour him while they try to work out what - if anything - is wrong with the gentleman, while student nurses Robyn, Aoife and Jamie are interviewed for the two permanent staff positions in the ED. Richard Blackwood guest stars in the medical drama

Season 27 Episode 34
The Morning After Ash faces the moment any medic fears when his daughter Ella is admitted to the ED after she and her friend are hit by a car on a night out. As if that weren't bad enough, the vehicle that ran into them was a police car and the driver was drunk, prompting his colleague to say he was in the driving seat. Meanwhile, Tom's judgement is called into question when he discharges a baby, only for the infant to become critically ill, and Jamie and Robyn have their first day as fully qualified nurses. Patrick Robinson and Oliver Coleman star as the emergency doctors

Season 27 Episode 35
Isolated Incident A teenage girl is brought in after ingesting an unknown toxic substance, and as the medics question her relatives to find some answers, it becomes clear the family has many unresolved issues. However, Tom isn't coping well after the complaint made against him and when the patient becomes severely oxygen-deprived, he suffers a panic attack. Linda takes sides when she suspects a patient of being harassed by a gang of youths, despite being mocked by Ash for getting emotionally involved, while Fletch and Tess try to sort out their relationship. Oliver Coleman and Christine Tremarco star

Season 27 Episode 36
The Milk of Human Kindness Tom takes the lead when a baby is rushed in with breathing difficulties, and having previously failed to diagnose a youngster's meningitis, he is determined to be thorough in his examination. But as he undertakes tests without clearance from Zoe, Sam begins to worry about her colleague's state of mind. Tess tries to get to the bottom of a reckless patient's desire to live for the moment, and Louise is determined to get Ash all to herself

Season 27 Episode 37
Love Is the Drug While out for a jog, Tess is forced to intervene in the stabbing of a teenager, and when the victim arrives at the hospital, she continues to console him. However, when an agitated mother turns up with her wounded son, Tess identifies him as one of the attackers. Meanwhile, Charlie comes to the aid of a couple whose relationship is feeling the strain of the wife's long-term illness

Season 27 Episode 38
You Always Hurt the One You Love Lloyd is determined to uncover the truth about a cannabis factory on his final day as a nurse after a seven-year-old boy is brought to the ED with suspected poisoning. Meanwhile, Tess and Fletch try to counsel a feisty young couple, and a patient's beloved pet mouse is accidentally set free in the hospital. Michael Obiora, Suzanne Packer and Alex Walkinshaw star as the emergency medics

Season 27 Episode 39
Garage Flowers Tom faces a dilemma about truth and confidentiality regarding the paternity of an unborn baby, and Sam tries to help a man deal with his anger issues - and give him a chance to save his marriage in the process. Robyn becomes concerned about an elderly woman with dementia and her husband, especially when it becomes clear their carer is struggling to look after them. Guest starring Steven Hartley and Chris Simmons (formerly of The Bill), Kellie Bright (Rock and Chips) and Lu Corfield (Doctors)

Season 27 Episode 40
What Goes Up Fletch joins Dixie and Jeff as they are called to a diabetic woman in the city's highest tower block. However, matters are complicated when the nurse has a run-in with a group of unruly teenagers threatening a man in one of the lower flats - and he ends up having to perform an emergency operation. Meanwhile, Ella and her friend are caught stealing from a corner shop, so she sprays an aerosol in the owner's eyes - and when they all end up in the ED, the girl manages to convince her dad she wasn't to blame, convincing Zoe that Ash is far too soft on his daughter

Season 27 Episode 41
Letting Go A young boy is clipped by a car and rushed to the ED, while a woman is brought in after falling down the stairs of a busy shopping centre. Eventually, the medics realise the patients are mother and son - but why did she leave him wandering the streets by himself? Ella is up to her old tricks again, masterminding an off-licence robbery that ends up with four youngsters in casualty - but Ash still refuses to accept his daughter is as troubled as everyone else believes

Season 27 Episode 42
A History of Violence A man gives chase to a hoodie who has snatched his mobile and laptop bag, and in the ensuing scuffle he picks up a broken bottle and stabs the robber - only realising too late she is a young woman. But their story only becomes more complicated when both of them end up in the ED. Meanwhile, a mother brings in her eight-year-old son with a broken arm, having fallen off a climbing frame - but Tom becomes suspicious when he sees bruises consistent with grabbing on the boy's shoulder - and Louise is angry with Big Mac for taking pity on a homeless man. Oliver Coleman, Azuka Oforka and Charles Dale star

Season 27 Episode 43
Secrets and Lies Tom is summoned to prison on a personal matter, but when a fellow visitor delivers bad news to her brother, the man flares up and pulls out a knife - and within seconds, a hostage situation has broken out. At the hospital, Zoe treats a tearaway teenager who has crashed her mother's car while out joyriding. She has lost the feeling in her legs - but mum seems more concerned with the inconvenience of losing her vehicle. Oliver Coleman and Sunetra Sarker star

Season 27 Episode 44
Mistakes Happen The prison riot escalates, putting both Tom and Jeff in grave danger, while at the hospital Tess treats two young sisters who bear a great burden for such small shoulders. But the nurse also has her own personal problems to worry about - namely the fact she has fallen pregnant to a married colleague

Season 28 Episode 1
Bedside Manners A man and his sister-in-law out on a drive together stop in a rural location, only to be set upon by masked robbers, and in their attempt to escape they crash their car. The pair try to keep their rendezvous a secret, but when they and one of their attackers all arrive separately at the ED, it doesn't take long for keen trainee doctor Lily to uncover the link between the patients. Meanwhile, Dixie helps a feisty elderly woman who is in serious pain after being knocked over by a cyclist. Honor Blackman guest stars

Season 28 Episode 2
Once There Was a Way Home - Part One Part one of two. New ED nurse Rita Freeman is just about to leave for her first shift when the ceiling of her flat collapses. Heading upstairs she discovers her neighbour's hoarding has got out of control - and when she finds the woman trapped beneath a fallen wardrobe, she gets to meet some of her colleagues, paramedics Jeff and Dixie, sooner than she expected. Meanwhile, Jamie bonds with an asylum seeker too scared to tell the authorities he is gay, and Fletch realises how much he misses Tess as he steps up to cover her absence. Chloe Howman joins the cast

Season 28 Episode 3
Once There Was a Way Home - Part Two Part two of two. Zoe returns to find the ED in chaos, with a crane blocking the entrance, and when she reaches her office, Fletch is locked outside and Jamie is barricaded inside with asylum seeker Ramin. As the situation escalates, the student nurse must put his training to the test. Meanwhile, Sam's colleagues see a different side to her when she helps rescue a baby from a car crash, and Tess considers handing in her resignation

Season 28 Episode 4
What You Believe Two teenagers get themselves into a dangerous situation when they decide to jump into a stretch of water littered with debris, but Ash works quickly to save one of them, impressing trainee Lily in the process. Meanwhile, Fletch and Rita treat a young man claiming to be the reincarnation of an elderly woman's brother. With Ramon Tikaram (EastEnders, This Life)

Season 28 Episode 5
Waiting for a Star to Fall A bus crash results in several passengers being rushed to the ED, but when another wounded man stumbles into the hospital looking for treatment, Charlie realises he must have been involved in the accident and wonders why he was not treated at the scene and picked up by the paramedics. Ash pairs junior Lily with Rita, hoping to improve her cold bedside manner, and together they deal with the emotional case of a teenage cancer patient

Season 28 Episode 6
Scars Brothers Carl and Kelvin fall out when the latter becomes mixed up with drug dealers. Things turn nasty when one of the gang ends up with a screwdriver in his side, and Jeff clashes with trainee paramedic Iain as they treat the injured. Meanwhile, Jamie realises that a patient is faking it to get his mother's attention, and Sam agrees that Tom can move in

Season 28 Episode 7
Gloves Off A teenage couple end up in a tussle when he discovers she is hiding pills, and when they are almost hit by a car she faints, requiring the paramedics to take them to Holby. But what are her drugs for? The two elderly sisters who almost ran into the youngsters are also injured in the incident, but they seem more interested in the kitten they were taking to the vet - and when Fletch notices one of then struggling to remember her words, he questions whether the ladies should even be living together. Claire Bloom (The King's Speech) guest stars

Season 28 Episode 8
The Longest Day Iain helps a teenager who was caught up in a fatal car crash as he struggles to face up to the truth, while Fletch decides to shoulder the blame for Tess's mistake. Michael Stevenson, Alex Walkinshaw and Suzanne Packer star

Season 28 Episode 9
Love Hurts Tess has to confront her own problems when a pregnant woman is involved in a road accident, while Robyn and Jamie witness the effects of a batch of bad pills on the Holby nightlife. Suzanne Packer, Amanda Henderson and Daniel Anthony star as the emergency medics

Season 28 Episode 10
The Memory of Water A woman is shocked to find her elderly husband unconscious in his bath hoist and when the paramedics arrive, they are unable to rouse him. At the ED, his prognosis doesn't look good as he remains unresponsive - leading to an argument between his wife and daughter over how far the team should go to save his life. Meanwhile, Jamie inadvertently exposes a love triangle

Season 28 Episode 11
Crush Syndrome Rita spends a day with the paramedics, only to let her personal feelings cloud her judgement when they are called to a suspected drug overdose, while Big Mac is able to make a difference to a destitute man. Keith Barron guest stars

Season 28 Episode 12
Three's a Crowd Plumber Graham and his son Jake are struggling to sort out a leaky water tank when they discover a hidden stash of cash - but the next thing they know they've crashed through the rotten floorboards into the bathroom below. And when they turn up at the ED, they are closely followed by home-owner Paul - who wants his money back. Meanwhile, Sam treats a bride on her wedding day, unaware Tom is intending to propose to her. The only problem is, he's let slip to Robyn, and the gossip is spreading round the department. Can he get down on one knee before she hears it from someone else? With guest appearances from former EastEnders stars Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning) and Glynis Barber (Glenda Mitchell), plus Billy Hartman, who played Emmerdale's Terry Woods

Season 28 Episode 13
Badge of Honour Iain becomes deeply affected by a case involving an attack on two police officers, which stirs up memories of his life in the Army. Back in the ED, Charlie tries to help a young family keep hold of their little girl, Big Mac discovers whether he has got the Emergency Care Assistant job and Ash is determined to teach Lily a lesson in patient care - but she wildly oversteps the mark. Guest starring former Waterloo Road star and Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson

Season 28 Episode 14
Rock and a Hard Place As rugby coach Ricky encourages his son Simon to use dirty tactics against fellow player Clive, they come to blows during a scrum, leaving one injured on the ground and the other with a badly bruised hand. Once at the hospital, Simon's aggressive behaviour and bulky physique lead Lily to suspect he might be using anabolic steroids. PC Jack Drummond is brought in with a fractured leg after a confrontation at the funeral of his colleague, who died recently in the ED - but he is hotly pursued by the father of the deceased, desperate for the truth about what happened to his daughter

Season 28 Episode 15
Between the Cracks Teenager George runs away from his care home and bumps into streetwise youth Skelly, who takes him home. But when it turns out the house isn't his, they make a quick escape through the window, George hurting his ankle as he falls. In the ED, Fletch's suspicions are raised, especially when it turns out the boys gave fake names to the paramedics - but his attempts to help are compromised when he is forced to deal with his own domestic responsibilities. Meanwhile, Lily discharges a distressed woman without taking her mental state into consideration, so Jamie gives her a lesson in patient care

Season 28 Episode 16
No Place Like Home The mother of runaway George arrives at the ED, only to be told her son has been released into the care of Tommy, a man in his 30s posing as the brother of the patient's homeless friend Skelly. As Fletch does what he can to trace their whereabouts, the boys themselves soon realise they made a big mistake going off with a man who is anything but a friend. A 78-year-old woman breaks her leg in a futile attempt to prevent her home being bulldozed - although Sam is more interested in why her X-ray shows a bullet in her knee - and worried parents bring in their daughter, whose strange diet has led her to eat the remains of the family cat

Season 28 Episode 17
What a Wonderful Life Two brothers argue during a car journey, causing the vehicle to swerve off the road and hit a concrete block - and when the medics arrive on the scene, one of the pair refuses to accept medication. Meanwhile, a man collapses in agony just as he and his partner are about to compete in a local dance competition, and Big Mac struggles to overcome his nerves as he prepares for his first shift as an emergency care assistant

Season 28 Episode 18
Away in a Manger A young couple have a festive holiday they will never forget when they are forced to seek refuge at a farm for the birth of their baby. The question is, will they be turned away? A man receives an electric shock from a Christmas tree, disrupting Sam and Tom's wedding plans and causing Fletch to be arrested. Alex Walkinshaw, Oliver Coleman and Charlotte Salt star as the emergency medics

Season 28 Episode 19
For Auld Lang Syne Fletch witnesses an explosion at a bar and spots Peter Trenton, the man who accused him of assault, trapped inside the building. He quickly realises the structure is showing signs of collapse and finds the patient in a sorry state - and to make matters worse the man believes the nurse is only helping him so he will drop the charges. Meanwhile, Robyn helps a singer who seems to have lost his voice, and Charlie spends a frustrating evening trying to contact his son Louie

Season 28 Episode 20
Bad Timing A tussle at the market ends with a teacher being pushed through a glass-fronted stall - but as Lily and new doctor Ethan treat her, they realise she has other unexplained symptoms and set about diagnosing what's really wrong with her. Dixie is surprised when the woman she and Jeff is called out to is her on-off girlfriend Carol, who has broken her wrist falling down some steps. But in the ED she takes a turn for the worse, leaving Zoe and Tess fighting to save her life. George Rainsford, Crystal Yu, Sunetra Sarker, Jane Hazlegrove and Suzanne Packer star

Season 28 Episode 21
Brothers at Arms New locum doctor Cal arrives and his skills are soon required when a girl with kidney trouble is trapped in a crashed limo hanging precariously off a bridge. Meanwhile, Ethan uncovers the truth about an art student whose sight has been endangered by flying glass

Season 28 Episode 22
Keeping Schtum Dixie and Rita are enjoying a night out when they spot a woman running away from an alley in distress, and approach one of the men who was with her. But just as he turns aggressive, he trips and bangs his head - only to blame Dixie for his injuries. Meanwhile, Ethan and Cal are puzzled by a young patient who has lost his voice

Season 28 Episode 23
Blood Is Thicker than Water Rita helps a rape victim gain the courage to press charges, while Zoe treats an eccentric veteran dancer who must face up to telling the truth about the daughter she put up for adoption

Season 28 Episode 24
Once in a Lifetime A mountain-bike race between a man and his stepson ends in disaster when both riders lose control - and as the medics examine the boy, they discover old injuries that suggest he might be a victim of abuse. Dixie and Jeff try to extract a man who has got himself stuck in the mudflats by a river, and soon discover he has further problems. Jamie takes the plunge and decides to follow Ramin to Australia, but Robyn and Jeff try to persuade him to stay. Christopher Timothy guest stars

Season 28 Episode 25
Valentine's Day Mascara Warehouse worker Amy panics after finding an engagement ring in boyfriend Bobby's pocket and tries to avoid an awkward situation by creating a diversion at work - only to cause a fire instead. And when Bobby runs into the building in search of his girlfriend, Iain defies orders by rushing after him. Elsewhere, Lily steps into the breach as a magician's assistant when his usual partner is injured in a fall, Cal is furious to learn his late mother has given Ethan responsibility for his share of the inheritance and Zoe faces the prospect of losing a member of the team

Season 28 Episode 26
The Great Pretender Fletch argues with his estranged wife when she doesn't want him to have the children for the weekend, so eldest daughter Evie sneaks out of the house - but makes the mistake of finding refuge in an abandoned building with a weak ceiling. Robyn has to discover why a teenage girl is lying, while a woman is brought in after tripping over a paving stone and wonders if she has a good case against the council. Alex Walkinshaw and Amanda Henderson star

Season 28 Episode 27
The Last Chance Saloon Robyn confronts an intruder in her home, but when she gives chase she ends up impaling her foot on a garden rake. Will the trespasser stop to help or make good his escape? A heavily pregnant woman is rushed to hospital in severe pain, and Lily shows her softer side by taking on her treatment. However, Ash is disappointed to discover the defiant young doctor hasn't followed all his instructions and decides to teach her a lesson. Musical theatre star Lee Mead joins the cast as new nurse Lofty

Season 28 Episode 28
Survivor's Guilt Iain tries to assist a distressed ex-Army friend, whose paranoia over his wife is at breaking point, and new nurse Lofty's keen eye helps save a young man who must learn to stand up to his brother. Ethan is frustrated when Cal flirts with Jenny, the nurse who took care of their dying mother. Hospital drama, starring Michael Stevenson, Lee Mead and George Rainsford

Season 28 Episode 29
Gravity Big Mac tries to calm down angry former soldier Kenny, who is convinced his old Army mate Iain slept with his wife - but when the paramedic arrives to help, it only inflames the situation and the troubled patient ends up holding both physicians hostage. A woman heads over to a neighbour's house to complain about their noisy party, but gets more than she bargained for when she takes matters into her own hands, and Fletch's wife Natalie arrives in the ED in the early stages of labour

Season 28 Episode 30
The Lies We Tell A pair of environmental activists are brought in for treatment after causing the explosion of a lorry during an anti-fracking demonstration, and Ethan's conscience is tested when it turns out they are both hiding secrets from each other. Rita and Zoe help a desperate prisoner repair his relationship with his mother, while Lily and Ash go head to head at the latter's disciplinary hearing

Season 28 Episode 31
Valves to Vagrants There's a new face in the ED, although she is no stranger to the hospital, as former Holby City director of surgery Connie Beauchamp returns - and makes quite an impression on her first day as she saves a man from prison. Meanwhile, Ash finally decides enough is enough with wayward daughter Ella and takes her in hand. But will she respond to his tough approach? Amanda Mealing joins the cast, with guest appearances from former soap stars Kacey Ainsworth (EastEnders) and Tina O'Brien (Corrie)

Season 28 Episode 32
The Quiet Man Connie, Zoe and Lily pull together to treat a father and his daughter, which proves easier said than done as the girl suffers from ADHD, while Charlie helps an old biker come to terms with his wife's dementia. Hospital drama, starring Amanda Mealing, Sunetra Sarker and Derek Thompson

Season 28 Episode 33
Only the Lonely A prank by a group of girls leads to the discovery of a morbidly obese man suffering a severe asthma attack - but if he is to be treated properly, the medics need to extract him from his first-floor window. The paramedics witness a motorcyclist fleeing a crime with the victim in pursuit, so when his bike skids they are well placed to deal with his badly broken leg - and before long, Dixie finds herself bonding with the angry young criminal. Back in the ED, Robyn is flattered by Cal's support for her during an assessment, only to have her hopes dashed

Season 28 Episode 34
When Nothing Else Matters Fletch attempts to build bridges between a feuding father and son following a car crash in which another sibling suffered a serious head injury. Cal tries to impress Lily as they work together on a patient who appears to have used the internet to diagnose himself with a brain tumour, and Jeff agrees to cover for Ash's daughter, Ella, after she suffers an allergic reaction to ketamine at Robyn's house party

Season 28 Episode 35
Carrot Not Stick Dixie tells injured motorbike rider and new friend Leo that his mother is in a hospice and that if he doesn't visit her soon, it may be too late - so she risks her job to take him to see her. Zoe tries to find out the history of Ginny, a middle-aged woman who collapsed at her birthday party - and when the reason for her illness eventually comes out, everyone is stunned into silence. Fletch is desperate for cash, forcing him to ask for extra shifts, while Cal tries to flirt with Lily. With guest appearances by Jan Francis (Just Good Friends) and John Bowe (Corrie's Duggie Ferguson)

Season 28 Episode 36
Who Cares? An adult reading lesson ends in disaster when a woman grows jealous of her tutor's girlfriend and inadvertently causes her to end up in hospital suffering from an asthma attack. But that proves to be just the start of the trio's problems. An elderly woman and her two grandchildren make plans to have the best day ever, but things start to go downhill when the granny feels pains in her chest and one of the kids tumbles off a climbing frame. Dixie faces her disciplinary meeting, having moved a patient without permission, Connie raises concerns about Zoe's methods and Fletch's moonlighting as a taxi driver catches up with him

Season 28 Episode 37
Games for Boys A couple's wedding turns sour when the bride admits a secret to the groom just minutes before the ceremony, causing him to have one drink too many then climb behind the wheel - with his new wife and their 11-year-old son also in the car. Before long, the paramedics and Ash are at the scene of a traffic accident - but when the latter tries to administer ketamine, he finds it missing from his medical bag. At the doctor's home, his tearaway daughter Ella invites her friends over for a treat - which turns out to be the drug she has stolen from her father's case - unaware of the drama about to unfold

Season 28 Episode 38
The Family Way After a horrible accident at their family-run restaurant, two sisters are brought in to be treated - but as their father shows more interest in one than the other, their sibling rivalry threatens to tear them apart. Tess tries to help a pregnant teenager stand up to her controlling father, while a bodybuilder's choice of underwear raises eyebrows. Ash and Zoe realise Connie has been playing them off against one another, and paramedic Tamzin returns to Holby

Season 28 Episode 39
To Yourself Be True A barrister is angry to have been replaced on a case by a colleague, and as she dashes from court she collides with a cyclist. However, when Jeff and Tamzin arrive, it soon becomes clear the woman's problems are more mental than physical. A teenager is brought in after collapsing and as Connie tries to find the cause, she also has to deal with his overbearing father, who is struggling to come to terms with his son's sexuality

Season 28 Episode 40
The Dying Game Rita finds herself in a quandary when a fire in a care home for the elderly leaves her with access to a terminal patient whose ongoing treatment raises a number of concerns - ones that may not be popular if she opts to raise them with the regular medical staff. Lily treats a man with toothache, but persuading him to acknowledge the real cause of his pain proves to be a difficult task. Elsewhere, Connie questions Zoe's competence during a meeting with CEO Guy Self (guest star John Michie), and Lofty returns to the Emergency Department

Season 28 Episode 41
Unhinged A man with dementia is brought in after suffering a bump to the head, and after giving the staff the runaround he finally settles down thanks to Connie. But as his condition worsens, can she save him? Jeff and Tamzin are called out to a party where the boiler has exploded, putting intense pressure on an already busy department as an influx of revellers turn in the ED. Ethan and Rita suspect one of the partygoers of being bulimic, while a frustrated father is forced to leave without his ill son being seen

Season 28 Episode 42
Falling - Part One A man takes his daughter and her family on a surprise helicopter trip for her birthday, only for two lads shooting birds from the cliffside to accidentally cause the chopper to crash. Zoe, Big Mac and Jeff attend the scene, where one of the passengers is trapped in the wreckage. Zoe defends the department when journalists descend on the ED, eager for a story after the problems of last week - but her words don't impress Guy - and Lily is disappointed with Cal after hearing him showing off about their bedroom antics

Season 28 Episode 43
Falling - Part Two Metal thieves attempt to steal copper from a railway line, only for one of them to be injured and taken to the ED - leaving the other two to cause an accident that derails a train. Among the passengers is a boy being packed off to boarding school and Tess, who must fight to save the youngster's life. But when she becomes trapped herself, Fletch makes a massive sacrifice to save her. Back at the hospital, Connie spends her first day as clinical lead, Ethan and Lily make up, and Cal is still in the doghouse

Season 28 Episode 44
In the Name of Love A highly competitive man ignores Ethan's advice to take it easy after a car accident, putting himself and his son in danger when they take part in a cross-country race - although it does bring Jeff a new love interest in the shape of race organiser Samantha (former Corrie star Michelle Collins), who is also injured along the way. A pregnant woman and a builder are trapped by a collapse on a construction site, while back at the hospital, Connie begins to assert her authority over the department

Season 28 Episode 45
First Impressions A drugs counsellor enlists the help of a former addict to carry out a carjacking in his desperate bid for money - but when he ends up coughing up blood, it turns out there is something he has been keeping from his wife. Cal is negligent when dealing with the carjacking victim - something that doesn't go unnoticed by Connie - and a leukaemia survivor is suspected of hurting her baby, while Tess returns to the department with a new-found sense of direction in her life. There's tension between Tamzin and Jeff when he goes on a date with Samantha

Season 28 Episode 46
The Love You Take Rita is thrown when her husband Mark turns up at the ED after being badly beaten in prison. He refuses to have any treatment unless she agrees to talk to him about their divorce. Connie, unaware of Rita's connection with Mark, resorts to disrupting the nurse's job interview in order to get him to surgery. How long will Rita be able to keep her secret? Lofty and Cal use some creative thinking to reunite a couple struggling to cope with their autistic son, Cal also continues his game of chess with brother Ethan

Season 28 Episode 47
The Sicilian Defence Cal and Ethan jointly solve a medical mystery after a man suffering from numerous undiagnosed conditions is brought in suffering an epileptic fit. When a patient is revealed as the revenge target of a taxi driver, Rita digs deeper and helps him to admit to his wife the full facts of the tragic road accident in which he was the driver. Following the discovery that Rita's husband is alive, the staff in the ED continue to struggle to accept the truth about the colleague they had been led to believe was a grieving widow. As Connie discusses her feelings on the senior staff nurse position with Tess, has Rita now ruined her chance of promotion?

Season 28 Episode 48
A Life Less Lived Zoe is feeling the pressure of reaching her 40th birthday and finds unexpected support in the form of an ex- patient. Cal steals Ethan's proposal idea, but Lily is determined to reveal the truth to Connie. Meanwhile, the competitive duo treat a man who has struck by a falling crate, and when a routine CT scan picks up a pre-existing condition and his son suffers an allergic reaction, alarm bells are sounded. Meanwhile, a building site accident brings a warring father and son closer together as an illness is revealed, Mac convinces Jeff he's being followed by Tamzin's boyfriend Dave, and Rita's behaviour starts to worry both staff and patients when her drinking becomes impossible to conceal

Season 29 Episode 1
Learning to Fly Jeff discovers that Samantha has been keeping a big secret from him when he comes face to face with her husband. Although the paramedic protests his innocence, the two men soon come to blows, with Samantha caught in the middle - but then someone grabs a kitchen knife. Meanwhile, Max helps a young couple stand up to their families, who don't want them to be together, and Charlie returns to work, although it's clear he's not firing on all cylinders

Season 29 Episode 2
Fallen Stars Rita loses her temper with a patient when she turns out to be dishonest, Cal helps a schoolgirl come to terms with her HIV and Max convinces a rock legend to come clean. Hospital drama, starring Chloe Howman, Richard Winsor and Jamie Davis as the emergency medical staff

Season 29 Episode 3
Home Connie's old boss Andrea returns to the ED as the specialist doctor to a young heart patient, and her insistence that the boy should be operated on, despite his obvious weakness, makes Connie suspicious of her motives. A young man sneaks into the department, deeply distressed by a huge abscess in his mouth, and Lofty becomes concerned for his mental health. Dixie's nose is put out of joint by Tamzin and Jeff's relationship, claiming she doesn't trust Tamzin - but is it just jealousy? Ash visits Rita at home and ends up covering for her at work, while Charlie gets a day off - which he spends hanging around the ED. Amanda Mealing and Rebecca Egan star

Season 29 Episode 4
Go Out and Get Busy A wedding ends in disaster when the floor collapses, and as Robyn and Ethan assist the paramedics, it seems the only way of freeing the trapped bride is to amputate her leg. Back at the hospital, Max struggles to win over a teenage girl who has been brought in with severe abdominal pains, while Lofty grows suspicious when a woman treated for minor injuries later returns with bad facial wounds. Is she a victim of domestic abuse?

Season 29 Episode 5
Born Lucky Connie celebrates the department hitting its targets by taking a few select members of her team out for the day. However, the medics soon lose their way, and as they focus on maps and sat-navs, minibus driver Ethan takes his eye off the road for one second too long - leading to a horrifying collision. Connie manages to get to her phone, but will the ambulance be in time to save her and the others? Back at Holby, as Jeff's relationship with Tamzin takes another step, he finally makes it clear to Dixie where she stands, while Cal faces embarrassment when two old flames turn up at the hospital

Season 29 Episode 6
The Last Call A couple of old faces return to Holby as the team gathers for the funeral, on an emotional day that proves draining for most. Ash can't help but feel guilty about his colleague's death, Dixie throws herself into work and Cal worries when Ethan disappears from his hospital bed to attend the funeral. Meanwhile, Lofty treats an OCD sufferer and a new member of staff makes an impression on Noel. Chelsee Healey joins the cast

Season 29 Episode 7
The Index Case A man dies from a mysterious injury, leaving Connie wondering whether she missed something. Cal and Ethan discover a rare virus that connects two patients. Hospital drama, starring Amanda Mealing, George Rainsford and Richard Winsor as the emergency medics

Season 29 Episode 8
Return to Sender Connie has a complaint made against her, while Dixie continues to rage about Jeff - causing ripples through the department and a confrontation with Ash, who still feels guilty about his colleague's death. Lofty treats a boy who is sick of being stopped and searched, and Zoe makes a welcome return - and brings an extra surprise with her

Season 29 Episode 9
Entrenched It's football derby day in Holby and the fans are getting in the mood with a few pints in the pub - and before long a fight breaks out, requiring the paramedics to be called out. The ED staff are kept on their toes, however, when the violence spills over into the hospital corridors. Meanwhile, a young woman injured at the pub is hiding something from her fiance, Ash struggles to cope under pressure and Dixie continues to grieve for Jeff. Rita's promotion is announced to the team, and Mac makes a decision about his career. Guest starring Antony Costa (Blue) and former Bill regular Simon Rouse

Season 29 Episode 10
Asylum An asylum seeker is admitted after a fall but when she refuses life-saving surgery because of her religious beliefs, Ash becomes increasingly frustrated in his attempts to convince the patient to change her mind. Big Mac experiences his first day as a health care assistant, and tries to help a Burmese man reunite with the daughter he hasn't seen since she was a young girl, and Ethan has trouble diagnosing a teenager who is convinced she has cancer like her mum - so Dylan steps in to help

Season 29 Episode 11
Losing Grip Ash is angered by a patient's lifestyle choice, Big Mac treats an old lady who seems confused after foiling a robbery on a shop and Ethan has a breakthrough. Connie is forced to bring her daughter into work

Season 29 Episode 12
Feeling Good Ash disagrees with Dylan on how to treat a 19-year-old student's suspected overdose. Zoe gets annoyed with Cal when he flirts with her patient and the paramedics receive a mysterious hamper addressed to Jeff. Medical drama, starring Patrick Robinson, William Beck, Sunetra Sarker and Richard Winsor

Season 29 Episode 13
Solomon's Song Rescue teams are called to the cathedral when a ceiling collapse leaves several of the congregation trapped, Lofty helps a patient who thinks he is Jesus and Ash finally comes to terms with his feelings. Zoe catches Max spying on her and Dylan at the houseboat and is forced to confront him about their relationship, while Grace is waiting in the hospital all day and ends up clashing with Connie, leaving Zoe with a difficult decision to make. Honey reveals her big secret - what will the team make of her revelation? Drama with the Holby City emergency staff, starring Lee Mead and Patrick Robinson

Season 29 Episode 14
Next Year's Words It's New Year's Eve in the ED, and as the team looks forward to 2015, Lofty is making a video of their resolutions - although not all of them are quite so keen on the idea, while Tess is worried by a potential staffing crisis on the busiest night of the year. Connie has an appointment with social services, the outcome of which allows her to cloud her professional judgement, and Zoe is saddened when a familiar face is brought in - alcoholic Molly, who seems to have given up on life

Season 29 Episode 15
Clinging On Connie is torn between spending time with Grace and dealing with a demanding patient who has been brought in after falling at home, and is suspected by her daughter of manipulating circumstances to her advantage. However, the staff are determined to establish whether or not she has a legitimate condition. Zoe realises life is too short after treating an elderly man who injured himself by falling through a shed roof while attempting to evade a girlfriend. However, on approaching Max to tell him how she feels, she finds the porter in a clinch with a nurse. Amanda Mealing and Sunetra Sarker star

Season 29 Episode 16
Muddling Through Robyn worries about a couple who are unable to feed their children when the wife is brought in as a patient and his family rush in to see her, clearly in need of something to eat. But when the husband unexpectedly collapses, it becomes clear that he's the one in real need of medical attention. Ethan treats a hallucinating patient, and Connie instructs her lawyers as she prepares to take Hailey Blake to court

Season 29 Episode 17
The Last Goodbye Rita's first day as clinical nurse manager gets off to a bad start when her one-time husband Mark turns up to see her, having been released from prison - and when young Grace is reported missing, Connie accuses the ex-con of abducting her daughter. Honey hurts her ankle while re-auditioning at the pole-dancing club, and to keep things discreet she calls on Ethan to help, while Lofty deals with a patient who thinks her child is being abused

Season 29 Episode 18
What a Difference a Day Makes A single father and his two teenage children are brought in after a car crash, but the dad only seems concerned about his daughter, leaving his son feeling neglected. Big Mac's money worries lead him to a pawn shop - where he encounters a window cleaner who appears to have been stabbed - and a man is admitted with abdominal pain, although the doctors become suspicious when they can find nothing wrong with the patient. A determined Connie throws herself into work after losing Grace, Tess returns to the department and Honey is surprised when Ethan gives her the cold shoulder - especially after they had been getting so close

Season 29 Episode 19
Front Line It's inspection day so Connie gives the staff a pep talk - unaware of the problems in store. Two soldiers are injured in an explosion during a training exercise, but Rita can't understand why one of them is lying about the accident. A computer hacker tries to spread a little happiness, although it comes at a price that lands him in the ED - and as the doctors treat the patient's illness, Robyn inadvertently causes a near-disaster by spreading his virus to Holby's computer system. Honey catches Big Mac taking stock from the food bank, and Zoe and Max rekindle their passion

Season 29 Episode 20
Sweetie It's Valentine's Day, but love is in short supply when the staff treat serial child killer Olive Russell, whose prison van has just been in an accident deliberately caused by Susie Reardon, the mother of one of her victims. With both women in hospital, the staff have to call on all their professionalism to remain neutral - but it isn't easy. Meanwhile, Connie suggests Dylan should apply for the consultant's vacancy - and asks for Cal's resignation. Robyn gives Lofty an anonymous card and Ethan and Honey share a goodbye kiss before she leaves to look after her injured grandmother

Season 29 Episode 21
Sweet Little Lies A social worker returns to work after beating cancer, only to suffer stomach cramps. Despite the woman's reluctance, her boss insists on taking her to the ED, where Dylan and Lofty get a surprise when they dig out the patient's notes. Connie tries to convince a teenage girl with Tourette's syndrome that she needs help, while an elderly patient comes in complaining of fatigue and breathlessness. But when she introduces her `psychic dog', which can apparently sense illness, Lily has no patience for the woman and asks her to leave

Season 29 Episode 22
Something to Live For Dixie convinces former drug addict Dave not to give up on himself, or his relationship with his father and son. Connie finds a friend in Alfred, a patient suffering from motor neurone disease who used to be a surgeon, and discovers he is finding life unbearable. Zoe and Max continue their secret fling, but the porter decides he wants everything out in the open. Will a declaration of love do the trick?

Season 29 Episode 23
Excess Baggage Lily tries to persuade a woman to be honest with her husband by admitting she doesn't want to continue with IVF treatment - although when the doctor's own exhaustion begins to catch up with her, it seems she is not being entirely truthful to herself. Rita helps a man change his stubborn attitude after he refuses to tell people he has a neurological disease, while Dixie is forced to give Iain a verbal warning

Season 29 Episode 24
Toxic Relationships Lily is involved in an accident on her way home from work when her moped collides with a schoolgirl - and when she admits she was tired, the youngster's father is furious. Has the young doctor jeopardised her career? The medics grow suspicious of a couple when urine tests on a mother and her baby bring up traces of amphetamines. Connie and Rita argue as the team continues to be overworked, while Cal steals money from Ethan for Taylor's charity

Season 29 Episode 25
Something Borrowed, Something Blue Connie continues to help her friend Alfred, who has motor neurone disease, and gives him special treatment. But as his condition deteriorates, she is placed in a quandary when he asks her to help him die. A former heroin addict lies about his past to protect his future wife, little realising the danger he is putting himself in, while a young woman is brought in after deliberately crashing her car to claim on the insurance. Ethan discovers that Cal stole his money, Taylor disappears and Iain applies for a new job. With a guest appearance from veteran singer and actress Anita Harris

Season 29 Episode 26
Under Pressure A pregnant young woman gives birth in the back of Dixie's ambulance - but when her pushy teacher arrives at the hospital claiming to be adopting the baby, Connie suspects the confused new mum was coerced into the agreement. A schoolboy takes revenge on the bully who is making his life a misery, although it backfires when both his tormentor and his teacher are badly injured. Cal is hurting following Taylor's disappearance and apologises to Ethan for stealing his money

Season 29 Episode 27
The King's Crossing A construction worker outside the hospital loses control of his digger, taking out the power in the ED and half-burying a young woman - who just happens to be his own daughter who had come to see him. Alfred is rushed in with pneumonia and when Connie insists the team don't intervene, Rita becomes suspicious. Cal receives a phone call from a distressed Taylor and finds her in a public toilet with a knife in her leg, having got mixed up with the wrong people. It's a bad wound and she is refusing to go to hospital, so he realises he needs Ethan's help. But things don't quite work out as expected

Season 29 Episode 28
The Rita Supremacy As a new shift starts at Holby, Connie wakes up in a police cell, desperate to prove her innocence in the Alfred case - but she reckons without Rita's interference. Two teenage lovers are brought in after a house fire suspected of being arson, although things soon get confusing when the girl's mum appears and no one seems to be telling the truth. A young woman catches Lofty's eye when she comes in with an infected tattoo. With a guest appearance by former Sugababes singer Jade Ewen

Season 29 Episode 29
The Department of Secrets It's the day of Connie's trial for Alfred's murder - will Rita come forward with the evidence required to clear her name? A young girl from a care home is admitted after cutting her wrists, and the staff have reason to suspect she is being abused. An elderly woman ends up with hypothermia after swimming in the sea. But when her daughter turns up at the hospital, it seems there's more to the patient's story than meets the eye

Season 29 Episode 30
Exile Charlie goes to Bucharest to track down his missing son Louis, taking Connie with him. They discover that Louis is addicted to heroin, and owes money to some shady characters. Charlie tries to stop his son from selling his kidney on the black market to pay his debts, while Connie offers moral support to Louis' girlfriend and finds comfort with a local doctor - only to realise he may not be trustworthy

Season 29 Episode 31
Against the Odds Marcus, a young, talented skater, gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and ends up robbing an arcade run by the unscrupulous proprietor Keong. When the situation escalates, a skate-shop owner tries to stop the incident coming to a tragic end. Meanwhile, in the Emergency Department, Charlie worries about Louis's wellbeing following his return from Romania, and Lily helps a young woman - who happens to be one of Keong's employees - escape a difficult situation involving a wager placed on her ailing mother's odds of survival by her decidedly dodgy boss. Medical drama, starring Derek Thompson

Season 29 Episode 32
Fix You Cal and Ethan plan to travel to Finland, to help a patient take part in a potentially life-saving clinical trial. However, they soon find themselves entangled in a wider family crisis involving a son who is unable to come to terms with the seriousness of his mother's illness. Meanwhile, Zoe tries to connect with the victim of a car accident who seems to be unable to speak, Dylan's successes as the clinical lead are brought to an abrupt end when Connie takes back the role, and Zoe decides to move into a flat with Max after growing weary of life with the gang

Season 29 Episode 33
The Way Home Louis sticks up for a lost teenage girl, unwittingly leading to his heroin addiction becoming common knowledge, and forcing Charlie to take action. Meanwhile, a patient dies while under Dylan's care following a botched team-building exercise, and Connie returns with a new leadership technique, leaving her colleagues less than impressed

Season 29 Episode 34
The Golden Hours Dixie tries to help an unstable mother, Suzy, who is grieving for her baby, but soon suspects that she has abducted another one to replace her own, leading to a dramatic turn of events that puts Suzy and the child's lives at risk. Cal reluctantly teams up with a leukaemia patient to work together to raise money for charity by producing a nude calendar, while Charlie finds Louis trying to take heroin and takes him to see the body of a dead addict for shock therapy, leading Louis to issue one more cry for help

Season 29 Episode 35
A Moment of Clarity Charlie continues his efforts to help Louis manage his heroin withdrawal, but seems to be fighting a losing battle with his son, while Cal convinces a pushy mum to come clean to her daughter after she fails to reach a beauty pageant. Robyn and Zach finally share a kiss, Dylan's bad day suddenly improves after he mistakenly pockets a 'lucky' talisman, and Zoe and Max fall out over money, with Max choosing to spend a night sleeping in the car after his embarrassment becomes too much for him to bear

Season 29 Episode 36
Heart over Head A mother on the run from the police sacrifices her life for her pregnant daughter, while Dylan learns the power of belief through a patient who has a holistic therapist, and decides that the number four is unlucky for him. Charlie's continuing battle with Louis takes a dramatic turn when he finds his son in a drug den, and his threat to inject himself if Louis does finally leads to his offer of help being accepted. Meanwhile, Cal reveals he is taking exams with Ethan, Robyn breaks up with Zach, and Lily is on the hunt for a partner

Season 29 Episode 37
If You Could Bottle It An unlikely hero leads the team to a crucial diagnosis and things get worse for Dylan as he struggles with his obsessive behaviour compulsions. Rita helps a desperate man to realise that he needs help, and new nurse Jacob Masters makes quite an impression on the staff, especially with Connie

Season 29 Episode 38
The Next Step Jacob starts his first day at Holby's accident and emergency department, and he immediately has to put his powers of persuasion to use when a lie nearly costs a girl her life. Medical drama, starring Charles Venn

Season 29 Episode 39
Dark Horses When a dad is given an ultimatum - move away with work or lose his job - Charlie helps him do the right thing for his daughter. A son attempts to break off his father's recent engagement to a younger fiancee and lands her in the Emergency Department, but Max is on hand to convince him to respect his father's decision. Meanwhile, Honey's plans to impress Ethan are ruined when Lily continues to pursue him, and Max and Zoe decide not to break the news of their engagement - but it soon gets out

Season 29 Episode 40
The Long Haul Following an accident in his truck, Dylan's father Brian is admitted to the Emergency Department. It is clear he and and his son are not on good terms, and Dylan takes out his anger and frustration on Dervla, causing the hound to run away. Louis steals Tess's crucifix so he can get money for drugs, but Charlie tracks him down and, realising he has developed deep vein thrombosis, takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jacob's romantic side is revealed and Lily lets Ethan go

Season 29 Episode 41
Knock Knock Who's There? Dylan creates a scene in front of his colleagues when he hits back at staff nurse Lofty, so Connie gives him one day to prove he is fit enough to carry out his medical duties. Tess's son Sam visits the hospital and introduces her to her first grandchild, meaning she has a difficult decision to make. Meanwhile, after helping Max out with options for the big day, Big Mac is overjoyed when he is asked to be best man at his wedding to Zoe, and Ethan takes the opportunity to ask Honey out after her unsuccessful date

Season 29 Episode 42
Forsaking All Others - Part One Part one of two. Zoe visits Dylan and persuades him to get help for his OCD, and Lily desperately seeks her parents' approval after being promoted to registrar. Meanwhile, the team helps a father forgive his daughter after he discovers she gave her mother the pill that caused her untimely death. Elsewhere, a man lies to his girlfriend about an accident involving her seven year old son, but Ethan convinces him to come clean. Plus, Ethan and Cal find out they have failed their exams, and Louis refuses to see Charlie at rehab

Season 29 Episode 43
Forsaking All Others - Part Two Part two of two. The day of carefree porter Max and senior consultant Zoe's wedding finally arrives, but it seems someone has developed cold feet. The drama continues at the reception when a drunk Louis lashes out at Max, and in all the commotion, a flame heater is knocked over, resulting in a deadly blaze. Meanwhile, back at the ED, a patient blames Louise for causing her miscarriage when she treated her as a nurse at another hospital, and Dylan tries to bring his anxieties under control after being diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Medical drama, starring Jamie Davis and Sunetra Sarker

Season 30 Episode 1
A Child's Heart - Part One Part one of two. Zoe and Max's explosive wedding reception leaves more than one member of the hospital staff fighting for their life. Meanwhile, Jacob is forced to institute emergency protocol when gang violence takes a deadly turn, but the team still struggles to prevent it from infiltrating the department as one casualty leads to more

Season 30 Episode 2
A Child's Heart - Part Two Part two of two. Tensions in the Emergency Department are at risk of spiralling out of control as the whole team works to save Charlie following his heart attack. The situation is only made worse by the prospect of gang crime threatening to spill into the hospital corridors, and with the rest of his colleagues attempting to avert the untimely death of a beloved Holby veteran, it is left to Jacob to stop the violence spreading. Meanwhile, Dylan finally acknowledges he needs help as he continues to struggle with his obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Duffy manages to inspire Louise into considering a return to nursing. Plus, Max and Zoe make the first steps toward reconciliation, but it is clear forgiveness is not yet on the cards

Season 30 Episode 3
Objectum Sexual Zoe convinces a bride-to-be to postpone her wedding after the groom passes out in a condemned building on his stag do. Meanwhile, Iain faces an assault charge after an altercation with a traffic warden and Louise must try to overcome challenges as she struggles on her first day of nursing

Season 30 Episode 4
Cradle to the Grave On her first day, new junior doctor Alicia treats a vulnerable pregnant woman and realises her relationship is not what it seems. Meanwhile, Dylan returns to work and makes an effort with Lofty, Connie turns down a date with Jacob, and Ethan and Honey call it off

Season 30 Episode 5
Belief When perpetrators smash a bottle of acid in a room full of racist supporters, terror comes to Holby when victims from the attack are brought to the emergency department. During the commotion, Alicia performs a risky procedure on a petrified patient and Jacob puts his life on the line for Connie. Meanwhile, Zoe still hopes that Max can forgive her

Season 30 Episode 6
All the Single Ladies Iain and Dixie are pushed to the limit during a training exercise. Meanwhile, Dylan and Lofty treat an accident-prone woman, and Lily takes great interest in a patient when she discovers he's a banker. Hospital drama, starring Amanda Mealing, William Beck and Lee Mead

Season 30 Episode 7
Rules of Attraction Cal finds himself back on an even keel, but it remains to be seen whether things will improve for him from here

Season 30 Episode 8
Flutterby Love conquers all for a newly engaged young couple, while emergency nurse Charlie is on hand to help a father and daughter deal with their grief after losing an important figure in their lives. Elsewhere, Lily attends her father's funeral and Dylan bonds with his baby girl. Hospital drama, starring Amanda Mealing, William Beck and Lee Mead

Season 30 Episode 9
One Shot Jacob manages to persuade a harassed teacher to accept help, but he needs to take his own advice. His feelings about the shooting begin to affect his work when he discovers the Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating his case. Meanwhile, Lily throws herself into her work, Iain makes it clear to Dixie that his romance with Rita is just a bit of fun, and Max tells Zoe he has applied for another job in Birmingham. Hospital drama, starring Amanda Mealing, William Beck and Lee Mead

Season 30 Episode 10
Best Served Cold Thing become fishy when an unlikely patient arrives in the Emergency Department, while Dylan settles into his new home and Cal falls in love with his estranged daughter. Meanwhile, Jacob learns that there is no justice in the world when he finds out that the Independent Police Complaints Commission are not going to take action against the officer who shot him, and Connie asks for a report on Alicia. Hospital drama, starring Amanda Mealing, William Beck and Lee Mead

Season 30 Episode 11
Avoidable Harm Alicia's day gets off to a bad start when she gets caught up in a fight outside the ambulance station, forcing her to treat a patient in the back of a van. Lily's opinion of the bubbly junior doctor has not improved in the slightest, but her mentor's discouragement only pushes Alicia to try harder to prove her worth. Meanwhile, Jacob takes a vigilante approach to justice as he sets out to identify the police officer who shot him, Iain and Rita share a tender moment, and Cal brings baby Matilda into the Emergency Department after failing to find suitable child care. Medical drama, starring Chelsea Halfpenny, Crystal Yu, Amanda Mealing and Charles Venn

Season 30 Episode 12
Strangers Dixie has concerns about Jess when she discovers her troubled HART colleague has started taking anti-depressants, but Iain puts her suspicions down to jealousy. Cal panics when he discovers baby Matilda has developed an unusual rash, prompting him to take her in to the ED once again. Meanwhile, everyone in the department blames Lily for Alicia's decision to leave, and as the guilt begins to eat away at her, she seeks an ally in the form of Ethan. Medical drama, starring Jane Hazelgrove, Michael Stevenson, Crystal Yu and Richard Winsor

Season 30 Episode 13
Estranged Cal refuses to believe that Matilda is not his daughter, and decides to contest the outcome of the paternity test by discovering his blood group. However, when the results come back in, he makes a far more shocking discovery that leaves him shaken and bereft of any sense of identity. Meanwhile, Jacob impresses Connie by keeping his anger under control while dealing with an uncooperative patient, and an encounter in the staff room causes the sexual tension between the pair to grow. Medical drama, starring Richard Winsor, George Rainsford, Charles Venn and Amanda Mealing

Season 30 Episode 14
Maybe This Year As winter sets in and the festive season approaches, treacherous conditions, bitter cold snaps and the odd bit of over-enthusiastic celebration have a habit of taking their toll on the emergency services. The same is true for the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department, and while the harsh conditions provide an opportunity for some people to come together, they also threaten to tear others apart. Medical drama, starring Amanda Mealing, Charles Venn and RIchard Winsor

Season 30 Episode 15
Silence Speaks As Connie's burgeoning romance with Jacob continues to blossom, the unflappable consultant realises she must not let her personal life interfere with her duties as clinical lead. However, in doing so, she ends up dismissing her new lover when his instincts alert him to a very real problem. Medical drama, starring Amanda Mealing and Charles Venn

Season 30 Episode 16
Home for Christmas Christmas Eve arrives in Holby, and spirits are unexpectedly high in the emergency department, although not everyone is feeling merry. A nervous Cal seeks moral support from Charlie as he goes to meet his birth mother, but anxiety gives way to anger when he realises the woman is seriously ill, and should have contacted him sooner. Meanwhile, Iain accidentally sends a flirty text meant for Rita to Robyn, and Dixie resolves to do what's right for Olivia when she learns her superiors are investigating Jess's complaint. Medical drama, starring Richard Winsor

Season 30 Episode 17
A Life Less Ordinary In a special episode, Cal struggles with his recent terrifying discovery and, on the morning after the night before, is involved in a car crash, and recognises that he could still be over the limit. Ethan, Charlie and Connie all pull together to help him in his hour of need, especially when the police come to investigate the accident, and as he sees how much people care about him, he tries to find the bravery needed to cope with the situation

Season 30 Episode 18
Lie to Me Nikki is not quite ready to let her family go, prompting Dixie to selflessly jump into the fray to save them from her wrath. However, her actions have a bittersweet outcome. Charlie suggests Cal should turn to genetic testing to solve his dilemma, but with Ethan racked with guilt over missing Olivia's signs of abuse, Cal decides breaking the news to his troubled brother might make things worse. Meanwhile, Lofty fails to impress Rita as he campaigns for promotion and feels he has let himself down. Medical drama, starring Jane Hazlegrove

Season 30 Episode 19
Black Alert Flossy, an ailing elderly woman who was previously a heart transplant patient, arrives at the ED complaining of pains in her stomach. With her is Mo, whose late son was the donor whose heart Flossy received. At the age of 80, Flossy believes she has lived a good, long life, and is ready to die, but Ethan faces an impossible dilemma as high demand leaves him without a bed in which to make Flossy's passing more comfortable. Young couple Lee and Sarah face a deadly setback in their plans to go travelling when they're involved in a car crash, while a trip to the emergency department offers Lee some much-needed perspective on his relationship. An angry patient clashes with Louise when he claims he is being `refused treatment' for what could very well be a simple case of the common cold. Medical drama, starring George Rainsford and Azuka Oforka

Season 30 Episode 20
Shame Office prankster Murray makes use of a fake scratch card to trick his colleague Claire into thinking she has won £100,000. Buoyed by her supposed success, Claire quits her job and prepares to claim her winnings, but a nasty mishap takes her to the ED, where she eventually discovers the truth, and decides to take advantage of her situation to get her own back on her co-worker. Meanwhile, Noel is mugged by a mysterious assailant, while Big Mac cowers nearby. When Noel regains consciousness relatively unharmed, he assumes Mac drove the attacker away, and proclaims him a hero. Elsewhere, Ethan's frustration over the restrictions enforced by the system causes him to take drastic action. Medical drama, starring Tony Marshall and Charles Dale

Season 30 Episode 21
The Good Life The day of Dixie's disciplinary hearing arrives, but things get off to a bad start when she is held up by an incident, and when Jess asks her to move to Cornwall with her and Olivia, the paramedic must decide whether to follow her head or her heart. Lily desperately hopes to re-establish her bond with Ethan by trying to convince him to stay, Connie tries to come up with a meaningful gift to make up for missing Jacob's birthday, and Robyn's appearance on the cover of Holby Pulse only serves to increase Big Mac's feeling of shame over abandoning Noel to his mystery mugger. Medical drama, starring Jane Hazlegrove

Season 30 Episode 22
Step Right Up Ethan has managed to put aside his dissatisfaction with NHS restrictions, and is back in full swing in the ED. The development comes as welcome news for Lily, and the pair join forces to help a girl with autism get the family support she desperately needs. However, just as Ethan begins to settle back down to work, it appears his world is about to be shaken to its core. Medical drama, starring George Rainsford and Crystal Yu

Season 30 Episode 23
Hearts and Flowers Valentine's Day arrives in Holby, and for Connie, the day brings a reunion with old flame Sam, who has returned from New York with Connie's estranged daughter Grace. The pair's arrival on the ED is no social call, though, as Sam's new girlfriend Emma has fallen critically ill, and requires urgent surgery. Ethan is furious at Cal for his deception, and as tensions rise to boiling point, the pair end up brawling in resus. Elsewhere, Big Mac becomes an overnight celebrity, Lofty struggles with the management element of his new job, and Max arranges a date with a woman who looks remarkably like Zoe. Medical drama, starring Amanda Mealing

Season 30 Episode 24
Just Do It Connie is distressed when Grace has a panic attack and things are only made worse when Sam accuses her of being a bad mother. As they prepare to leave for America, will she let them go or try to convince her daughter to stay? Meanwhile, a young girl is brought in after getting her leg trapped under the wheel of a bus - and is soon turns out she and her father are hiding something - and former S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt returns as the mysterious mugger who attacked Noel, this time mixed up in a potentially deadly drugs deal

Season 30 Episode 25
Fatal Error - Part One Part one of two. Lofty struggles with the pressures of his new position when he is asked to run the nursing team for the day. He manages to secure a small victory by removing a disruptive patient from the premises, but his actions backfire when the same patient is brought back to the emergency department with a life-threatening injury. Things only get worse when a silly mistake causes an agency nurse to receive a shock from a defibrilator, and the error appears to leave Lofty's career in tatters. Meanwhile, a miserable Big Mac tries to apologise to Noel for his deception, but when Louise attempts to get to the bottom of his troubles, he misses another opportunity to tell the truth. Medical drama, starring Lee Mead

Season 30 Episode 26
Fatal Error - Part Two Part two of two. In the aftermath of the incident that saw agency nurse Diana receive a shock from a defibrillator, Lofty must decide how to explain what occurred in the Emergency Department's official statement. Dylan tells him clarify it was an accident, but Lofty must decide whether he himself should carry the burden. Meanwhile, Cal falls while looking after Emilie, and the pair are admitted to the ED, forcing Ethan to face his birth-mother for the first time. When it becomes clear that Emilie has pneumonia, and doesn't have long to live, Ethan and Cal must make a life-changing decision together. Medical drama, starring Lee Mead

Season 30 Episode 27
High Tide The repercussions of the defibrillator accident continue to reverberate for Lofty, who must face the consequences of his actions by explaining the chain of events at a hearing. When the opportunity to help Lana arrives, he decides to skip his meeting and lend her a hand instead. Meanwhile, Cal hijacks an ambulance to take Ethan and his ailing mother to an old family holiday destination, and while there, the brothers decide to finally read the results from the genetics lab. Medical drama, starring Lee Mead

Season 30 Episode 28
Sweet Child of Mine Connie becomes embroiled in a convicted murderer's plan to escape from prison by being admitted to Holby, in the company of his prison guard lover. As the situation escalates, Connie's fate is placed squarely in Jacob's hands, and he willingly places himself in danger to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Big Mac tries to help his old tormentor Mercedes to see the error of her ways, for the sake of her son, and a distressed Ethan snubs Cal - and everyone else. Medical drama, starring Amanda Mealing

Season 30 Episode 29
Buried Alive Despite their recent shared ordeal, in which Jacob proved the depth of his feelings for her, Connie decides she must forsake their romance to focus on Grace. In response, Jacob tries to distance himself from her by heading out with the paramedics, but when he ends up in a partially collapsed building, Connie's resolve slips and she rushes to his aid. Meanwhile, Max shows young Connor how to be a porter, and a furious Ethan ends up hurting Cal's feelings when he shares his Huntington's news with Lily. Medical drama, starring Amanda Mealing and Charles Venn

Season 30 Episode 30
Hopelessly Addicted Jacob takes it upon himself to turn vigilante by tracking down a dangerous drug dealer operating in Holby. However, he realises his crusade will fail if he works alone, and persuades an unlikely ally to help. Meanwhile, Big Mac's becomes increasingly reliant on painkillers, and when he fails to persuade Zoe to write him another prescription, he seeks to pocket a few packs while unpacking a drugs delivery. Medical drama, starring Charles Venn

Season 30 Episode 31
Survivors Rita receives the surprise of her life when a face from her past arrives at the ED, and as old ghosts come back to haunt her, she struggles to keep her emotions in check. Medical drama, starring Chloe Howman

Season 30 Episode 32
A Clear Conscience Big Mac's secret painkiller dependency is starting to take its toll on his health, and when the drugs he stole are reported as missing, he realises it is time to admit he has a problem. Charlie informs Rita a number of complaints have been made against her, but when she investigates, she realises none of the offended patients actually exist. Plus, an explosion at a construction site causes trouble for two former gangsters seeking to put their criminal pasts behind them. Medical drama, starring Charles Dale

Season 30 Episode 33
Tangled Webs We Weave Fate conspires to bring Max and Zoe together as a team when Mercedes's son Connor is taken by Shelle. Meanwhile, Rita is bothered by Mark's lingering presence, but resist's Iain's advice to get the police involved, and panic surges through the Emergency Department when a poisonous spider is reported to be on the loose in Holby. Medical drama, starring Sunetra Sarker and Jamie Davis

Season 30 Episode 34
Hello, I Must Be Going Elle Gardner, already a familiar face at Holby, becomes the Emergency Department's new consultant. As a single mother of three unruly teenagers, Elle is no stranger to negotiating chaotic environments. However, her first day in the ED proves to be a baptism of fire. Medical drama, introducing new regular cast member Jaye Griffiths

Season 30 Episode 35
Chain Reaction Dylan receives a nasty surprise when Bryan turns up at the ED, having cut his hand smashing a window after locking baby Rihanna in his car. While Bryan apologises for his past behaviour, Dylan is not so sure he can ever change. Connie discovers Jacob and Elle are old friends, and the pair are given a chance to catch up while dealing with injuries at the scene of a factory accident. However, when Elle starts asking strange, probing questions about the status quo at Holby, it becomes there is an ulterior motive behind her recent arrival. Meanwhile, Charlie encourages David to be more confident, and Big Mac lies to Noel about seeking help with his addiction

Season 30 Episode 36
This Life Big Mac struggles to hide the toll his addiction is taking and steals some painkillers from a patient's bag. Charlie notices his odd behaviour, and demands to know the truth, prompting the troubled health care assistant to confess the truth. Robyn is determined to bring David out of his shell, and Dylan tries to befriend Max. Rita needs somewhere to stay and Iain suggests she take up residence in his spare room, but when Jez warns him he is getting in too deep, he begins to have second thoughts about his offer

Season 30 Episode 37
The Best Day of My Life Elle is pressed into a corner by Hanssen, who wants to know who has been stealing drugs. After a shocking discovery, she is forced to choose between the good of the department and the people in it. Robyn and David's morality cafe proves a success, Rita pushes Iain away until a threatening incident makes her seek his help, and Cal urges Iain to try flirting with a patient, but his efforts go disastrously wrong

Season 30 Episode 38
You Make Me Sick In the wake of Charlie's suspension, Big Mac still refuses to come clean about stealing the drugs. However, a spark of his better nature remains, and when he bravely steps into the line of fire to protect an abused young girl, he finds the courage to admit to his crimes. Meanwhile, Elle receives a frosty reception from her colleagues following her harsh treatment of Charlie, and Rita relishes the attention she is receiving from Iain, despite still being angry with him

Season 30 Episode 39
History Repeating In the 1000th episode of the medical drama, Elle prepares for a busy night shift, but finds her colleagues still resent her for Charlie's dismissal. She resolves to regain their trust, and takes on a particularly challenging case involving a pregnant woman who is refusing treatment that may be urgently needed to save her baby. Charlie is reunited with Duffy, who returns to Holby as an agency nurse, Iain panics as Rita tells everyone they have got back together, and romance blossoms between Glen and Robyn at the mortality cafe

Season 30 Episode 40
What Lies Beneath Connie agrees to offer a nervous Jacob moral support at a presentation, in which he must demonstrate his `gun-shot wound' policy to the heads of trusts. Back at the ED, a heroin addict in critical condition passes away, and when David notifies her father, the man immediately embarks on a vengeful mission. As Jacob and Connie make their way to the conference, they unwittingly become entangled in the case as they try to rescue a man from stranded in a storm drain. Meanwhile, Rita clumsily gives herself a black eye, and exploits the situation when Iain assumes Mark has been hitting her

Season 30 Episode 41
Where the Truth Lies Brian's stray cigarette butt causes a house fire, placing both Hazel and Rihanna's lives in danger. Escaping from the blaze in the nick of time, Hazel and her daughter are rushed to the ED, where Dylan puts aside familial ties to treat them. However, when it emerges Brian was the one who started the fire, Dylan tells him he's not fit to be a father. Meanwhile, there is a nasty surprise in store for Robyn as Glen proves to be not quite what he seemed, and Charlie correctly guesses Connie and Jacob are back together

Season 30 Episode 42
The Fear Rita receives a frosty reception from her colleagues after her lies to Iain were revealed, but everyone must put aside their animosity when a pair of love-rivals are admitted to the ED after a scuffle at a hotel leaves them both impaled on the same spike. Meanwhile, Jez is so busy showing off that he forgets to fill the ambulance with petrol, Connie considers telling Grace about her relationship with Jacob, and Robyn is devastated following her break-up with Glen

Season 30 Episode 43
Sticks and Stones Grace's friend Carmel injures herself while playing on a trampoline, and when Grace rushes home to seek Connie's professional aid, she discovers the truth about her mother and Jacob. As everyone heads to A&E with Carmel, Connie works to make amends with her thoroughly displeased daughter, while also trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious set of scratches found on young Carmel's stomach. Meanwhile, Glen is admitted to Holby having apparently been found drunk out on the street, but when it becomes clear he hasn't been drinking, a more devastating prognosis comes to light. Last in the series

Season 31 Episode 3
Fall On Me As yet more emergency cases arrive at Holby's ER, relative newcomer Elle does her best to rally the troops. Meanwhile, Alicia is left in a difficult position after she discovers an uncomfortable truth. Medical drama, starring Jaye Griffiths and Chelsea Halfpenny

Season 31 Episode 4
Strike Three The aftermath of Connie's car crash continues give the staff of Holby's ED cause for concern, as Jac Naylor comes down from the wards to conduct emergency surgery on a patient close to everyone's heart. Meanwhile, Robyn struggles to come up with ideas for `something special' to do for Glen, and an unexpected friendship begins to form when Lily tries to help Iain realise he doesn't need to be `Mr Action Man' all the time

Season 31 Episode 5
Pride Comes Before a Fall Ethan's efforts to avoid Alicia prove futile when the pair are dispatched to rescue a professor and her son after they fell into a cave while out jogging. As the pair descend into the fissure by winch, debris begins to fall, and sparks fly as Ethan tries to reassure a claustrophobia Alicia. Meanwhile, Louise is disheartened when the trust denies her funds for a new relatives' room, so Noel helps her to seek donations from the public, and one of Holby's cleaners takes a tumble while trying to leave the hospital with a set of suspiciously full bags. Medical drama, starring George Rainsford and Chelsea Halfpenny

Season 31 Episode 6
Schoolboy Crush Duffy pushes Charlie into attending a 50-year school reunion, where he bumps into old crush Gloria, and former bully Allan, who just happens to be Gloria's husband - and does not seem to have changed his brutish ways. As Allan's playground antics get the better of Charlie, a scrap ensues, leaving the old ruffian with more than just a bruised ego. Meanwhile, a very public argument between David and his ex-wife Rosa prompts their troubled son to act out in a very dangerous way, and Alicia tries to take her mind off her drunken antics with Ethan by helping a frail - but wily - elderly patient with a cat-based dilemma

Season 31 Episode 7
Party Pooper Ethan struggles to make Alicia's birthday a day to remember as Lily deals with a family feud too close to home

Season 31 Episode 8
Too Much Love Will Kill You Robyn's plans are thwarted when her ailing sweetheart Glen's health takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Dylan's clinical skills are put to the test

Season 31 Episode 9
The Big Day Elle calls Connie's ability to focus on the job into question following her recent brush with death, and Robyn's plans for the future take a sudden, unexpected turn. Medical drama, starring Jaye Griffiths, Amanda Mealing and Amanda Henderson

Season 31 Episode 10
Night of the Loving Dead Robyn arrives at work in a state of panic, having failed to find out where Glen has gone. When David later finds her in agony in the toilets, it seems she might be about to lose her baby. Meanwhile, Elle offers Ethan two tickets to the hospital awards night. Caleb asks to take both off his hands so he can take Alicia, but Ethan is quick to spot a love rival, and refuses. He plucks up the courage to ask her to go with him instead - but it remains to be seen whether she'll agree

Season 31 Episode 11
Shock to the System Dylan is distraught when Dervla goes missing - although it soon turns out new F1 Sebastian (Rik Makarem) knows something about the dog's disappearance. After waking up with Alicia, Cal is forced to admit his true feelings for her, but she remains unsure about committing to a relationship. Medical drama, starring William Beck

Season 31 Episode 12
About My Mother Grace wakes up, and seems well enough to go home, but Connie is terrified the consultants are letting her leave because they have given up on her recovery. Unable to process the future for her daughter, Connie chooses to work rather than being with her, but when Hugo - an 11-year-old boy who claims to be one of Grace's schoolmates - arrives in the ED after attempting a dangerous hitchhiking trick, Connie is forced to face the reality of her situation. Meanwhile, Elle reveals the team is due to receive an undercover inspection, and Duffy tells Charlie she has asked her husband for a divorce

Season 31 Episode 13
About My Mother Grace wakes up, and seems well enough to go home, but Connie is terrified the consultants are letting her leave because they have given up on her recovery. Unable to process the future for her daughter, Connie chooses to work rather than being with her, but when Hugo - an 11-year-old boy who claims to be one of Grace's schoolmates - arrives in the ED after attempting a dangerous hitchhiking trick, Connie is forced to face the reality of her situation. Meanwhile, Elle reveals the team is due to receive an undercover inspection, and Duffy tells Charlie she has asked her husband for a divorce

Season 31 Episode 14
All I Want For Christmas Is You Ethan struggles to bury his feelings for Alicia, as she and Cal become increasingly intimate. In an effort to get over his unrequited crush, Ethan invites another girl to the Christmas party, but the gesture doesn't stop him fixating on Alicia once he arrives on the scene. Meanwhile, Charlie and Duffy take advantage of the festivities to announce their relationship, but things turn sour when Ryan, Duffy's husband, turns up

Season 31 Episode 15
Bah Humbug Holby plays host to its very own Christmas Carol when ruthless department store manager Larry is admitted to A&E after getting caught up in a Christmas Eve sales riot at his shop. Also injured in the chaos is Toby, the son of Larry's put-upon deputy Rob, who was forced to bring his child in to work due to his inability to pay for child care. As the miserly Larry lashes out at his staff for their inability to contain the disaster, young Toby manfully weathers the pain of his injuries to give his father's boss a piece of his mind. Meanwhile, Duffy's estranged husband Ryan is also caught up in the fracas, and when he too is admitted to the ED, he makes use of his hospitalisation to try to repair his fractured marriage - much to Charlie's dismay

Season 31 Episode 17
New Year, New Me, New You Dylan's anger builds as rumours about Sebastian's accusation against him spin out of control, leading to a charged public confrontation. Cal is determined to keep his relationship with Alicia casual, and steals Ethan's research proposal to go to South Africa for three months. As Ethan vents his frustrations, he decides he won't let his brother walk all over him any more. Meanwhile, Charlie offers to take care of all the plans for his and Duffy's wedding, but is he up to the task?

Season 31 Episode 18
Back to School A scuffle at an illegal rave leads an over-enthusiastic sergeant causing serious head injuries to a 19-year-old man and later planting drugs in his belongings to corroborate his claim that he had been assaulted twice by his quarry. Jacob is dubious about the sergeant's story and takes a police constable to one side in an attempt to persuade her not be an accomplice to her superior's crooked ways. Elsewhere, Elle's career is on the line as Connie goes on the warpath, David struggles to connect with his son, and Cal suspects Alicia's infidelity

Season 31 Episode 20
Little Sister Belle, a supervisor from a young offenders institute, is brought into the ED after being struck over the head with a wok by one of her charges, and Iain is dismayed to discover the assailant in question is his estranged younger sister Gem. However, there is more to Belle and Gem's conflict than first meets the eye, as the youth worker demonstrates a damaging attitude toward the young people in her care. Meanwhile, Connie treats Jamieson, who injured himself while exercising, and is claiming to be much younger than he appears. The case takes a more dangerous turn when the truth about his age is revealed, along with the motives of his much-younger fiancee

Season 31 Episode 21
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Alicia is surprised to discover her long-estranged parents Howard and Jackie are planning to give their marriage another go. However, when old family friend Martin turns up at their surprise anniversary party, and seems to have a falling-out with Howard, it soon becomes clear there is a secret third wheel in their relationship. Meanwhile, Charlie balances his over-zealous wedding-planning with caring for a reluctant teenage football star, and Cal's trust in Alicia is tested when he discovers she has a secret phone hidden in her locker

Season 31 Episode 22
The Stag, the Dog and the Sheep The morning of Charlie's wedding arrives, and Cal and Ethan wake hung-over following a riotous the stag party. However, the pair have no memory of the previous night's events, Charlie is missing, and Cal seems to have acquired a mysterious suitcase, which is cuffed to his wrist. Retracing their steps takes them back to a B&B, a tattoo parlour and a strip club, leading to a deadly encounter with a criminal intent on reclaiming the suitcase. Meanwhile, Duffy worries that her groom has developed cold feet, Iain receives a visiting order from Gem, and Elle learns a second complaint has been made against her

Season 31 Episode 23
You Are Your Only Limit The day of Elle's hearing arrives, and Connie makes sure Grace is present as a visual reminder of Elle's mistake. Giving her testament, Connie delivers an exaggerated version of her daughter's condition, and makes it clear she will stop at nothing in the pursuit of her vendetta. However, when Grace collapses in the bathroom, severely injuring herself on broken glass, it falls to Elle to save the girl's life. Meanwhile, back in the emergency department, Robyn has doubts about whether she is fit to be a mother, after discovering her colleagues are placing bets on how she will manage

Season 31 Episode 24
Binge Britain Iain is unexpectedly reunited with his sister when he is called out to an emergency involving his mother, but his efforts to make amends for his past have unforeseen repercussions. The hospital is inundated with binge drinkers, including a hen party that has ended with the bride getting shot with a bow and arrow. Dylan struggles to cope, but the experience gives him an idea. Grace is back on a ward after her collapse and fit, but worryingly seems to have lost her ability to talk

Season 31 Episode 25
Slipping Under Steph, the woman responsible for Grace's hospitalisation, is rushed into the ER after attempting suicide in prison. The staff face an upward struggle in finding out what pills she has taken, one which is made all the more difficult by the patient's refusal to speak - and the cold distain of both Connie and Jacob. However, when it becomes clear Connie visited Steph in prison not long before she tried to claim her own life, things become even more complicated. Meanwhile, Iain helps Gem to get a job in the hospital coffee shop, and when Grace's continued silence is ruled as being a psychological issue, Sam decides it may be time to take her home



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