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10:00pm-11:20pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 5 Episode 2/8

New Tricks

Final Curtain The inclusion of a letter in a late actor's biography reopens an old case for the team - but reliving the past threatens to be too much for the widow who was accidentally responsible for his death. DAC Strickland's cocky nephew lends his assistance, but his affections for Sandra bring out the worst in Gerry and Brian. Dexter Fletcher guest stars

Category: Detective/Thriller

10:00pm-11:20pm (1 hour 20 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments


Why is series 5 episode 3 a face for radio never shown?
kim   6:59pm Mon 17 Oct

the sound

sound is terrible - not watching again. elizabeth
elizabeth   4:58pm Sat 16 Apr

I miss NT

I really enjoyed the series. Great actors appeared there throughout the years and characters' creation was simply fantastic.
mrs l   10:23am Thu 5 Nov

Good Programme

New Tricks both new and old are/were really good, bring them back
joules2   7:28pm Wed 7 Oct

New cast

not the same magic, they don't gel , they seem as if they are all acting, get rid
old fan   10:03pm Tue 6 Oct

Shame it had to end

A fan from the start but it was a good ending.
once more   10:03pm Tue 6 Oct


I hope it will be more! There is a petition in the Internet to save the show
dd   1:16pm Thu 24 Sep

the last

I started watching this year (mainly because of Denis Lawson, he's a great actor and I was curious about the show). I hated Danny and Sasha characters but they seemed to improve. Shame this is the last series I was about becoming a fan.
ll   8:03am Thu 24 Sep

agree too

Pity this is the last as I was warming to the new cast. Very funny episode and enjoyed it.
once more   8:08pm Wed 23 Sep

Do you recommend previous series?

I think the new series is far better than for example series 9. I haven't seen the old tricks yet (with the original cast). If everyone complains about the new one I presume the show was absolutely brilliant in series 1-8?
diy   9:30am Wed 23 Sep