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12:35pm-2:20pm Wed 15 Nov

Film I Am Legend (2007)

A Manhattan-based military scientist finds himself immune to a virus that turns humans into ferocious vampire-like creatures. After the disease has swept across the world, wiping out an estimated 90 per cent of the human population, he devotes his solitary existence to finding a cure by unlocking the secret within his blood. Sci-fi thriller, starring Will Smith, Alice Braga and Charlie Tahan

Category: Science Fiction

Certificate 15

Sky Cinema Action
12:35pm-2:20pm (1 hour 45 minutes)   Wed 15 Nov
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Film Comments

I am boring

Will Smith is so annoying, so irritating.
JIKESLAW   9:32am Thu 17 May

What the!

One of my top 10 fims ever, Fantastic film, Will Smith can do no wrong. Whats wrong with u people?
Porkchop   5:29pm Sat 29 Jan


The movie wasquiet interest within is own weird way but will smith make for it as a awsome movies. Overall, brilliant!!!
vegy   12:51am Tue 25 Jan

I blame

Gordon Brown. Just look at what he did....
Turnip   10:50pm Mon 24 Jan

The dog

It dies.
You know   7:23pm Wed 19 Jan

Top 5?

Deffo one of the worst films ever.
Cakeman   11:47pm Tue 28 Dec

How was this so successful ?

I watched the first 80 minutes or so then switched off, it's soooo tedious !
Nigel M   10:21pm Tue 28 Dec

Which Ending ?

This was filmed with three different endings, two are poor one is ok.
Bear   8:04pm Tue 28 Dec


Watched this whilst travelling long-haul. Normally enjoy Will Smith..but this was so boring I gave up half-way through!
Jackon D   7:25pm Tue 28 Dec


this film is so good
mickey mouse   5:37pm Tue 28 Dec