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12:25am-1:30am Fri 13 Oct
Season 7 Episode 5/8

Live at the Apollo

Rich Hall, Mark Watson and Andrew Maxwell Rich Hall hosts the stand-up show recorded at London's Hammersmith Apollo, doing his own thing before introducing routines by Mark Watson and Andrew Maxwell

Category: Stand-up Comedy

12:25am-1:30am (1 hour 5 minutes)   Fri 13 Oct

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Show Comments

crazy lady .

Aisling bea is seriously disturbed, her medication can't be working. As for frankie Boyle he looks like he's swallowed a sumo wrestler.
macca.   11:16pm Mon 25 Sep

One out of three aint bad

The first woman was funny but very annoyingly repetitive. The second woman was hilarious but a tad offensive. The third guy was absolutely abysmal. I didn't even smile once during his performance.
Liam   11:16pm Wed 23 Nov


Hit and miss. Sometimes it is hilarious.
Yaspaa   9:26pm Wed 13 Jan


About as funny as a dose of you know what.
Joe   11:47am Wed 22 Apr


its great 10/10
mainstream guy   12:13pm Tue 3 Mar

stereotypical hipster

too mainstream
stereotypical hipster   12:11pm Tue 3 Mar

From OK to Awesome

How can it be utter cack or a waste of tax payers money. there is too much variety. Bishop IS funny.
Yaspaa   11:06pm Sun 15 Dec


jsj   9:44pm Mon 23 Sep


Best pair in the country. Sack Mcintyre
onslow   11:45pm Fri 12 Oct

not my cup ov t

cack, cack, utter damn cack.
bbc tv evader   6:45pm Sat 14 Jul