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8:00pm-9:55pm Sun 10 Dec

Select Committees

Exiting the EU select committee session on the Brexit sectoral impact assessments with evidence from the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, David Davis, followed by Philip Rycroft, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Exiting the European Union, from Wednesday 6 December

Category: General Social/Political Issues/Economics

BBC Parliament
8:00pm-9:55pm (1 hour 55 minutes)   Sun 10 Dec

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The best drama on the box

Unscripted, often stripped of political in-fighting . . . here you can view real stories without background music or gratuitous sex.
Pseudspotter   9:16am Tue 21 Mar

Democracy in action

It's tempting to think that these might me a little dull to say the least, but in reality they are often highly engrossing. The committees are largely free of party politics and more concerned with investigation and getting to the truth. Usually this takes the form of of a representative of some special interest group being interrogated relentlessly until the committee decide they are finished with them.
The Mule   9:51pm Fri 9 Nov