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11:00am-11:30am Thu 12 Oct
Season 2 Episode 10/11

Highway Patrol

Following Australia's traffic enforcers as they deal with high-speed chases, defiant hooligans and explosive crashes

Category: Documentary

Sky Living
11:00am-11:30am (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
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Show Comments

NZ vs OZ

Yes OZ coppers seem much less friendly than NZ, maybe a comment on the 2 nations. Curious that a cop normally on a motorbike should think that red fluid pouring from a fractured hose 1" diameter should be fuel, it was obviously coolant, with antifreeze!!
cpochin   10:33am Wed 17 Sep

Difference in policing policy

It is interesting to see the difference between policing practices. The Australian police seem very professional and seem to have a better understanding of appropriate communication in law enforcement.
DrPepper   9:27pm Wed 2 Nov


Would we be interested in Australia's road idiots. Show something BRITISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cecil   3:20pm Mon 13 Dec