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11:00am-12:00pm Tue 10 Oct
Season 3 Episode 9/12

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Frenemies Vicki and Jeana fight over a second home, while Lauri samples potential menu items and holds a bridal shower as she prepares for her wedding

Category: Challenge/Reality Show

11:00am-12:00pm (1 hour )   Tue 10 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

nail crisis.

The only crisis these grotesque barbies have to face is if they break a nail. They are so stupid that they would probably dial 911.
silvie.   1:58pm Sun 30 Apr

Season 9 finally!

Ep 1 at 8pm mon 21st march itvbe followed by ep 2 at 9pm. So excited feels like forever since season 8. Happy viewing everyone!
Cat   9:19am Sun 20 Mar

season 9

sarah   11:32am Thu 10 Mar

season 9 RHOOC

When will this be on TV its been ages since last been on
Jane   3:31pm Mon 22 Feb

when are they going to be aired in the uk?

The last season shown i'm the UK was season 7 when is the next three going to be aired?
jo   9:06pm Sat 3 Oct

bravo needs to give uk proper schedule of all its shows

Isnt it about time that the owner of the real housewives franchise Bravo gave attention to uk fans. Im so fed up of waiting for next seies of my favorite shows. Ive even tried to find downloads without success. And what ever happened to housewives of Vancouver?
caz67   11:53am Thu 23 Jul

Should be soon

Season 8 is being shown on itv be At the moment.. Hopefully season 9 will follow
Icicle   3:24pm Fri 24 Apr


Please can someone advise when RHOC season 9 will air in UK?
Helsbells   1:28pm Tue 24 Feb

Rhoc & Rhony

Will they air on itvbe please answer my question fed up waiting for a reply
Mumzie   5:40pm Thu 5 Feb

Back on TV

When is RHOC back on TV it must be over a year since it was last on in th UK. No one seems to answer any of the questions
Bevers   8:09am Mon 5 Jan