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7:35am-8:00am Wed 11 Oct
Season 5 Episode 7/14

My Super Sweet 16

DJ A rich, popular teenager with an NFL player for a step-father plans a lavish birthday bash, and gets hold of a $5,000 custom-made suit for the occasion

Category: Documentary

7:35am-8:00am (25 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments


Why do parents do this..spending thousands on spoiled brats when there are STARVING children in the world..who probably die whilst the making of this programme is made!!!
Laido   11:14am Mon 27 Aug


Bunch of nasty,horrible spoilt BRATS. They think they are special because daddy is rich. Nothing makes me happier than when it ALL goes wrong.
Amiee   8:25pm Mon 2 May

It's good

I like it :)
Josh   5:40pm Sun 19 Sep


JJ   6:12pm Sun 5 Sep

grow up

These snotty nose kids are going to have a real shock when they go into the real world and everything is not just handed to them on a plate. what is the point of spending all that money on one party - grow up get a job and a life and then you can spend your own money rather than daddy's. The terrible thing is that there is a uk version now !!
sound off   7:02pm Mon 14 Jun


my super sweet 16 is a show full of snotty brats who throw a tantrum if they dont get what they want it is discusting
anon   2:30pm Thu 27 May

Absolutely hate it

I can anyone watch the most spoilt, obnoxious, teenagers, who have no respect for anyone. Who would want to sit and watch this let alone want their children to watch it! What a waste of the taxpayers money.
Bird   9:37pm Sun 15 Nov

real cool

i like it
hat   9:33pm Sun 15 Nov


i get angry when they get cars and stuff! my parents cant even afford a car never mind me gettin one 4my 16th birthday
chave_girl_nd_proud   3:39pm Wed 2 Sep


hate this show, makes me so mad!
lola   4:54pm Thu 30 Jul