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9:00am-9:30am Thu 12 Oct
Season 14 Episode 2/13

How It's Made

Replica Revolvers/Used-Oil Furnaces/Vegetable Peelers/Pizza Cutters The manufacture of replica revolvers, used-oil furnaces, vegetable peelers and pizza cutters

Category: Technology

9:00am-9:30am (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

Very annoying background music

I try to watch this programme but barely make it pas the first five minutes because of the insane use of music to "drive" it forward...but looking at other comments this is not something the programme makers care about
insane audio   1:59pm Sun 3 May

Awful background musIc

Loud and insane awful rock guitar music. Makes the show impossible to watch!
Car viewer fan1   2:36pm Fri 27 Feb

Remove the #$#$#@ music

Great show with one exception - the lame mmusic is annoying beyond belief. Had to change the channel
bloke   3:49am Sat 6 Dec

Annoying, constant background music!

Like many have said, the incessant, annoying, electronic background music in "How It's Made" makes the program completely unwatchable. Shame. Usually would love a show like this.
PDG   5:10pm Sun 5 May


Very Interesting. But I would like to know how they build the Machines that build the Car, or whatever. 9/10
Swiifteh   4:21pm Sun 4 Sep


Very interesting program
...   10:27pm Tue 16 Aug

Quite relaxing

I find the fast run through of all the machinery kind of hypnotic. @Mr Construction. I found Eastenders the most horrible grimfare I could even imagine, not the place for faires and elves who would surely have plunged out their immortal lives with whatever magical weaponry they happend to be carrying.
Rocketboy   7:47pm Wed 22 Jun

Annoying Musak

Excellent informative, interesting programmes RUINED BY LOUD, ANNOYING MUSAK! Please stop it!
Ivan Earful   12:00pm Wed 20 Apr

gives a good insight into how things are produced

But, has anyone noticed the down side? opperators of machineary not using any eye or ear protection? usig chemicals without any breathing apperatus? dangerous work practices? and a lot of ot looks to be in the U.K.? not a very shining example of the state of care of the workforce in this country.
get real   10:19am Sun 6 Feb

Very Interesting

Not the sort of TV you would expect a fan of Eastenders to watch, they all think that everything's made by elves or magic'd by fairies...
Mr Construction   4:48pm Wed 2 Feb