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10:12pm-10:43pm Mon 11 Dec
Season 1 Episode 1/26


New York, New Nanny First episode of the sitcom, starring Debby Ryan as Texan teenager Jessie O'Keefe who is assigned to work as a nanny for famous New York-based movie director Morgan and his glamorous ex-supermodel-turned-entrepreneur wife Christina

Category: Comedy

Disney Channel
10:12pm-10:43pm (31 minutes)   Mon 11 Dec

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Show Comments


Best thing i have ever seen better than kc undercover
Ayam   8:42pm Thu 22 Dec


This show shows us the life of former wrestler Jessie Ventura
Up yours   6:56pm Mon 30 Sep


do eowp
Emma.Alfie   12:44pm Sat 30 Mar


its well good this program its one of my Favorite on Disney channel xxx
charlei   5:17pm Thu 15 Mar