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2:30pm-3:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 12 Episode 21/50

Come Dine with Me

Doncaster Insurance worker Zoe Prince prepares an Italian-themed menu for the first dinner party in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. However, chip shop manager Martyn Bilby gets a frosty reception when he tries to hold the hand of fellow guest Signe Jase, and trading standards manager Tracey Hewer is on edge as soon as she hears a cat meowing upstairs

Category: Challenge/Reality Show

2:30pm-3:00pm (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

Not football now

I thought the Germany and Denmark game was being played on More4 at 11 today after the game got postponed on Channel 4 due to the rain. So how do I see that game now. Ffs sort out the website!
Don't want to say   7:52am Sun 30 Jul


How do I get her number
Paul   5:39pm Fri 17 Feb

Not nice

What a couple of b**ches. Way they treated last guy was undeserved -glad neither won
Dinnadinna   7:12pm Thu 9 Feb


Bosnian born irena is awful. I would be so offended if she was my social worker, she is horrific!
Carrie   10:22pm Wed 28 Dec

End music

Love the music end credits I get such laugh out of them so fitting for the episode
Branny   8:07pm Wed 17 Aug

Rachel, I would resign if I were you

I would say more but that would mean lowering to her level!!!!
No-to-vulgarity   6:33pm Sat 20 Feb

What a Wag

That Kat is awful, fancies herself no end. Thick as a plank too.
No Goal for her   8:22pm Fri 20 Nov


I think this is hilarious, my dog loves it and so do I 10/10, would watch again.;)
Voiiddd   12:25pm Thu 5 Nov

Another loser

Was the female ex-cop a man? Another contestant who wouldn't play fair - or a sad loser?
Mofly   6:02pm Fri 25 Sep

Needs changed

I used to enjoy thhis programme, but I can't belive after a decade that it is still the same unfair marking process. The guests should give their ratings at the end of the week in front of each other so there is less likely to be cheating.
Ses   7:01pm Mon 8 Jun