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11:31am-12:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 3 Episode 5/27


Car, Rain and Fire Cat's favourite actress dies, so she persuades Tori and Jade to join a vigil at the star's house. Trina directs and stars in a play

Category: Comedy

11:31am-12:00pm (29 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

So addictive!!!!

Omg dis show is sooooo awesome!!! My faves r..... Every1!!!!! ??????????????
GravityLuna27   6:36pm Mon 4 Sep

best ever

I love cat and jayd and torio
boow   7:52am Thu 4 Apr

Victoria Justice...

is not only stunning, she's a good, funny actor! Pretty much any age group could sit through this and enjoy it!
I love VJ   2:02pm Tue 12 Jun

The Best!!!!!!!!

it is the most best show ever!!! P.S i love jade!!
Eimear!!!   4:23pm Thu 5 Apr


Love it!
Becca   6:13pm Wed 28 Sep

Good job!!!!

Awesome show victorious ps kizzy,what the heck ru talking about?
Astrid   1:53am Wed 28 Sep

Just great!!

Love it and by the way, halle, ur such a lunatic.Tori is hot.
Katie   12:27am Mon 26 Sep


I love it!!
Mariana   4:33am Sun 25 Sep


I love it so much!!!
Lizzy   4:05am Sat 24 Sep


I looooooove it!!
Taylor   10:07pm Thu 22 Sep