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9:15am-11:15am Wed 11 Oct

The Wright Stuff

Matthew Wright and his guests talk about the issues of the day, with viewers calling in to offer their opinions

Category: Discussion/Debate

Channel 5
9:15am-11:15am (2 hours )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Theresa May

I agree with the previous caller, we all need to back Theresa May right now. I think the majority won’t because they are not used to a woman as our leader.
Jo   9:00am Tue 10 Oct


Ms Brown has the ability to involve Brexit in any discussion. If Matthew was debating the merit of eating popcorn in the cinema she would find a way to involve Brexit and show her disgust
Democracy rocks   10:01am Tue 19 Sep

Yasmin again

She has confessed today to being 'full of hate', what is new I ask
Eurosceptic   9:59am Mon 18 Sep

Lowry is great!

It's been a breath of fresh air this week, with the combination of Lowri and the other guest (male, can't see his name) providing well-balanced views - a refreshing change from Ms Alibhai-Brown's and Mr Little's manic political rantings. Thank you
Balance Is Good   10:33am Tue 8 Aug

Yasmin aklibhai-Brown

Matthew has informed us that Yasmin has gone to Barcelona. No doubt on her return she will be complaining that Barcelona's hardened attitude to all tourists regardless of their origins is down to Brexit
Eurosceptic   11:09am Mon 7 Aug

Lowri turner

Irritating lowri Turner whenever she's on I turn it off, really can't stand her,
Vicky   10:17am Mon 7 Aug

Well done

Start of my day with you have done for years .THANKS
rosey   4:30pm Fri 30 Jun


Who is Mark Little Australian or British? Can he vote in our elections? He is extremely vocal on his hatred of our democratically elected government.and makes no bones about condemning our legitimate and democratically elected government. Who on earth in Channel 5 decided to give this individual a platform when he is more or less 'banned' from the airways for his extremist views. Has he lived here and earned the right to his opinions on our democratic voters. If not this is a disgrace to our broadcasters. He played an idiot in Neighbours. Enough said.
Lets be fair   2:22pm Fri 30 Jun


Why do the same people take over the Matthew Wright audience every day,they are so annoying,especially the one called Tina . Today they even had one of them on the phone in.Give someone else a chance
livid   12:52pm Mon 26 Jun


He knows more about women's problems than what women know, which I find a bit weird. He knows eff all about anything else.
cranky jo.   11:30am Fri 23 Jun