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11:15pm-12:00am Wed 13 Dec


Analysis of the day's events, presented by Evan Davis

Category: News Magazine/Current Affairs

BBC News
11:15pm-12:00am (45 minutes)   Wed 13 Dec

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Show Comments

Katie Razzall

She was great as a presenter, so much better than Evan Davis, Kristy Walk, Emily Maitlis & James O'Brien.
FB fan   4:51pm Tue 24 Nov

Laura Kuenssberg

Please get rid of her and her silly, really irritating voice
Pens   10:55pm Tue 24 Jun

Laura K boring girly voice zzzxxx

Thought I would try and squeeze a comment in between Eggheads......
bemused   11:56pm Thu 27 Feb

Laura Kuenssberg

Does anyone else find it suspicious that Laura was a presenter on Newsnight and then she suddenly defected to ITV during the McApline saga? Now she is back as presenter. Horrid woman. get rid of now!
Henpecked Husband   3:48pm Sat 22 Feb

geese like this ..

because it's proper gander
Fred   10:30pm Thu 14 Nov

BBC scoop

Emily Maitlis was originally a man called Saul Zissman before the OP
bbc insider   9:35pm Sun 3 Nov


Who does Chris Huhne know - the ex con - to get a spot on Newsnight. Clear proof of the Old Boys Club network
You   10:41pm Fri 27 Sep

At last!

Gavin Esler tonight...Finaly a decent presenter!
Basil   5:54pm Fri 9 Aug

Not her again!!!

Victoria Derbyshire is the worst Newsnight presenter ever. Where did they find her? Last night I switched the TV off. I couldn't stand her any more!
Basil   6:28pm Tue 6 Aug

50 Minutes of

Islamic hatred and pro war propaganda. The BBC are NOT impartial.
I do NOT pay the BBC a penny!   3:39pm Tue 11 Jun