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12:00pm-12:15pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 4 Episode 13/26

I Can Cook

I Can Cook on the Go: Disco Pops/Tap Dancing Katy Ashworth and her friends make Disco Pops and have fun tap dancing together

Category: General Children's/Youth

12:00pm-12:15pm (15 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

happy cook

i hope you cook healthy sutff.
jess   9:02pm Thu 14 Apr


Extremely annoying show. A Guardian readers dream perhaps but seriously, do any of those kids really want to cook spicy bean wrap?
Gav   12:14pm Tue 19 Oct


i love you i cancook
ash 44444444444   10:42am Sun 2 May


i love it
ash56   3:20pm Sun 10 Jan

i can cook

i can cook is the best thing on tv it is cool and it is relly relly nice all the recpese th
maddisummers   12:42pm Fri 8 Jan

I can cook

gr8 like the recipies
nikki   8:09pm Mon 16 Nov

The little ones love it!

Can't stop my kids singing the "wash your hands" song. At least it gets them cooking! Great show.
tweet_tweet   12:20am Sat 17 Oct

Katy Ashworth

Fantastic show.
lucyloo   8:02pm Wed 7 Oct


What a breath of freash air to watch.
Starlight   7:30am Wed 7 Oct