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1:00pm-2:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 22 Episode 4/6


DIY SOS: The Big Build: Cirencester Nick Knowles and the team head to Cirencester, Gloucestershire, to help the Beasleys finish work on an incomplete extension to their former council house. The project has taken a back seat to ill health and loss of work over the previous five years, leaving the family on the brink of despair, so local tradespeople, members of the community and designer Charlie Luxton are enlisted to help with the build

Category: DIY

1:00pm-2:00pm (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Wallpaper the the daughters bedroom

Where can I find the wallpaper please with the flowery panels squares in Sophie's new bedroom , and the rose pink curtains ? in Sophie's bedroom , program Wednesday 22nd March 2017.
Mimi Anderson   10:07pm Wed 22 Mar


Where can I find wallpaper in bedrooms in the middle of doing our bedrooms and I have fell in love with the bedroons
Avalon30   8:56pm Wed 8 Feb


Diysos is one of the best programmes on TV. I love it and it so funny. Bring it on!
Wizzy   1:12pm Wed 31 Aug

Piano background music

Does anyone know the name of the song with the piano in when they showed the rooms on the series 27 Birmingham?
Kez   10:22pm Fri 18 Mar

Bring back Steve Fallowfield

He is very enjoyable to watch, so entertaining. Bring back Steve to work with Nick and the rest of the team.
sandra   9:22pm Mon 14 Mar

Red and white wallpaper

The red and white wallpaper in this week's show is called Airfix London Red I can't find it cheaper than £120 a roll!
Kate   11:21am Fri 19 Feb

Wallpaper birmingham

Where can I get the red and white wallpaper from that was in one of the kids bedrooms!
Nancy   10:56pm Wed 17 Feb

lounge wallpaper in chesterfield

where can I get the wallpaper used in the living room in chesterfield
cazza   12:06am Thu 26 Nov

Table football wall paper

What an excellent show! How do I find out where to buy the table football wall paper used in the second episode of the Manchester's homes for Heros?
MN   10:29pm Wed 21 Oct

song at start of show

Does anyone know the name of the song played at the start of tonights Show in Manchester
brayatron   8:27pm Wed 19 Mar