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6:15pm-9:00pm Thu 12 Oct

Film Robin Hood (2010)

An archer fighting in Richard the Lionheart's crusading army returns home to England and assumes the identity of a nobleman killed in battle. His new-found status draws him into a dangerous conflict with members of the newly crowned King John's court, and a traitorous knight plots to aid the French in conquering England. Ridley Scott's medieval adventure, starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Mark Strong

Category: Adventure

Certificate 12

6:15pm-9:00pm (2 hours 45 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Film Comments


'traitorous' is not a word, it's treacherous.
Gramma   9:00am Sun 5 Jan

live tv

how the hell do you get live tv on here?
guitarman   6:14pm Sun 19 Aug

i love ronin hood

I can't believe there not going to be a 4th season, England didn't have it's king back yet. I can't believe they kill robin hood!
emma   6:56pm Mon 1 Feb

a better ending

Robin should've handed over Isabella and Guy; then maybe he would've been spared.
demelzabunny   5:29am Wed 1 Jul

Robin Hood

Is the last episode being repeated? Missed it as recorded BBC1 while out and it was on BBC2 instead due to Wimbledon. Very sad kids ...
Joey   9:53am Mon 29 Jun

as if

why would they kill off ROBIN HOOD?!
grhh   8:50pm Sat 27 Jun

hes dead

robin is dead
donkey   7:47pm Sat 27 Jun


How can you have a black Friar Tuck?
Teddy Bear   5:50pm Sat 27 Jun

Keith Allen

OMG is Keith Allen Lily's Allens dad???????
love Robin Hoodxxx   12:18pm Sat 27 Jun

Re: Friar Tuck

The token black man; that's pretty racist in itself.
Dommy   2:55pm Sat 6 Jun