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3:00am-3:25am Fri 13 Oct
Season 2 Episode 5/13

Renford Rejects

Boy Band Ronnie, Ben, Vinnie and Bruno decide to leave the Rejects and form a boy band under the guidance of famous music promoter Sven Garley, but find they are not cut out a career in music

Category: General Children's/Youth

3:00am-3:25am (25 minutes)   Fri 13 Oct

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Show Comments

Pual Parris is my drama teacher.

He is my drama teacher at drama lab and he is married lol!
Bob   7:22pm Thu 28 May

its good

Funny and entertaining i would recommended it to anyone.
frodo   4:26pm Thu 12 Mar


an english man who thinks hes italian, great stuff
hollyhastoomuchtime   9:01pm Sat 6 Dec

Rnford rjects

Rahh this is sum sikk programme man aint watched in agess buh still its blessed man! Dey need a new series init!
2sho2k8   11:24pm Tue 15 Jul

watching It

Watching It For The First Time In 2 Years Now Cant Wait To See More
MancunianJoeL339   10:33pm Fri 13 Jun

2 Years Now

I Havent Seen That For Nearly 2 Years Now And Irenember It Well
MancunianJoeL339   4:06pm Fri 11 Apr