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4:00am-4:50am Thu 12 Oct
Season 5 Episode 15/30

May the Best House Win

Cambridgeshire & Suffolk The competition heads to Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, where clutter-hating homeowner Janice Bryant, retiree Pauline Owen, mobile-casino owner David Smith and puppeteer Paul Garufalo score one another's properties. They open their doors to a detached house, a 1960s bungalow, a home described as a `money pit' and a Swedish-style lodge, in the hope of winning the £1,000 prize. Narrated by Guy Porritt

Category: Game Show/Quiz

ITV London +1
4:00am-4:50am (50 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Sign Language)

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Show Comments


Best House win/ Best Daytime programme/ best Voice over . WHY Axe it!!
athleticboy   5:09pm Fri 19 Feb

million pound house, Harrogate

The owner wondered how her home could be beaten . Well, its not how much your house cost or the size but the interior style. Her house style was very ordinary compared to the other three!
Joycey   4:33pm Wed 4 Mar


I enjoy the programme. Nasty people show themselves up right away. Those who brand the contestants show-offs, are unbearably jealous of the different homes on show.
Scouser   5:18pm Wed 6 Nov

No Point

The point of this show appears to be giving exposure to a bunch of self serving egotists to show off their grand houses and luxurious possessions.
avid quizzer   10:50pm Tue 21 May


I dont like the man who does the voice over He is not in the least bit funny
JenJen   2:43pm Tue 21 May


I think hes great sooooooo funny
lou   12:02pm Sun 3 Feb

Maggy. Alex

I couldn't agree more with wombat. 8thOct. Get rid of that man and his insulting comments. He spoils the show for me. No need for him !!
Medano   4:15pm Thu 25 Oct

The annoying voice

Please get rid of that inane, stupid, childish and so, so annoying commentator on May the best house win. Why was he bought back again , surely no-one can enjoy his inane comments, please, please find him work where he doesn't have to be heard.
wombat   4:20pm Mon 8 Oct


Look at me, my peaceful haven in Spain! How to rub it in to those of us who cannot afford a home anywhere! These progs are out of touch, eg worldwide economic crisis etc etc
doubletake   1:06pm Wed 3 Oct

not their house

again today there was a young person on who lives with their parents - as its not actually their home how can they win the prize?
doubletake   5:56pm Thu 5 Jul