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6:00am-6:45am Thu 12 Oct
Season 5 Episode 55

Dickinson's Real Deal

Lancaster 2 David Dickinson is joined by antiques dealers David Hakeney, Karen Dalmeny, Mike Melody and Helen Gardiner in Lancaster to offer locals the chance to put their items up for auction or accept a cash payment. A Royal Doulton fox fetches a high price in the saleroom

Category: General Show/Game Show

6:00am-6:45am (45 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

let me win

It must be Me
mog   4:03pm Fri 20 Jan

Why only on UTV Ireland?

Why not also on ITV?
Bram   9:05pm Mon 3 Oct


Why do you see some of the same "sellers" on the show selling for a "friend"?
Lynn   3:14pm Fri 29 Jul

what area will you be going to next

Do you ever go to essex area ie Romford
Donna   3:35pm Wed 29 Jun

I would like to take part in the next show

I have few valuable items for sale.
Mimi   4:13pm Tue 7 Jun

I would like to take part in the next show

I have few valuable items for sale.
Mimi   3:45pm Tue 7 Jun


Best show on TV. love the competition.
David   3:38pm Wed 18 May

Show Format

Who is responsible for completely B....xing up the programme. What with the preview at the start, the constant 'whats coming next' through the programme, then each seller saying what they want and each buyer saying what they want to give, the only part worth watching is the auctions.How long before you tell us what will happen there? Whoever you are you have done exactly the same as Flog it and F....d up a perfectly good programme.
Bill Keen   4:25pm Tue 29 Mar

Rino horn

there was a rhino horn walking stick auctioned on the programme on Monday 28th march 2016 and it went for over four grand I know it was carved before 1945 but I still think this is very irresponsible for the programme to show this as it indirectly promotes the demand for rhino and other banned horn like Ivory I do not think these items should be sold and shown
saddened   3:26pm Tue 29 Mar


Hi I would like to get a valuation of a Michailas Maminas original oil painting. How would I go about that?
Jackysema   3:34pm Thu 1 Oct