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2:50am-3:00am Thu 12 Oct

ITV4 Nightscreen

Text-based information service

Category: General Education/Science/Factual Topics

2:50am-3:00am (10 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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I did not know that

But i think i is a great idea. ITV is an absolute joke these days, Once it was a great channel easily rivalling the BBC for quality output. Now it is just reality based phone in scams and celeb obsessed rubbish
Gary Glitter   12:21am Thu 9 Dec


Did you know that if ITV turned off its transmitters instead of showing Nightscreen and Teleshopping there would be enough energy to power the whole of Ireland!
Information Man   6:45pm Mon 1 Mar


Nightscreen, shown on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4, is the modern-day equivalent of teletext pages screened throughout the night. It provides factual information about upcoming programmes on ITV, but quite honestly you won't be watching it unless you're an insomniac - ITV really should save energy and turn the transmitters off if they have nothing to broadcast.
TestCardGuy   12:35pm Thu 14 Feb