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12:30pm-12:45pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 2 Episode 12/26

Grandpa in My Pocket

Making the Most of Max Jason and his cousin make a model caveman, but it gets damaged - so Grandpa steps in to save the day

Category: Comedy

12:30pm-12:45pm (15 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Miss Smilie??

Now I know where Mrs Tembe in Doctors went missing.....she's on here minus the ridiculous accent.
georgie   12:27pm Thu 20 Apr

Re Jason

The young person playing Jason is fantasic he has a wonderful smile and is a pleasure to watch, hope he goes on to big things.
Smiley   6:41am Wed 1 Sep

poor actor

the kid in this is terrible
JABBA   3:18pm Wed 28 Apr

where is alvin?

It includes everyone's name except cousin alvin!!!
TheJamzy2009   10:48pm Sat 10 Apr


jason, jemima grandpa are really kool!!!!! want to meet them one day!!!
roony rox   12:23pm Fri 22 Jan

Good Stuff

Excellent special effects, but unless he had some extensive flight training I doubt he would be able to fly a plane in a kitchen environment.
Dubious   3:20pm Thu 14 Jan

Excellent show but too early for the kids who go to school!

My son really likes Grandpa in my pocket. Unfortunatelly at 3.15pm he is at school. We were very happy when it was on CBBeebies at 5.30pm.
Aky   5:57pm Mon 18 May