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9:00pm-10:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 1 Episode 8/8

Death in Paradise

Dwayne is in high spirits after meeting a new woman on a night out, but his joy is cut short when she is found dead the following morning. It soon transpires the victim was living under a false identity and gathering evidence against a money-laundering ring, but as the team struggles to piece together the clues, Richard hears the news he has been longing for - his old job is available if he wants it. It looks like the Caribbean cops will be solving this murder without their British DI. John Thomson guest stars, with Ben Miller, Sara Martins, Danny John-Jules and Gary Carr

Category: Detective/Thriller

9:00pm-10:00pm (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Lovely Camille

She is by far the best thing in it along with some of the other actresses and extras who appear in it, particularly the black ones who also seem very fit. Jamelia appeared in an episode as the victim and best I have ever seen her.
Appreciate   9:38am Fri 25 Nov

I cant keep awake

I have fallen asleep during every episode of the new series and have no idea who dunnit = where to find!
SEC Universal   10:46am Sat 6 Feb

Pulling A Doctor Who?

Alright, so with the recent death of Richard Poole and Fidel leaving, and NOW CAMILLE IS GONE. This leads me to think this show could work out like Doctor Who, where the new "doctor" appears every few seasons, along with new characters (hopefully no more main cast leaving besides Humphrey...)
????   1:10am Sun 28 Jun

Wish it was on every day

Such a good film
Swagwhamfamalam   9:46pm Thu 26 Feb


Best show on BBC
peterman   6:00am Thu 26 Feb

Kris is Soo Right

Have watched and enjoyed this series for a while - but believe it has improved soo much with Kris playing the lead role - Very entertaining
JMI   5:21pm Wed 11 Feb

Love it

Kris is a very good actor, this programme I love.All the cast are so superb .
Roxy   10:17pm Thu 29 Jan

Adam Frost

The most enjoyable thing I've watched in ages! never rated it much with the other guy playing the detective but Adam Frost is superb! Looking forward to the next series if Adam Frost is staying!
Rose   4:38pm Wed 5 Mar


I look forward to Tuesdays and watching this.
AMW   7:38pm Tue 4 Mar

Sara Martins n helen foxendale

both nice on the eye.. shame ben harpers son too over.. Sara, I would buy a bag of chips if she's ever in london :)
daily male   9:48pm Tue 14 Jan