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4:40am-5:00am Fri 13 Oct
Season 10 Episode 17/23

Two and a Half Men

Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries Walden attends a singles' night with friends from high school. He encounters Bridget, and they begin talking about getting back together - which worries Alan. Comedy, starring Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer, Angus T Jones and Conchata Ferrell

Category: Sitcom

Comedy Central
4:40am-5:00am (20 minutes)   Fri 13 Oct

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Show Comments

Watch for the cute sign

Watch for the sign on the door of the children's dance studio; "Les Petites Petomanes"
Supercritical   8:35pm Fri 14 Aug


It's disgracefull, I was expecting two and a half men and one of them turns out to be a boy, not half a man at all. I feel cheated.
Mikatile   6:19pm Wed 10 Jun


I love two and a half men
pueht   9:49am Wed 1 Apr

i cant find next weeks episode of season 12

I tried to record next weeks as i like to record them incase im not home and i realised next wed 9 pm is inpractical joakers not two and a half men please tell me were going to get to see the other episodes ???!!
kkl   11:39pm Mon 17 Nov


Ha the picture now has only one person. New title 'One Man, a Dork and a grown-up kid' or something.
Gone Fishing   7:36pm Wed 9 Oct

Sheening brightly

Mr Sheen is too busy snorting lines
Up yours   6:58pm Mon 30 Sep

best show on tv

original two nd a half men with charly sheen,best program on tv,bring back mr sheen @@@@@
knowlsey   10:05pm Sat 31 Aug


need charlie sheen bck on two and a half men
seanconno   6:37pm Wed 27 Mar


It's a live studio audience, not canned laughter. The greatest British sitcoms all had studio audiences. It is crap since Charlie left though, Ashton sucks.
Yaspaa   12:00am Mon 23 Apr


Wth! This is just another awful canned laughter every time someone speaks and or moves show. They are apalling.
Rocket Boy   8:14pm Sat 21 Jan