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9:00am-10:00am Wed 11 Oct
Season 12 Episode 61/75

Escape to the Country

Dorset Aled Jones shows a couple a selection of prospective homes as he helps them search for the ideal property in Dorset, on a budget of £600,000. Later, he tries his hand at the traditional craft of blacksmithing

Category: Property

9:00am-10:00am (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments


Today a miracle happened. Someone bought one of the houses on offer!
reuben   3:02pm Mon 2 Oct

Rich folk

Yes they can afford more than half a million for a property but nothing to spend on dental treatment. They should have tooth vetting before they get on imo as I feel quite queezy watching yellow teeth.
georgie   2:36pm Fri 22 Sep

show opening

Love the show! Where is that picturesque steep street in the opening of the show? It looks like an artist's "dream"idea!
alumawrit   2:14am Thu 8 Jun

Old times

Another one year old episode pretending to be new
Programme follower   3:42pm Tue 6 Jun

Jonnie Irwin

Far too loud and pushy! His frenetic delivery spoils what should be a nice relaxing the programme
Min3   3:20pm Thu 11 May

Misleading Total Cost

Why does this programme persist in giving details of the house seekers' budget? but never refers to the cost of Stamp Duty, thereby giving misleading information as to the actual costs involved.
IR MAN   2:56pm Wed 12 Apr

Utter Crap BBC - it's yet ANOTHER repeat

Why is today's - not listed as a repeat - two years old, BBC ? Says Series 6/EP 6 You are wasting my bloody time - it's TWO years old!!!
Irate viewer   3:26pm Wed 1 Mar

Love the show but...

would love to see homes in the rest of the UK and not always the south and west of the UK!
Isolde   4:40pm Mon 28 Nov


Why are the presenters telling about cheese making or rope making and not about if the property is on mains electricity or oil fired or plumbing connected to a cesspit thank you for allowing me to make comment
Den the beak   3:17pm Thu 24 Nov

Another old show

Why so many repeats, BBC?
Mr N   1:21pm Thu 17 Nov