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6:00am-9:15am (3 hours 15 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
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This Morning

Naga seemed to think it was hilarious that a man who swallowed a fish almost died. Her behaviour was totally unprofessional. I hope she is severely reprimanded for that and her constant put down of her fellow presenters
disgusting   7:48am Fri 13 Oct


For someone to have a serious talk to Naga and tell her to do the job she is employed to do which is to present the programme and not to take over completely. The incident with the Trophy was way out fof order
Irritated   7:48am Sat 7 Oct

Enough is enough

Wow. Naga has outdone herselft this morning. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion but you also need to respect everyone else's opinion too. Naga fails to do this at every turn. Firstly with mobile phones and then with pandas. She has a air of importance that is not deserved and her voice is so monotonous. I thought the presenters were meant to be unbiased?
Raxh   7:13am Sat 7 Oct


Steph looks like she needs a good meal. Her eyes are sunken.
jimbo   9:14pm Thu 5 Oct

Prev comm

Fake tan? Are you for real?
reuben   6:31pm Thu 5 Oct

Get her off

She is a b##ch. Can't stand her face her voice her ears her stupid sprayed on hair and fake tan. Why is she on tv by the way
Good Will Hunting   2:54pm Thu 5 Oct

Dreadful Voice

When Naga is on, I usually turn over, dreadful grating monotone voice, it was bliss when she was off.
GOrkn   8:24am Sat 30 Sep

Previous comment

I totally agree. She gets more irritating by the day. Then there's charlie asking Benjamin If he was worried about becoming sixty. REALLY!!!
Irritated   8:09am Thu 28 Sep


How long before the BBC realise what a turnoff Naga is; literally! Turn on tv, Naga on the sofa, turn off. BBC's loss, Sky's gain.
Lynda   7:03am Thu 28 Sep


Relentless monotonous tone for what seemed like forever on the panel today. Fgs take a breath!!
reuben   8:20am Wed 9 Aug