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9:00am-10:00am Thu 12 Oct
Season 5 Episode 9/10

Air Crash Investigation

Who's at the Controls? How Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed in 1972 as it prepared for arrival at Miami airport, possibly because a problem with the landing gear distracted the pilots

Category: Documentary

National Geographic
9:00am-10:00am (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

very good

very good ntional geographic.
single72   10:42pm Fri 22 Apr


I love watching ACI however I think that season 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are the best and the rest are not as good.
MAx   1:22pm Sun 16 Sep


I was expecting this to be a nerdy show about stats and people with adenoids talking. I'm don't like this. My tech knowledge extends to an iPhone 4. But this is full of genuinely fantastic graphics and walkthroughs. 2 thumbs up NatGeo
Wow   7:27pm Fri 25 Mar


andy   6:34pm Mon 21 Mar


I Got My SKY 1 Month on My Xbox 360 for £11 including Nat Geo and Stuff Like that When new Series starts Gonna Get it Again Best Show on Planes
Luke Harmer   6:37pm Sun 31 Oct


fair good show dont ken how folk can be scared
yeehaa   5:59pm Mon 4 Oct


I love this show I was able to watch all the series but now I have no Sky I cannot
Modder   7:56pm Mon 12 Jul


this is my best show i cannot miss this show i feel like i could fly a plane too lol
luka   5:31pm Mon 30 Mar


i have watched every episode and its excellent. When ever i travel on planes now i'm watching and saying to the wife they should have dropped the flaps by now you cant land without flaps.After watching all the shows i feel i can fly a plane please make lots more.
Addy   3:28pm Mon 2 Mar


i think that air crash i... is the best tv show ever and i can`t wait tor the nest series to to start
ozi   8:20pm Fri 13 Feb