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10:00am-11:00am Thu 12 Oct
Season 3 Episode 1/21

How to Look Good Naked

Stylist Gok Wan comes to the aid of ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew, whose low self-esteem and negative body image are reducing her confidence and subsequently jeopardising her marriage

Category: General Show/Game Show

London Live
10:00am-11:00am (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

how to.look good naked

Hy Are you doing a new series in.2016 Are there application forms? Thanks Pog lindsey
pog   4:19pm Fri 12 Feb

man he is ugly!

which is ironic isnt it? being obsessed with looks? haha
maddy   9:14pm Sat 23 Oct


More fat women who should go down the gym instead of appearing on TV
Bob   7:11pm Wed 1 Sep

Eww still?

Still! Stool.
Yogi   8:24am Wed 1 Sep

What's next?

... programmes about people on the bog? All these channels we have now and only dross like this on?
Jake   8:49pm Wed 18 Aug

Gok Wan

T.V.s best anagram
Left Field   7:31pm Wed 11 Aug

Chav Tv

Trashy cheap television
3Lions   12:59pm Sat 7 Aug

ooh er - up yer box

Gok Wan would look good burning.
frag   9:32pm Wed 4 Aug


if only he new how to dress himself
clifton   6:00pm Wed 14 Jul

Gok Wan

Care in community gone wrong.
Terry Dactool   6:45pm Fri 30 Apr