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8:15am-8:25am Wed 11 Oct


Current affairs reports aimed at a younger audience

Category: General Children's/Youth

8:15am-8:25am (10 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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luv newsround

helo meh nem jeff I luv newsround soo infromatev plz sub 2 meh utube chanl wic hazz 2 epik minecraft subs B)
DarkViper2   4:31pm Wed 26 Jul

Love it

I love it. I think it's very informative and fun.
Lucy   12:21pm Tue 14 Jan


hi guy ..
bobby   5:01pm Thu 5 Sep

good, satisfactory

newsround is a very good educational news programme
laverity   1:58pm Sun 31 Mar


How can we send money to the Jacintha fund? Anyone knows?
Frank   5:46pm Thu 13 Dec


hi newsround thank you thank for your meet on newsround on march
duil   6:28pm Tue 20 Mar

hello newsround ore

hi newsround i m very sad why is a answer new meeting with but why in the hoildays with ore
duil   8:33pm Mon 19 Mar

england west

hi newsround i like a good pain to meet hayle
duil   10:03pm Thu 15 Mar

62 Goodman Park

hi ricky good to see you on newsround hello
duil   7:16pm Mon 5 Mar

62 Goodman Park

hi ricky i like you thank you hello
duil   6:59pm Mon 5 Mar