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11:00am-11:30am Thu 12 Oct
Season 8 Episode 8/24

How I Met Your Mother

Twelve Horny Women Marshall takes on his old friend and new rival Brad in the most important case of his career. Meanwhile, the friends reminisce about their past experiences of being in trouble with the law, leading to a debate over who was the biggest trouble-maker as a teenager

Category: Sitcom

11:00am-11:30am (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

How i met your mother

I love this program so much!!! Josh radnors character is absolutely amazing, funny, sweet and good looking. Neil Patrick Harris has an awesome character too. And all of the other cast is amazing. Josh rafnor is ny favourite though x
Charly Phillips xx   6:54am Sat 17 Sep


Replacement for Desperate Housewives?
Yaspaa   12:07am Thu 27 Feb

Great show

Good replacement for Desperate Housewives to watch at the weekend with Breakfast in bed
Mr Chill   12:29pm Mon 10 Feb


Legen-wait-for-it-DAARY I lv this so much
mgomez0   10:38am Wed 21 Aug


How I Met Your Mother is hilarious, especially when Robin screams at Patrice and Barney plans everything correctly!!!
CoolGuy   2:21pm Thu 4 Jul

one of those shows

where you like all the characters except the protagonist.
ted is a douche   7:33pm Sat 17 Mar


this show is legen... wait for it.. ...dary!
emma   6:55pm Thu 8 Mar

Top Gear

I thought this was a top gear spin off programme? Apparently not. Though its equally rubbish.
Patrick   8:46pm Sat 23 Apr

Why are

American sitcoms so boring and predictable? joke, joke, moral and contemporary issue, joke, break, joke, resolve issue, joke, end.
DemocracyHater   7:10pm Thu 30 Dec


If you can read the comment title you will know what i think of this show!
gemini   2:40pm Thu 28 Oct