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9:00pm-10:00pm Wed 15 Nov

Film Justice (2011)

A man whose wife has been attacked is approached by a member of a vigilante group who offers to deal with the perpetrator. He accepts the offer and is told he will have to return the favour - but when the time comes to pay up, he discovers he is required to kill someone. Thriller, starring Nicolas Cage, January Jones and Guy Pearce

Category: Police/Crime Drama

Certificate 15

9:00pm-10:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 15 Nov

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Film Comments

Insulting and Dangerous because so stupid and uninformed

O pa-lease some sane person get this American prat off the UK airwaves.
Intelligent Educated UK Person   8:50pm Tue 15 Mar


This series is an example of what British television is capable of when it is allowed to stray away from the tyranny of ratings and newspaper popularism. It is unashamedly intelligent. It is a series of half an hour programmes that will enlighten you and make you think, but that are inclusive and not exclusive. This series covers interesting subjects that are relevant to all of us, whether you are blue collar or blue blood. Please do more of this BBC.
Comedy Junkie   10:46pm Tue 8 Feb


We need much more of this intelligent type of television.
Watcher   9:43am Wed 26 Jan

At last - intelligent telly

This is wonderful: a rounded and clear try and basic ethics on tv with no sensationalism, presented beautifully. More.
Shelley The Cat   11:12pm Tue 25 Jan

Really good

This is really good and interesting. Great to understand a bit more about philosophy in politics and how it has been shaped. really wall done!
John   5:14pm Tue 25 Jan

On the rocks

Just ice?
Coolio   1:09am Sun 1 Feb

justice- where has it gone?

what is the point of a blog when questions are not answered?
dougal   11:36pm Sat 31 Jan

agh where has it gone?

Im with you - iknow it gets scrapped after one season but 2 episodes was barely worth showing trailers! I see its not on next weeks listing for V1
sofasurfa   10:13pm Mon 26 Jan

Justice ??Where has it gone!!!!

Why has Justice disappeared?? 2 episodes is that it?? Will it be coming back?
lam63   10:02am Mon 26 Jan

Just great No Sound!

Recorded this tonight and no sound on Virgin, was it just me? And is it repeated?
Jules   11:59pm Mon 19 Jan