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11:14pm-11:45pm Thu 7 Dec
Season 4 Episode 8/29

Wizards of Waverly Place

Dancing with Angels Rosie and Justin go on their first date to an Angels Only club in Los Angeles

Category: General Children's/Youth

Disney Channel
11:14pm-11:45pm (31 minutes)   Thu 7 Dec

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Show Comments

jlster forever and a day 2014

i love austin and ally and i love this has aswell xxxxxx
miss merrygold   8:08pm Sat 26 Jul


hey selena ....... you are so cut........ and Ilove you girl!!!!
MARAL   3:15pm Fri 15 Feb


hey selena ....... when you are so cut........ and Ilove you girl!!!!
MARAL   3:11pm Fri 15 Feb


i love this so mutch tootootww
sim   1:40pm Wed 10 Oct

wowp is the best

i love wowp, the only thing i dont like is when season 4 finishes and i will be sad!!!
wowp fan   11:23am Sat 23 Jul

i love this show

i love this show and so should u and p.s.selena is not selena poo pants gomez she is selena roes pettel gomez i love her in a friend way always watch it 1 best show in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love herxx:)
bellaxx   3:31pm Tue 26 Apr


jody   4:48pm Mon 25 Apr

Justins girlfriend

I loveee this show but wished justin's girlfriend would cum back!
Mil da mad   7:00pm Sun 27 Feb

mack it happen

i like it
leah   3:09pm Thu 24 Feb


wisards   10:41am Sat 12 Feb