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6:30am-7:00am Thu 12 Oct

Psychic Detectives

Investigation into baffling police cases that detectives have been unable to solve by conventional means and have enlisted psychics to help

Category: Documentary

6:30am-7:00am (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Psychic detectives

I can also touch and see, as I call it. There is more to this life and our abilities than is generally recognised, I have had a lot of psychic experiences in all sorts of ways and am completely at home with this. Love watching it and seeing the doubters minds change! There is much more to come as we advance and gain confidence in our own abilities ...... Cat
Caty   2:45pm Tue 27 Sep

Noreen Renier, a con artist

Incredible to see this "advertising" for this known American con artist being aired on UK tv channel
amazed   6:47am Sun 25 Jan