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10:00pm-10:25pm Sun 10 Dec
Season 3 Episode 55/62

Phineas and Ferb

Where's Perry? - Part One Part one of two. The family goes on holiday, leaving Perry behind. When the platypus saves Carl from one of Doof's rays, it makes him disappear. Lenny Henry guest stars

Category: Cartoons/Puppets

Disney XD
10:00pm-10:25pm (25 minutes)   Sun 10 Dec

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Show Comments


I agree with AngryPerson. I'm so furious. So, In case it happens again, I will say: You flippin' idiots!
AngryGirl12   3:00pm Tue 10 Jun


i likee it
pf   2:54pm Thu 7 Mar

Phineas and Ferb is cooooooool!

I watched this on citv but stopped showin it (idiots!) Now play lots on game on site, but cant watch it at the moment :(
AngryPerson   5:43pm Mon 23 Jan


Keep bustin' your brothers ya hear! Ya got l'il Texas behind yu, Candace!Robot rodeo, reminds l'il me o' home!
Candace   5:00pm Sat 5 Nov

its the best

its cool funny and amazing
lol girl   8:00pm Fri 11 Mar