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1:00pm-1:29pm Wed 13 Dec
Season 1 Episode 17/20

Lab Rats

Air Leo Leo enters a one-on-one basketball tournament to impress Janelle and faces the reigning champion. Chase helps him by giving him air trainers, but then Trent takes them away

Category: Comedy

Disney XD
1:00pm-1:29pm (29 minutes)   Wed 13 Dec

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Show Comments

I like it.

It was good. I would like to see it back some time.
Dave   7:49pm Thu 13 Aug

I liked it

i thorght it was good, new none crude comedy
Ed   3:50pm Tue 3 Mar

It still hurts

My eyes are still burning after watching this absolute rubbish. Poorly written by someone who decided that one dimentional characters are funny. Certainly one for the unlettered.
Kmanman   2:48pm Tue 6 Jan

Lab Rats

I thought it was a good show. Hope Carl Cooper and Chris Addison write some more.
Dave   1:20pm New Years Day


the most appallingly bad, dreadful, unwatchable, unfunny, embarrassingly dreadful 'comedy' i've seen. Poor scripts, poor characters, poor acting - very, very poor with no redeeming features whatsoever
Dreadful   9:47pm Thu 14 Aug

It's good... but is that good?

Lab rats i do enjoy watching but should it be on at 9 in the morning on kids t.v then on at 9, because it has no reason to be on at 9. but it is really good!!!! lol
Download08'   8:59pm Thu 14 Aug

worth a peek

ah come on now, what have you got to lose? Made me chortle once or twice. I hope for a series 2.
:)   6:41pm Thu 14 Aug

Not funny

Not funny Not funny
Get the Idea?   5:39pm Fri 8 Aug

Lab Rats

The longest half hour of my life. Like a surgical procedure minus the anaesthetic. Your average amatuer dramatics society puts on more cohesive, entertaining and witty performances than this. Those responsible for the production and commissioning of this waste of the television licence fee should seriously consider if a career in 'light entertainment' is one to which they are suited.
Dan M.   10:15pm Thu 7 Aug

Utter Rubbish

Please make this awful programme go away.
kvarme   10:03pm Thu 7 Aug