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8:00pm-9:00pm Sun 12 Nov

Film Quantum of Solace (2008)

James Bond sets out on a personal mission of vengeance as he pursues the secret criminal organisation Quantum. His search leads him to the head of an ecological corporation, who is plotting to orchestrate a coup in a Latin American country to get his hands on a precious natural resource. Spy thriller sequel, starring Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Judi Dench, Gemma Arterton and Mathieu Amalric

Category: Adventure

Certificate 12

8:00pm-9:00pm (1 hour )   Sun 12 Nov

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Film Comments

Not as advertised lj

Why no subtitles as advertised?
Lj   8:21pm Thu 29 Dec

More misery.

You thinks this is miserable, have you heard the theme tune to Spectre !!!!!!!!! slit your wrists.
music fan   11:39am Thu 22 Oct

Quantum of Sausage

Kinda miserable.
Larry   9:09pm Mon 19 Oct

Messy and dull!

More yawns.
Edd   8:06pm Sat 1 Feb


confused mess. Yawn.
Sable Basilisk   5:43pm Sat 1 Feb


Quantum of sausage
have some   10:21pm Mon 30 Dec

Has anyone

seen the comments auditor recently
Where?   12:02am Sun 29 Jul


Action, action, action, muscles, more action. C'mon! why not make a bond film for those out of their teenage years?
S.Connery   10:48pm Wed 20 Jun


this new bond is trying to hard to be serious. There's a distinct lack of humour since Craig took over. Not his fault, he's a decent enough actor, but lacks the charisma of the other guys IMO!!
seinfeld   7:00pm Mon 4 Jun

Regaining Bond Without Robert Wade

At least the franchise is back on its feet again thanks to Craig's no nonsense hit-man. Long gone is the memory of the mannequin, Brosnan and the overly-serious Dalton. Yes the Bourne series is better but in the World of Bond, Daniel Craig has given it some kudos which would gain even greater weight if they got rid of the screen-writers Robert Wade and that other fella!
Ghidera   12:11pm Mon 4 Jun