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National Geographic

2:00am-3:00am Fri 13 Oct
Season 1 Episode 9/10


Zodiac Come Back Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw try to get an ageing rocker back behind the wheel by revamping his 1950s Ford Zodiac, but a controversial paint job makes the reveal a tense affair

Category: Motoring

National Geographic
2:00am-3:00am (1 hour )   Fri 13 Oct

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Show Comments

Brilliant Show

Watched it for the first time whilst I'll in hospital. I was able to catch most episodes on more 4. Made a bad time better.
100E   6:42am Fri 26 May

excellent programme

Great program
wing commander   7:35pm Sun 23 Apr

Car sos

Cat2k   10:29pm Fri 14 Apr

Tim Shaw....................!

Do we have to have the fake bartering nonsense from Tim? It's not funny and is a waste of time. We could be watching Fuzz who is brilliant at his work.
Geffo   6:05pm Sat 1 Apr

Tim Shaw

And the contribution to the show of this show-boating idiot is what exactly?....sorry because of him Iv'e stopped watching!
alanvt   2:19am Thu 23 Mar

More practicall

Can we have more "doing/how to" and less inane chat, more power to fuzz
Baros   3:23pm Mon 13 Mar

No Tim

Get rid of Tim and the programme would be worth watching.
P V   6:47pm Mon 23 Jan

less Tim

I think your show is brilliant, but can we have less of Tim being a prat?
Moggyman   9:48pm Sat 21 Jan

Alfa Spider

Cost new £2200 at that time an MGA was £900..It should be a nice drive..Tim ;)
farinared   9:54pm Sun 29 Nov

Not Enough More Please

Love your show, more restoration please. How about a White XJ6 2 Door Coupe
Mischief   10:11am Wed 24 Jun