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6:00am-6:30am Wed 11 Oct
Season 1 Episode 9/24

Nothing to Declare

A Chinese national is quizzed about his place of birth. Meanwhile, officers become suspicious regarding a Ferrari and its possible contents

Category: Docu-soap

6:00am-6:30am (30 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Nothing to declare Australia s7b ep18

What happened to the lady at the end of this episode can't find ep19 showing anywhere
Nats   6:02pm Fri 3 Jan

miss honeyuk

about to find out lol
miss honeyuk   1:48am Thu 15 Aug

Indian chessboard / dreadlocks

What episode was this
Bash   7:16pm Tue 2 Jul

Rastas guy

What did the rasta guy have who refused the search
Thumper   3:01pm Sun 16 Dec

Repeats !

was ok the 1st , 2nd and possibly the 3rd time I watched it this week but now it getting a little boring ! If / when you watch a program u dont want it in the same time slot for the rest of the week , show it 8 + hours later when other people have different viewing habits / hours ...... duh !
same old programs but your paying for new lol   4:20pm Mon 19 Nov

Pick TV

Repeat, repeat, repeat......... etc, etc...
Andy   4:32pm Wed 26 Sep

this gr8

i love thi show soo interesting i would recomened to watch it!!!!!
laurathegr8   2:58pm Thu 30 Aug

It's hard to be deaf

"Oh rage oh despair!" Where are the subtitles? Why are they in Prince and Star Trek I never watch and not in this program? Merci à tous
anatole durand   8:34pm Tue 18 Jan


how many times are you going to show the same ones
assie tom   10:13am Tue 26 Oct

nothing to declare

love the program when I can read subtittles; please....thing about deaf people
anatole durand   8:01pm Tue 27 Jul