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FRANCE 24 English

11:00am-11:16am Wed 11 Oct


Every half hour, a 10 to 15-minute news bulletin is presented live from the newsroom

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FRANCE 24 English
11:00am-11:16am (16 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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different view of the world

great to see and hear the news from another perspective, particularly from some excellent reporters
cydectin   8:54pm Sat 21 May


world news - wake up BBC!
DOGSNAME   6:50pm Thu 7 Oct


niiiiiiiiiice niiiiiiiiiice niiiiiiiiiice niiiiiiiiiice niiiiiiiiiice
addd   5:09pm Mon 28 Jun

v. good

very good sound
bob   8:12pm Thu 12 Feb