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Category: General Social/Political Issues/Economics

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7:00am-8:00am (1 hour )   Sun 10 Dec

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Plastic wig? Don't you mean lego hair
Zee   5:23pm Thu 7 Dec

nagging nagga mon chatty

Get this voice grating plastic wig woman off our screens, her and Charlie stayt are the biggest turn offs on TV, we cannot watch BBC news or any other programme that she is on, she does so love herself,
MIKE M   5:12pm Thu 7 Dec


Naga looked flushed . I am amazed they found a toilet big enough
HAHAHA   5:52pm Thu 30 Nov


Why is this irritating woman on so often. She is so full of her own importance. She even took over Dan's sports section this morning. Someone needs to tell her it is not The Naga show.
Irritated   8:57am Sat 25 Nov


She puts our household into a bad mood before we even leave the house for the daily grind. How do these people get these jobs?
the weatherman   2:24pm Thu 23 Nov

More like....

Nagging munchkin yetty
HOHOHO Green giant.   5:06pm Sat 18 Nov

Nagging Munchette

Say it all
HAHAHA   12:45pm Sat 18 Nov

Nagga and Charlie stayt

These two are the worst news presenters, her irritating voice, is awful, and Charlie Stayt, thinks he is so important, , usually they are on Wednesday and Thursdays, so we switch to ltv or Sky, , she was on this saturday morning, and with Newswatch, being shown, the saviour of BBC News, it was definetely switch off time,
Mikem   11:22am Sat 18 Nov


I have had to turn the volume down again this morning due to her grating voice. As for Ore on Radio two!! So full of himself.
Irritated   8:57am Thu 9 Nov


She really needs to go. Her interaction with Ian Duncan Smith was infantile. Is she incapable of understanding as she repeats herself constantly. Get someone on who has some idea what they are talking about fgs. Btw she looks particularly drab this morning.
reuben   7:31am Thu 9 Nov