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12:35pm-1:35pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 3 Episode 7/8

Wild at Heart

The arrival of Max's parents adds tension to the wedding preparations, while Du Plessis discovers Kriel has reinstated the fences and plans to sell Mara. During the stag party a power cut provokes panic leading to the bride's dress being ruined and a near miss for Fatani. As the drought continues, the ceremony is interrupted by a fire that threatens to engulf the animal hospital and house

Category: General Movie/Drama

12:35pm-1:35pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments


Or joanna lumley .
nemo .   5:02pm Mon 5 Jun

Hayley Mills

Still playing on her childlike clipped english accent. No one talks like that anymore excepting Joan Collins, but that is another story.
reuben   4:08pm Mon 5 Jun

Wild at heart

Please bring back wild at heart I loved the programme and it was great for the family,x
Sk   10:19pm Sun 1 May


Bring it back to the screens please
Boo123   1:47pm Sun 7 Feb


i have been wanting to see this since dope died
nik   2:22pm Mon 30 Nov

Wild at heart

Please put Wild at Heart back on television. Very good drama for the family and it is the best thing on television,
Soot   2:33pm Tue 13 May

sorry not amused

A zebra and other large animals lying dead at dried up waterhole due to no access via neighbour with huge swimming pool.......then they all end up happy families. Ridiculous scenario!
bemused   3:09pm Fri 9 May

bring back the family

bring back wild at heart and the family to you left the story is not over yet you left it open
tom a   8:43pm Wed 29 Jan


Bring back dup !!!
cat   12:52pm Thu 19 Dec


it's moving too fast
joe skele   10:32am Wed 11 Dec