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8:20am-10:20am Wed 15 Nov

Film The Terminator (1984)

A cyborg assassin is sent on a murderous mission back in time to the 20th century, where he wreaks havoc while searching for his intended victim - a woman whose unborn son is destined to lead the human race in a war against machines. However, a soldier has also been sent from the future to protect her. James Cameron's sci-fi thriller, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn

Category: Science Fiction

Certificate 15

Sky Cinema Action
8:20am-10:20am (2 hours )   Wed 15 Nov

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Film Comments

this is the best of the terms

funny how these robots seem to age with each sequel
seinfeld   7:08pm Mon 4 Jun


You a Yank DUDE?
Doc   1:19am Sat 25 Jun

OLD But Great

One of the best
brockle   9:01pm Fri 24 Jun

It was 1984...

From the year of the famous Orwell book, Hollywood did its best to provide as many dark Sci-Fi movies as it possibly could - and this fairly low-budget flick from James Cameron was the best of them all. No mean feat. Still a classic today, Arnie is The Terminator (no further description required), Michael Biehn plays the young hero, but Linda Hamilton steals the acting honours as the young Sarah Connor who is forced to take responsibility for the fate of mankind.
ajjam1967   1:09pm Tue 11 Jan

fond memories

Ahh, the 80s. When the bullet reigned supreme and no-one ever willingly went to the barber shop. Oh, great film, too.
The Electro Kangaroo   11:07pm Sun 23 May


Aint no one else like Arnie around, another clasic film like predator, running man, total recall. No ones filed his shoes.
Jesse V   8:31pm Sun 18 Apr


Oh man Arnie is superb in this! No-one is such a perfect terminator actor. Shame he couldn't have been cloned to always be able to play a T800 lol
Gray   9:42pm Wed 30 Dec

Reply to RIT

Dude just because you may have seen it a bizillionth time, doesn't mean other people have. This might well be their first viewing.
Gray   1:17pm Wed 30 Dec


Truly Great.
Terry Dactool   2:19pm Sat 19 Dec


Really rather dated now. Modern films such as x-men have proved to be more historically acurate.
SciFi Buff   8:02pm Sat 6 Jun