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11:30pm-12:00am Wed 11 Oct
Season 1 Episode 27/64

Destroyed in Seconds

A rocket explosion scatters bystanders who fear for their lives, six racing cars are destroyed in a crash on a wet track, and a bull rider is trampled by his animal

Category: General Social/Political Issues/Economics

11:30pm-12:00am (30 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

It's the Pitts

Well the commentators name is Pitts-2 t's-so that's what you get
deebee   11:19pm Wed 17 Aug


Why is distance and speed in metric with value in US dollars. This is inconsistent and does not fit US, UK or anywhere else
Pedant   6:40pm Tue 27 Jan


This must be the mosy awful commentary in history. A roll is not a flip, rallying does not have a "course" it has a stage. Still only one u in nuclear, and how is it that the most dramatic crashes are due to "a gust of wind", never rider error??
cpochin   12:41pm Thu 29 Aug


Still only one u in nuclear!!!
cpochin   10:25pm Fri 23 Aug


There is only one u in nuclear!!!!! See previous comment.
cpochin   8:50am Tue 6 Aug

Septic accuracy

Steel does not melt at 800 degrees Celsius, more like 1500!!! Whoever heard of a racing saloon BMW weighing 2.5 tonnes, even septic "short tons"!!! I suppose this programme on this channel is not intended for knowledgeable watchers
cpochin   11:49am Mon 1 Jul