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12:00am-12:30am Fri 13 Oct
Season 3 Episode 19/19

American Dad!

Joint Custody Roger becomes a bounty hunter and embarks on a cross-country manhunt with the help of Stan, determined to capture Hayley's boyfriend Jeff, who is wanted for smuggling drugs into Florida

Category: Animated Movie/Drama

12:00am-12:30am (30 minutes)   Fri 13 Oct

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Show Comments


Francine floats my boat.
Zant   12:08am Sat 28 Sep


American Dad takes a bit longer to get into than the likes of Family Guy but it's well worth it. The epsiodes can be hit or miss, much like any other show, but the good ones are usually hilarious.
Dirk   3:14pm Sun 8 Sep


I like Family Guy and American Dad and I can't say "this is better than this" because this would be shallow and immature. Both use slightly different type humour to make you laugh. American Dad is way more political so unless you are familiar with what's going in the States very often you'll be scratching your head and thinking "Am I supposed to laugh?"
mnd   9:20pm Thu 12 Jul

i'm not ready to die! not before shatner!

roger is such a bitch with all the best lines' definitely my favourite character.
american dad fan   6:48pm Wed 18 Jan

Roger rules lol

So far so good and hasn't become predictable . forget the Clevlan show and do more American Dad episodes lol
DC   10:35pm Sun 8 Jan


Than Family guy
liam   11:30pm Sat 15 Oct


If I Was a toon I would so Nail that Francine, shes hot ^^
The Chief   1:09am Mon 18 Apr

why,oh why,oh why

do you imperial pigs be sooooo sexy
mohamed the pervert.   10:51pm Sat 5 Dec

Wrong Title

American Dream Factory is not season 3 is it season 2 and it is episode 11 of 19 not 16.
Mattyman   9:31pm Sun 28 Jun

No flashbacks

Very nice alternative to Famil Guy for those who hate Cut-aways every few secs, this one has very few of them. Klaus and Roger may be as good, if not better than Brian and Stewie.
DuchessofSutherland   8:15pm Mon 18 May