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3:00am-4:00am Fri 13 Oct
Season 2 Episode 10/13

Sea Patrol

Rules of Engagement The civil war rages and Jim and Mike are both seriously injured while taking part in a daring rescue mission on Samaru. Meanwhile, Kate becomes acting commanding officer of the Hammersley

Category: General Movie/Drama

Universal Channel
3:00am-4:00am (1 hour )   Fri 13 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

sea patrol

best show ever ! Thanks to this I am now thinking of joining the navy when I am older! Would love to see another new sea patrol
sophie   6:10pm Tue 29 Dec

Loved watching this

I am English and really got into sea patrol watched the last episode on Friday and was really upset can't understand why they did'nt make another series really great show
Cookie123   11:47am Sat 7 Jun

Sea Patrol

I have seen Sea Patrol for about the last month, for me it's the best sea program ever.I fear that it will stop soon as it has run for a long time, I hope it will be on again,even my partner watches it!
kiewe2   12:15pm Tue 8 Feb

sea patrol

compulsive viewing
hal   6:01pm Sat 9 Jan

Sea Patrol

I love it. We in the UK cannot make a series like that. Well done and long may it continue
Sysinfo   5:03pm Sun 27 Dec

sea patrol

if you havent seen sea patrol then you havent lived!! thats my view anyway! sea patrol is about a australian navy war ship out on its daily patrol. WATCH IT ITS A MUST!!
seapatrollover   9:33pm Wed 4 Nov