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8:00pm-8:45pm Fri 8 Dec

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The latest national and international stories as they break

Category: News

BBC News
8:00pm-8:45pm (45 minutes)   Fri 8 Dec

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Show Comments

Brilliant service

This is a excellent service, it's clear, I will never miss any news again.
PP   11:42am Sun 3 Dec

USA floods

Oops Houston we have a problem!
couldnotresist   1:30pm Mon 28 Aug

The BBC Bed

Lie in it all the time
Larry   7:51pm Wed 2 Aug


Did you get on the wrong site? Of course the news is on every night otherwise it would not be news. Of course they are not repeats as old news is Unless of course you are being faceteous then I like your style!
once more   8:01am Fri 12 Jun


This program seems to be on every single night. Frankly I'm tired of BBC repeats. Make something fresh for goodness sake!
Mikatile   6:09pm Wed 10 Jun


Was it necessary for the BBC to hog a third of the viewing screen with over-sized banners obscuring most of what was going on with todays demonstration in Paris. Annoying!!
Mike   3:56pm Sun 11 Jan


again no subtitles for HoH. thanks
Nan   9:12pm New Years Day


while the world burns, BBC will 'report extensively' on a baton relay. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!
TUBBY   11:05am Tue 24 Jun

The Accent

I am from Yorkshire, but I have friends from Canada and love the show. The actors talk too fast and can't be understood. Slow down
Corrfan   10:56pm Tue 18 Mar


,, of public money, for such narrow, corporate-propaganist and downright lazy reporting on events of world importance,, like Ukraine!!?? No balance, depth or reasonable analysis. BBC GETS AN F!!!
tubby   6:37pm Thu 6 Mar