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10:00pm-11:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 7 Episode 7/14

The Shield

Bitches Brew Vic is placed under more pressure to take down Pezuela, while a prostitute from his past drags him and the Strike Team into a murder case. Dutch and Billings investigate a series of neighbourhood break-ins, and Danny asks an unlikely person for help when Vic threatens to take her to court. Michael Chiklis stars

Category: General Movie/Drama

10:00pm-11:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

When is part two?

When is part two airing?
Vic   10:12pm Sat 20 Feb

Where is episode 14

Why are they not showing the final episode ?
Col   7:52am Sat 20 Feb


The best cop series i thin i've ever watched
TheImmortalThug   9:49pm Mon 16 Nov

Deserves a Look

if you're not shocked by the sheer immortality and corruption of modern society, please tune into this tv show to get up to speed. The Wire has often overshadowed The Shield, (but then again what hasn't been by The Wire) but i think it’s great stuff that deserves to be spoken in the same terms as David Simon’s masterpiece. There are no good guys in The Shield, no code of honour to live by; only brutal, shocking acts of violence conducted in a clapped out Los Angeles unrecognisable from The City of Angels Hollywood would have us believe.
Karandeep   10:51pm Wed 20 May

The Shield

I love the shield-but i missed the first episode because it wasnt advertised and i couldnt find out when it started for some reason. I saw one advert for it that said it was starting soon but no dates mentioned. Im disappointed but hopefully the episode tonight will cheer me up!!! so exciting!! I cant wait to see what happens!!
Geri   2:22pm Thu 26 Feb


Best ever cop show on tv.
watch2much   7:50pm Fri 27 Jul

Hard hitting

A hard hitting series, the lead characters are corrupt police officers - but driven act outside the law by need and greed. You can't help siding with them. Very powerful drama
HXP   7:39pm Fri 13 Jul