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3:20am-4:55am Mon 13 Nov

Film Underdog (2007)

A mad scientist kidnaps a beagle to use as a guinea pig in his deranged experiments. But an accidental injection leaves the mutt with awe-inspiring superpowers, which he uses to foil the deranged inventor's plans to take over a city. Comedy adventure, starring Peter Dinklage and James Belushi, and featuring the voices of Jason Lee and Amy Adams

Category: Adventure

Director: Frederik Du Chau


Polly Amy Adams  (IMDB)
Underdog Jason Lee  (IMDB)
Molly Taylor Momsen  (IMDB)
Jack Alex Neuberger  (IMDB)
Dr Simon Barsinister Peter Dinklage  (IMDB)
Riff Raff Brad Garrett  (IMDB)
Cad Patrick Warburton  (IMDB)
Dan Unger James Belushi  (IMDB)

Certificate U

Sky Cinema Disney
3:20am-4:55am (1 hour 35 minutes)   Mon 13 Nov

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