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12:00pm-1:00pm Tue 14 Nov
Season 1 Episode 4/6

Wild Britain with Ray Mears

Wetlands The survival expert explores Somerset's low-lying wetlands, one of the largest feeding grounds in Europe, where he spots little egret herons hunting for food and gathers reedmace pollen to make a pancake. He also catches a glimpse of an emperor dragonfly, and watches an otter gliding through water at dusk

Category: Nature/Animals/Environment

Travel Channel
12:00pm-1:00pm (1 hour )   Tue 14 Nov

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Show Comments

Wild deer Isle of Wight

Whoever told Ray that there are no wild deer on the Isle of Wight? They have been around for years!
widere   11:25pm Fri 24 Jan

one of the best

why is STV showing a random selection at odd dates? And why are so few Natural History programmes available on blu-ray?
bluedreamer   1:05pm Wed 11 Sep


a god program spoilt by no subtitles
Nan   9:28pm Fri 11 Jan

Ray Mears

is one the the best humans ever!
Dexterror   9:56pm Thu 10 Jan

good evening

I say, steady on anne
terence   8:03pm Mon 11 Oct