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2:35am-5:30am Sun 12 Nov

Film Into the Wild (2007)

Sean Penn's fact-based drama, based on the true story of Chris McCandless, who decided to abandon the trappings of modern life in favour of living in the wilderness. Giving away all his money and possessions, he embarked on a journey across America, intending to settle in the wilds of Alaska. However, he proved ill-prepared for the challenges he would have to face. Starring Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden and William Hurt

Category: Factual

Certificate 15

2:35am-5:30am (2 hours 55 minutes)   Sun 12 Nov

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Film Comments


Worth watching.If you like films that make you think, do not miss on this one.
martina   9:13pm Tue 13 Mar

God Bless Britain

Penn take your views on the Falklands AND your crap films and shove em. If I was a dictator I would ban your tripe and you from our country.
Sparky   7:32am Tue 13 Mar

This film needs

a laugh track.
Timmy Treadwell   9:06am Mon 11 Apr


Funnily enough they don't go into details on the narcotics. Oh well, the tree huggers will still applaud him.
Realist   10:14pm Wed 22 Dec


He died after four months.
abitmorebrain   8:22pm Wed 22 Dec

Freedom perfectly captured

This lad lived a life in such a short time that most do not live in a life-time.
ezydolphin   2:13pm Wed 22 Dec

I MUST see this film again !!!!

a must see film of self discovery with underlying tones of great sadness.... very uplifting and yet very sad
sun beam   8:57pm Sat 18 Dec

Great film

One of my favourites
Noescape   9:58pm Thu 16 Dec


Great directors pull the elements of a film together and achieve something far greater than the sum of those parts - unfortunately Sean Penn hasn't the gift to be able to do this. As usual what he thinks is a profound message for our times is Disney-esque fluff.
Cakeman   12:43am Sun 21 Nov

One of the best

Tells the true story of Christopher McCandless (albeit fairly Hollywoodized). One of the few movies I have ever cried at - well the worth the watch!
Lennie Melvin   12:33pm Sat 10 Jan